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World Aids Day: Alternative treatments which can help manage symptoms better

01 /10 World A >

December 01 is marked as the World Aids Day. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) continues to affect people in huge numbers. HIV/AIDS, which attacks the immune system is primarily spread through unsafe sexual contact and using infected needles. After contracting HIV, the body becomes an easy target, making it easier to fall sick and even die from certain infections. While there is still no cure in sight to get rid of HIV AIDS, the only thing possible is to manage the symptoms of the lifelong disease.

02 /10 Alternate therapies can work wonders!

HIV/AIDS treatment requires lifelong medications to relieve the symptoms. Practising alternative medicine and treatment plans can actually go a long way in healing the body from the inside. Make sure to consult the doctor before trying out these methods.

03 /10 Yoga

Yoga is one of the most natural and easiest practices to adapt to deal with stress and pain and many researches conducted over the years testify the same. Yoga helps the body relax and balances the pressure points, boosts immunity and can also reduce the risk of depression which doubles up in people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

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