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The Camp Transformation Center – FTDI

During the week before my challenge started I attended an orientation at The Camp where they went over “The Bible” that I am to follow for the next 6 weeks. “The Bible” contains all the rules of the challenge, the diet plan, recommended supplements, emergency weight loss instructions and f.a.q’s. I’m not going to go into all the details of “The Bible,” but I do want to review the nutrition plan since I will be posting recipes that abide by the rules set forth in “The Bible.” When you are following the rules you are FTDI or following the damn instructions. The promise is, if you follow the instructions, you will succeed.

FTDI Meal Plan

FTDI Protein FTDI Carbohydrates FTDI Vegetables
4oz – Women / 6oz- Men 2oz – Women/ 6oz – Men Unlimited
Egg Whites Rolled or Steel-Cut Oats Broccoli
Chicken Breast Quinoa Asparagus
Turkey Breast Brown Rice Brussels Sprouts
1% Lean Ground Turkey Yam Spinach
Tilapia Sweet Potato Kale
Tuna **No quick ready/instant** Celery

That’s it! For the next 6 weeks all meals will include a serving of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. In-between meals you are supposed to have a serving of protein or a protein shake. You must eat every 2.5 – 3 hours and drink a gallon of water a day. You should alternate between meals and protein/shakes during all waking hours. There is no limit to the number of meals/shakes. If you are awake you should be eating. It’s important to note that everything except for oatmeal should be weighed after being cooked.

The staff at The Camp only recommend the MyoFx line of products. They have various flavors for protein shakes and I’ll be sure to try them and give you my review.

FTDI Condiments & Drinks

You are also allowed to have condiments in moderation like mustard, lemon/lime, salt/pepper, calorie free herbs and spices, onion, garlic, Tapatio, salsa, liquid aminos, and vinegar. Liquid aminos was something that I had heard about it before, but apparently it’s an alternative to soy sauce.

In addition, you can have diet drinks that are sweetened with 0 calorie sugar (Stevia, Equal, Sweet & Low, etc.). Basically anything that has 0 calories is FTDI. There are plenty of studies that have been done regarding the use of artificial sugar and my recommendation is to avoid it if at all possible. I’m going to take this opportunity to ween myself off of sugar. Maybe I’ll have withdrawals, but I’m hoping for the best.

It is also recommended that you wean yourself off of caffeinated coffee and tea. I don’t drink coffee but I am surrounded by heavy coffee drinkers and I hear that the withdrawals can get really serious. I’m talking horrible headaches, irritability, fevers. So if you are going to attempt to wean yourself off, good luck! Lastly, maybe it goes without saying, but no alcohol during the challenge.

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