Top Ten Pepsi Brand Sodas

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Top Ten Pepsi Brand Sodas

The Top Ten

The tastyness and caffeine of it will keep you focused when distracted, energetic when depressed, and kick-ass at Call of Duty.

Mountain Dew’s very tasty. – NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Do the Dew Guys – BreakFastBeast2005

The only good product from pepsi

I love pepsi it’s my favorite soft drink and I believe they should bring back pepsi free pepsi edge and pepsi blue it’s the best

That’s sweet makes everybody like it. Not only if it’s the best pepsi product it’s the greatest soda not only the greatest soda but the greatest drink! VOTE FOR PEPSI

Thumbs up for people who love pepsi. That sweet aromatic taste and refreshing kick is pretty good unlike coke which taste Metallic SHUDDER!

At ingles right now and buying Pepsi

Your empty mug root beer bottle is garbage oohhh.

No, coke products are garbage.

Garbage is garbage. – 3DG20

You are garbage. laugh out loud

Team Sierra Mist!

I like Sierra Mist very refreshing

Sierra Mist is the only good Pepsi Product!

It’s delicious! Kicks Coca Colas backside!

I have this every morning its like my pick me up drink – BettyBoopFan58

As a type 1 diabetic I love that Diet Pepsi doesn’t taste diety like diet coke and diet Dr. Pepper do

Why is the 2 liter going? 🙁 It my favorite.

This is so good!

Drinking voltage right now

Mountain Dew voltage is very refreshing at lunch time and leaves Coke way behind 😀

Love this pepsl should sell it in stores again all season long.

The best drink there is

The Contenders

Miss miss miss this so much! Please bring it back! Nothing tastes like Pepsi One. Pepsi Max what. Nothing like Pepsi One!

Please bring this product back to Walmart and other stores

This is my favorite type of Pepsi. It’s amazing.


Best lemon lime soda. Real juice I can taste!

Love this drink can’t find it the stores what’s going on?

Holy crap! Coke and pepsi own everything except tap water. (i think they might actually buy that too)

I love Vanilla Pepsi. But I can’t find any of the stores that have it. I live in Ocean City Md. Could you please let me where to purchase it

Very good no caffeine leaves cranberry Sprite in the dust

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