Wuden Chopsticks – Inside the beautiful food truck is a truly amazing authentic food

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Wuden Chopsticks

Inside the beautiful food truck is a truly amazing authentic food

We came from real Vietnamese food back ground back from Vietnam, all the member of Wuden Chopsicks have more than 20 years experience in food industry. Wuden Chopsticks’s member is also co-partner with 2 biggest restaurant of Dak-Lak which is small town in Vietnam. 2019 is the first year that Wuden chopstick will intro our authentic food to everybody in Dallas Fort Worth area. Our menu has over 200 dishes, but we will pick on of the most authentic dishes to make most American to feel satisfying.

Across the street from the art gallery in, Dallas Texas, the walk to the park after a walk in the art gallery is always a enjoyable experience every time I go downtown. I keep a good eye out for all the food trucks! Yummy Banh My most definitely was a yummy, tasty Banh My.

I’m usually not a fan of food trucks, but i am really in love with Wuden Chopsticks truck. the food is amazing, and the service is perfect!

Spring Rolls

Shrimp/Chicken/Pork and Vermicelli, sprout, lettuce and rice paper. Served with Peanut Sauce or Fish Sauce


Chicken and Pork, Clear Noodles Roll in the Egg Roll Paper. Served with Green leaf Lettuce, Daikon, Carrot and Fish Sauce


Pork, Clear Noodles, Mushroom, Carrot, put into Dumpling Paper. Served with Fish Sauce or Duck Sauce

Wrap Ragoon

Potato Wonton Wrap with Homemade Creamchese


Grilled Pork/Grill Chicken and Vietnamese Bread, Cucumber, Pickle Carrot and Daikon, Mayo


Garlic Beef/ Garlic Shrimp and Vietnamese Bread, Cucumber, Pickle Carrot and Daikon, Mayo

grill Pork/Chicken with steam bun lettuce and daikon carrot with housin sauces.


Charbroiled Lemon Grass Chicken or Lemon Grass Pork served with Lettuce, Vermicelli Noodle, Cucumber, Pickle Daikon and Carrot with Egg roll served with Fish Sauce


Sauteed Garlic Beef with Vermicelli Noodle, Cucumber, Pickle,Lettuce, Pickle Daikon and Carot, Scalion, Peanut with Egg roll and Served with Fish Sauce


beef sauteed withe teriyaki sauce come with rice and egg rolls

Beef Satay

Grill Beef Satay (Thai Seasoning) serve with Bun, Vietnamese sandwiches or Rice

Vietnamese Coffe

Fountain Drink

Cook, Diet Cook, Sprice

Homemade Lemonage

Tofu Rice noodle

vermicelli with lettuce, cucumber, bean sprout, pickle daikon and carrot, peanut, onion, and soy sauce

Yes we Cater!!

Looking for a fun, unique way to serve your guests! Let us be the centerpiece for your event. Make your event memorable with our food truck. Whether it’s the truck pulling up and serving your guests straight from our window, offering platter past around service, or providing a unique sit-down experience, Wuden Chopsticks offers catering for all types of events.

  • Private Catering Events
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Office Parties
  • Bar or Bat Mitzvahs
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weeding Recceptions
  • Product Launch Events
  • Or any kind of Events you can imagine

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