Viral video of women boycotting Nordstrom for Ivanka Trump, and a man s Jason Segel diet challenge – BBC News

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Viral video of women ‘boycotting’ Nordstrom for Ivanka Trump, and a man’s ‘Jason Segel diet’ challenge

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A video of women cancelling their Nordstrom accounts over the store’s dropping of Ivanka Trump’s products has gone viral, and a man commits to eating a picture of Jason Segel every day until the actor eats one of him.

‘No money for Nordstrom’

A group of women have filmed themselves walking into a Nordstrom store to cancel their accounts citing the store’s decision to drop a fashion line by Ivanka Trump.

The one-minute video was posted on Facebook by Laurie Ray, who is one of the women involved, and has since been viewed a million times. According to her Facebook page, she lives in Chandler, Arizona and is a supporter of President Donald Trump.

Two of the women can be heard saying that they are “boycotting” Nordstrom because it “dumped Ivanka”. “No money for Nordstrom because they caved,” says another woman.

The clothing retailer announced in early February that it was dropping Ivanka’s line over poor sales. President Trump said in a tweet that his daughter had been “treated so unfairly”.

Speaking on the phone at the customer service desk, one of the women says: “I was actually a former employee for a number of years and I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years. Because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump I will no longer shop at your store, nor will my husband and my nine children, or our eight grandchildren.”

She is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump and “haters gonna hate” printed on the front.

In the comments section, many women have supported the act, saying they are planning to do the same. Others suggest the decision by Nordstrom was driven by sales rather than politics.

Man vows to eat Jason Segel pictures everyday

A man is promising to post a video of himself eating a picture of Jason Segel every day until the actor eats a picture of him.

His “day one” video was uploaded Thursday night with the title “I eat a picture of Jason Segel everyday until he eats a picture of me”, and has since become the most popular video on the news-sharing community Reddit.

The four-minute video depicts the unnamed man holding a black and white printout of the How I Met Your Mother actor and eating it. After consuming the whole picture, he says: “Hey Jason.”

In the description box, he has uploaded a link to a picture of himself that he says he “would like” Mr Segel to eat, adding: “I will not stop.”

As bizarre as this video may seem, something similar has happened in the past to another popular actor.

Ryan McHenry, a young Scottish filmmaker, gained popularity on the internet for doing a series of videos about actor Ryan Gosling and cereal.

The Vine series include a cereal spoon in front of shots of Mr Gosling’s face from films and interviews. Edited to perfection, Gosling seems to be rejecting the cereal offer in all the videos.

Mr McHenry died of cancer in May 2015 aged 27. To honour him, Mr Gosling then uploaded a Vine video of himself actually eating cereal.

Mr Segel is yet to respond to the new video, although Twitter users are bringing it to his attention.

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