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The Extreme K-Pop > September 27, 2018

One of the hardest things about being a K-Pop idol on the list is probably maintaining a strict diet.

And it’s really true that beauty, and more importantly maintaining beauty, comes at a pretty heavy price. Yes, that means giving up those late night snacks and indulging yourself in delicious fatty food.

But looking fabulous is part of the job that the idols signed up for.

Below are a few examples of how a typical K-Pop idol diet meal plan looks like. In addition, it has been said that these diet plans may help people lose over 3 kg in just a period of one week.


One sweet potato for breakfast, one boiled egg and bread for lunch, and three pieces of kimbap for dinner.

Girls’ Generation

Barley rice, sprout beans, broccoli, and chicken breasts for breakfast, barley rice, salad, almonds, and chicken breasts for lunch, and sweet potato, eggs, and salad for dinner.


An apple for breakfast, three sweet potatoes for lunch, and a glass of milk mixed with protein for dinner.

Jeon HyoSung

A banana for breakfast, milk mixed with soy bean for lunch, and two eggs for dinner.

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