Worst Rappers of 2018 – Top Ten List

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Worst Rappers of 2018

The Top Ten

Oh my goodness do I HATE 6IX9INE. I literally want to smash my speakers when I hear such discriminative music, and that’s saying something. I usually don’t classify anyone’s looks as ugly, but 6IX9INE is so horrifying that I can’t say no when being asked “Do you like 6IX9INE? ” All I can really say is “Bleh” because all that this pedophile does is make offensive crap without even trying to rap. And don’t get me started on Fefe, which really sounds so disgusting and like if music is meant for criminals only. And what’s worst is that he’s being popular for his actions. I tried to request Bohemian Rhapsody to be played during lunch at my school in honor for the film and it’s 43rd anniversary, where both times got rejected because the cafeteria supervisor wasn’t there and this kid LITERALLY chose some trash slang for bullying over the most legendary song of all time. He has been a part of several sexual child acts, and gotten into a such disgraceful things, yet he is being preferred over . more

The most beautiful rapor in the world I love a lot

6ix9ine Looks like zombie

She makes music for divorced soccer moms – DeathGripsStayNoided

We never should have allowed this to happen. And why we did is beyond me. Personally, her hit song of last year and Gucci gang are two of the most annoying songs ever made. It’s official: hip hop is a joke.

Garbage rapper and person. Her voice is more annoying than Justin Bieber’s singing. I hope everyone forgets about her in a few years – CharismaticKat

Crappy B is a better name. – XxembermasterxX

This guy is actually the worst. Why does anybody like him? No, no, more importantly, how did his “song” (I don’t even want to call it a song because it’s such a disgrace) get so damn popular? His single good song is a collaboration that he didn’t write and was simply featured in. I also love how this guy considers himself to be a “proud SoundCloud rapper”. YOU SHOULDN’T BE PROUD AT ALL. I think he deserves to be #1.

I think he is the 2nd worst rapper out there maybe 3rd he did have a couple songs I ended up listening to multiple times but he is literally trash

Lil pump is a mumble rapper I bet he can’t even spell his name because he so retarded

GET LIL PUMP OFF THIS LIST! He’s one of the most fun and energetic rappers out there. All the old heads listen to 2pac and think he’s good but he’s actual garbage. 2Pac? More like TOO WACK! Lil Pump is the REAL GOAT and yall just need to accept that.

She’s worse than every lil rapper put together – Genesyis

To all of you fans out there, you know she LITERALLY makes money off of being a vulgar young girl.

Stupid annoying thot. She should’ve never gotten famous. – CharismaticKat

Stupid ass flop

Drake is not too bad. His songs are a mixure of pop and rap. His flows are okay though he has some overrated songs. He deserves much better on this list. Probabley 10. But your opinion is your opinion just saying. – yip1001

His last three hits are the most overrated songs of 2018. God’s Plan is another one of those songs that find this middle ground between boring and annoying, though Nice For What is okay but still didn’t deserve #1 on the Hot 100. In My Feelings, though, is so bad that even “noise” isn’t the best description, but rather, a racket will do. That song has been #1 on the Hot 100 for like 5 weeks! – allamassal

The person who put him on this list don’t have heart!
He was actually talented and kind hearted guy.
Okay he did bad things when he was younger but he changed himself and became a positive person. He was the nicest rapper ever.
And his songs were good.
I hate that I didn’t know him before he died.
He just didn’t deserve that.
Now I’m officially his fan! I can’t believe he’s gone.
Rest in peace young legend.

He used to be fire. The fact that he helped people don’t excuse the fact that he turned trash after he turned emo with 17.

Okay, let’s say RIP, but I can’t say anything nice about him. He’s just not a nice person. Yeah, I understand, he had personal issues and got in trouble, but I’m not gonna talk about that. He doesn’t even rap. All he does is sing with a depressed vibe or yell in the mic. What kind of rapping is that? If he has problems it doesn’t mean he has to make depressive or agressive songs. That’s not a real rapper. He probably was shot due to the fact many people dislike him because of his terrible music and his agressive actions.

Can people just show some respect? He died in one of the worst possible ways. He wasn’t evil or a terrible person. If you don’t like his music, not my problem but at least show some respect and vote for someone else on the list. – CharismaticKat

Good god, he sounds like a rat being stabbed. Tunnel Vision is one of the worst songs I ever heard and I hear he’s a criminal too. – CharismaticKat

Kodak, with his irritant voice and bad notes he’s one of the worst rappers of 2018 (his hair is ridiculous too)

He’s not terrible

Bruh rick ross makes bangers

Sure his beats are nice, but he only raps about money, maybachs,date rape, food, guns he hasn’t shot and drugs he hasn’t sold.

Yeah, his production is usually pretty good, but the problem is that he isn’t responsible for those beats. Yeah, I can admit he has a good ear for beats, but I can only imagine how a good rapper like Nas would sound on some of those beats that are going to waste. – DaWyteNight

Rap has came a long way to accept a white guy with down syndrome, so props for that. I’ll say his music is good for someone that’s retarded, but it’s still awful.

Rockstar and better now are his only good songs. Seriously, he looks stupid, most of his songs sound retarded, and he uses autotune to the MAX. – animeniac1

He’s good. What are you all talking about? – CharismaticKat

He’s actually garbage like I’m not even joking idc that he was on a Lil Pump song his music is fake deep trash that isn’t fun or interesting in the slightest. At least Lil Pump makes fun music, this guy is just trash – LilPumpTheGod

Lots of people think Kids See Ghosts and ye were good when they were actually HORRIBLE

Sucks. Most overrated rapper ever. – CharismaticKat


The Contenders

Barbie dolls can’t rap. – Userguy44

She hasn’t been relevant in a while, but the music she made during her heyday sucked. – allamassal

Fake barbie doll who can’t rap. – Userguy44

He isn’t suppose to be here, it says rapper not “Youtube Rapper”

This guy was cursed with a very nasally voice that unfortunately shows through his music. His tracks with auto tune fix this. – ThatoneMetalhead

Only 27, needs to be in the top ten – LilliamPumpernickel

4th place dis dude

She’s funny. – AlphaQ

He’s not that bad if he didn’t have that much autotune. – AlphaQ

QUAVO! Yea yea – CharismaticKat

1. Remove his auto tune
Enjoy the show LOL

He’s great but not as good as Lil Pump – LilPumpTheGod

He’s an idiot. His songs are way more repetitive than Gucci Gang. Lil Can is pretty much cancerous to listen to at this point. – AlphaQ

When your rapper name is after a drug. no comment should be above tekashi sorry but not sorry

He has definitely improved over the past year. He turned from a short-haired guy to a guy with medium dreadlocks and glasses.

I still don’t like him though. Although he doesn’t really mumble nowadays, I still don’t like him.

He improved. Get him off the list. – CharismaticKat

Tea and crumpets

He’s okay in my opinion. – CharismaticKat

Stinko foot> Sicko mode (sarcasm) – XxembermasterxX

This man is responsible for the death of music – ShrekTheGoat

All his songs seem to be re a much of dump piles for the ears. A cat screeching in autotune

His songs sound like someone vomiting with autotune – LilliamPumpernickel

I have seen videos of her flexing and cursing and being disgusting, and that made me hate her. You can only imagine how I reacted when I read the titles of her trash “songs”. I almost wanted to throw up. What kind of kid would be saying those things and telling adults that they aren’t as rich as her. No one cares little kid, your songs are probably worse than crap on fire (no I haven’t listened to them because I don’t want to listen to straight up trash. ) In my opinion, she should be number 1 on this list.

Just a 9 year old who says random Lil Pump phrases and flexes on everyone. Her parents should be in jail. – CharismaticKat

Lil tay isn’t even a rapper

A donkey mating with an elephant while farting sounds better than her

What is so special about this guy? It sure isn’t his voice, that’s for sure. And he isn’t lyrical either. He just makes “bangers” but that doesn’t make him good. – DaWyteNight

He is not a bad rapper

What? I love Travis! His album was so good. – CharismaticKat

A very controversial rapper. He made a very distinct cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. Also his lyrics are different. – ShrekTheGoat

All his songs are about how he loves fan fiction anime and sonic – Random2121

“Cream Rahul, Cream Rahul, Rahul, Tommy” – Lil Meerkat’s “Deep” lyrical capablilities – LilliamPumpernickel

He sucks so bad like why is this even a debate? If he was meant to be a joke then I could understand, but no, he’s actually a serious “rapper! “

No! Ski is one of the best new rappers! His funny lyrics, fast flows. He is awesome! He is not a mumble rapper!

This guy is terrible! His music is just a bunch of random, weird noises, and his flow isn’t that special. Lots of rappers can rap fast.

Ski is my most favorite rapper no way he is on this list, who ever put him on here must be on something

Some of his stuff is good

His voice drives me crazy

Lil Frog – CharismaticKat

He is higher than mt. Everest – animeniac1

He might be my favorite mumble rapper.

Gucci Flip Flops. – CharismaticKat

How can u hate such a happy guy – kok2

He’s nothing but a typical mumble rapper. – CharismaticKat

Awful every year – DaWyteNight

He makes awesome diss tracks – kok2

Look at dis dude. – CharismaticKat

Ice on my wrist ice on my wrist – Random2121

You shouldn’t even be taking this mf seriously. – AlphaQ

Trash, just look at that Plotagon image – LilliamPumpernickel

All he does is yell WORD – LilliamPumpernickel

A retard who can’t dance lol – AlphaQ

Literal trash and lazy

He doesn’t know how to rap, sing or use auto-tune properly. T-Pain knows how to use it better and he even criticized him for it, which he deserved. He doesn’t deserve any music awards and he doesn’t deserve to be a rapper.

That picture is scary. His music is okay though. – CharismaticKat

He’s actually pretty bad. – AlphaQ

But he died before 2018 even began. – allamassal

How when he died lastyr – coryrevv

He is not even that bad

All of his songs good fr

Sounds like a toddler

This guy is Eminem done wrong – LilliamPumpernickel

He’s pretty good. – CharismaticKat

Eh, he’s pretty mediocre. – AlphaQ

I have to admit, I kinda like this guy. He grew on me a lot, at first I labeled him as trash just because of the way he rap-sings and sounds like every other rapper today, but then I actually listened to his lyrics and realized that he’s actually not that bad and he spits some real life stories. I can only listen to a few songs at a time because his singing becomes predictable after a while but he’s one of the best for his kind of rap. – DaWyteNight

He sucks. Him and Cardi B are great for each other because they both suck at rapping. Takeoff is the only decent member of Migos. – DaWyteNight

He’s the best out of the Migos. – AlphaQ

Best in migos in my opinion – kok2

Trash name, trash rapper – Genesyis

He’s a great rapper

I can’t take a rapper named Lil Baby seriously. Could he seriously not think of any other name? – DaWyteNight

Should be number 4 on this list – kok2

I’m sorry but I just don’t see what is so special about this guy. He literally just yells his head off on his tracks, and he isn’t original and hejust steals Memphis from Memphis rappers like Lord Infamous and Skinny Pimp. Also none of his albums are more than a 5/10. This guy thinks he is the best rapper in the game, even better than Kendrick Lamar, he must’ve been dropped on his head a few too many times to think this.

This guy had the nerve to say that he is better than every other rapper in the game besides Kendrick, and then later he admitted that he thinks he’s even better than Kendrick as well. Until this dude can put together a great album he better stop talking that mess.

I’ll say he isn’t a bad rapper, but he’s nowhere near as good as people make him out to be. This guy actually has the potential to be great one day, but he has a long way to go.

He raps about graphics sexual acts with adults enough said

It’s a 10 year old racist

I only read half of the first verse of MOSH PIT on Genius and am disgusted by the language this child uses. Kid just enterted his teen years and his lyrics make “I Wish I Could Fack every girl in the world” by Lil Wayne sound like a Christian Worship Hymn. Sorry for the bizarre comparison, but it’s literally that bad. Seriously, the kid needs to find Jesus, and stop singing about sodomy, oral, raping girls, and singing 21+ rated content in general. Some of his song titles are enough to make you puke.

Cringe lmao – AlphaQ

The fact that this guy is not higher on the list is suprising. This guy has literally made a career out of literally speaking a couple words, then moaning one, then repeating it. Anyone who likes Mo Bamba admits its trash, but it’s “hype”. I don’t understand how, because it sounds like the guy is throwing up the whole song. I’m a metalhead, so I’m usually tolerant of others’ music because nobody likes mine, but I COMPLETELY DESPISED Sheck Wes after the second time I heard Mo Bamba. Everyone knows the song Mo Bamba but none of his other songs, so it just proves he’s bad. I can’t wait until there is a day where I can go to a college bar without hearing “young Sheck Wes and I’m gettin really rich”. Just a trash rapper who probably thinks he’s good.

He is so bad, way worse than 6ix9ine. – CharismaticKat

No talent hack that can’t sing or rap

I got hooes – Not_A_Weeaboo

He is a good rapper he has flow

Should be number 3 – kok2

Just like Eminem, lil Uzi and few others rich the kid should not be on this list

He made a song about a plug talking to him, that proves he is duumb

She ain’t a rapper ding dongs – AlphaQ

Not a rapper – kok2

People who think this clown won the beef with Eminem should get their ears checked – Genesyis

He dissed Eminem’s beard and he thought he won. Congrats for calling Em insane and petty, even though he dropped a diss track based around a song that dissed you once for less than a minute.

Eminem destroyed this loser’s career. – CharismaticKat

He’s raps are trash he’s lyric is c*ap. – toshdeluxe

Should be number one worst 😷💩

I love his his music and he’s not like the other rappers so drugs and smoking he’s the best.

Funniest rapper I ever heard – kok2

Lil dicky is the most cringe inducing rapper I’ve ever heard. His lyrics are completely unfunny and not creative. And his songs themselves are just pieces of garbage

It’s a Jewish guy tryna be black

Trash rap sound like dude on drugs who tries to act all romantic

Autotune, autotune, autotune, bad lyrics and more autotune. He was the best part of Kodak Black’s “Too Many Years”, but his own music is pretty disappointing. His album Catch These Vibes started out good but just got worse with every song. He just talks about how he has money, how he has girls that want to suck him off because he has money now, how he used to struggle but now is livin’ the good life because he has money, how he can steal your girl because of his money, and how haters are mad at him because he has money. Oh, and did I mention that he raps about money a lot? – DaWyteNight

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