The Bush Family

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The Bush Family

Kitty Kelley: “With every book I’ve written, I’ve encountered a certain amount of hesitancy on the part of potential sources,because they are understandably reluctant to talk about powerful people, either for fear of retribution or for fear of being socially ostracized. The amount of trepidation I encountered in writing this book was unprecedented, but perhaps that’s what comes from writing about a sitting President whose family has a long reach. Many sources were reluctant to tell their stories on the record, and much as I dislike using named sources, in some cases I had no choice. Many people who know the Bushes – friends, former employees, classmates, business associates and even a few family members were skittish about speaking for attribution. I heard an endless stream of excuses and apologies, some comical, others disconcerting: “You don’t know that family. If they think I’ve talked to you, they’ll never speak to me again.” “This town is too small to rile the Bushes.” “I want to live to see my grand-children.” One man said, “You can’t use my name. They’ll come after me. The Bushes are thugs.” (Kitty Kelley, Author’s Notes on The Family. Random House.)

President George W. Bush has more than twenty ancestors who hailed from Mendon, Mass., the home ground of Russell & Company co-founder Philip Ammidon and the Skull & Bones Taft family, in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Members of The Order have played key roles on both sides of the anti-smoking movement, and the first thing they did was take over the tobacco companies. This is how they engineer the Hegelian false alternatives they inflict on the people!

Rev. James S. Bush, great-great grandfather of President Bush

Rev. James Smith Bush (1825-1889) was born in Rochester, N.Y., and entered Yale in 1841. After graduating, he studied law in Rochester, and was admitted to the bar in 1847. His first marriage was in 1851 to Sara Freeman, the daughter of Dr. James Freeman of Saratoga, N.Y. She and their infant child died eighteen months later. He studied for the ministry of the Episcopal Church, was ordained deacon in 1855, “and immediately took charge of Grace Church, Orange, N.J.,which had just been organized.” He was ordained a priest the next year, and remained at Grace Church for twelve years. In 1859, he married Harriet Eleanor Fay. She was the daughter of Samuel Howard Fay, Esq., of Savannah, Georgia. (Married. New York Times, Feb. 25, 1859.) Samuel H. Fay, Esq., was the treasurer of the Episcopal Institute at Montpelier Springs, Georgia, and his brother, Rev. Charles Fay, and his wife were the Inspectors. The land for the Institute was donated by Gazaway Bugg Lamar. (Intelligence. Episcopal Recorder, Jun. 12, 1841;19(12):47.)

He resigned the rectorship of Grace Church in Orange, N.J., to go to Grace Church in San Francisco. (Episcopal. New York Observer and Chronicle, Oct. 17, 1867;45(42):331.) He returned in 1872 to be Rector of the Church of the Ascension, West Brighton, Staten Island, and said the prayers at the opening of the Episcopal Convention of the State of New York. Rev. Chauncey Bunce Brewster (S&B 1868) of Rye said the lessons, and Frederick S. Winston, President of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, delivered the Treasurer’s Report. (The Episcopalian Convention. New York Times, Sep. 25, 1873.) In 1879, Rev. James S. Bush performed the marriage ceremonies for two of the sisters of future Guaranty Trust director Charles R. Henderson.

In 1883, Bush resigned as pastor of the Church of the Ascension in protest against a raffle (Resigned Because of a Raffle. New York Times, Dec. 30, 1883.) He moved to Concord, Mass. in 1884. He died in Ithaca, New York, having moved from Concord, Mass. the previous spring. “He was last settled over the Unitarian Church at Orange, N.J.” (Obituary 1. New York Times, Nov. 12, 1889 p. 5; News and Notes. The Literary World, Dec. 21, 1889; Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale, 1880-1890, p. 574.)

Rev. Bush was a fellow-traveler of Elisha Mulford, Skull & Bones 1855. Mulford was born in Montrose, Pennsylvania and studied at the University of Berlin in 1859 and 1860. He was Rector of an Episcopal Church in South Orange, N.J. in 1868 and 1869, and was made an LL.D. by Yale in 1873. He resided at a country estate in Friendsville, Penn. (Philosophy at Concord. New York Times, Aug. 8, 1880; In and About Boston. Christian Union, Dec. 17, 1885;32(25):5.) Mulford was the author of “The Nation” and “The Republic of God,” the latter of which is said to have “[done] for modern theology what Lord Bacon did two centuries ago for the organization of intellectual science.” “Two external influences were combined in his intellectual and spiritual development. One was the study of Hegel, the acquaintance with Rothe, and the familiarity with the great German jurists, the outcome of which is the work on American institutions under the guidance of the German method. The other was the personal acquaintance with Maurice, and an almost passionate interest in his thought. Hegel is behind ‘The Nation,’ as Maurice is behind ‘The Republic of God.'” “The peculiarity of Dr. Mulford’s thinking is that you cannot go behind it. It is not afirmation; it is not argument; it is affirmation and argument and universal intuition all in one. Once granted his premises, there is no escape from his conclusions. There is no controversy, no incidental playing with the subject, but the points are stated so much in the terms of clear and large thought that the difficulties of belief disappear; . ” “Dr. [Horace] Bushnell’s ‘Vicarious Sacrifice,’ Dr. [Theodore Thornton] Munger’s ‘Freedom of Faith,’ Professor Allen’s ‘Continuity of Christian Thought,’ and the Rev. James S. Bush’s ‘Evidences of Faith’ are each important books in the placing of Christian belief upon the broader basis of the facts of life, but Dr. Mulford led the way so that no-one could mistake the new path.” (Elisha Mulford. Christian Union, Dec. 17, 1885;32(25):3; Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale, 1880-1890, p. 317.) Mulford’s wife, Sarah Price Carmalt, was the daughter of Caleb Carmalt, a Philadelphia Quaker, and the sister of Dr. William H. Carmalt of Yale University. (Mrs. Elisha Mulford. New York Times, May 14, 1926.) Dr. Carmalt was a lecturer in ophthalmology and otolaryngology and professor of surgery from 1881 to 1907. In 1922, an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to Yale to establish the professorship in his name. (Dr. W.H. Carmalt Dies at Age of 93. New York Times, Jul. 18, 1929.) The Carmalts were related to the Woolseys. (Laurance Johnson Carmalt, B.A. 1888 [son of William H. Carmalt]. Bulletin of Yale University, Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University Deceased during the Year 1939-1940, pp. 41-42.)

Prescott S. Bush, Skull & Bones 1917, grandfather of President Bush

Prescott Sheldon Bush (1895–1972)(S&B 1917) was the treasurer of Planned Parenthood’s 1947 fundraising campaign, of which Mary Woodard Lasker was vice chairman – and he was an advisor of the shadowy New England Institute for Medical Research, one of whose staff joined the Council for Tobacco Research and became the first contact for the Microbiological Associates mouse inhalation study.

Mrs. Prescott S. Bush of Columbus, Ohio, formerly Dorothy Walker of St. Louis, was supposed to have been an attendant at Godfrey S. Rockefeller’s wedding to Helen Gratz, also of St. Louis. (G.S. Rockefeller to Marry June 26. New York Times, Jun. 7, 1923.) Godfrey S. Rockefeller was elected a director of Benson & Hedges in 1946, and exchanged his shares for those of Philip Morris in 1954, completing its takeover by the Cullmans.

George Herbert Walker

George Herbert Walker (1875-1953) was Prescott S. Bush’s father-in-law. “Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Walker was the youngest son of David Davis Walker, a dry goods merchant from Bloomington, Illinois, and Martha Adela Beaky. Ely, Walker & Company, which grew into a leading regional wholesaler, was later acquired by Burlington Industries. Walker spent part of his education in England at Stonyhurst College. He ultimately graduated from college in 1897 from Washington University in St. Louis.” He founded the banking firm G.H. Walker & Co. in 1900. In 1920, he became president of W.A. Harriman & Co., which merged with Brown Brothers & Co. in 1931. He continued with G.H. Walker & Co. after 1931. (George Herbert Walker. Wikipedia, accessed 9-1-08.) Harriman & Co. was a large stockholder of the American Tobacco Company in 1920, with 7500 shares of common stock.

W.A. Harriman & Co., 1920

Founding directors of W.A. Harriman & Company included Guaranty Trust directors W. Averell Harriman, President, Eugene G. Grace, William C. Potter and Eugene W. Stetson; Skull & Bones members W.A. and E. Roland Harriman (1913 & 1917), Frederick B. Adams and Percy A. Rockefeller (both S&B 1900), Harold Stanley (S&B 1908) and Joseph R. Swan (S&B 1902); also Wilbur F. Holt, Secretary and Treasurer; Elton Hoyt 2d; Henry Lockhart Jr.; Samuel F. Pryor; R.H.M. Robinson; J.D. Sawyer, Vice President; Joseph E. Uihlein; and G.H. Walker, President. W.J. Sturgis was Vice President.(Display Ad 106. New York Times, Dec. 29, 1920 p. 23.) W.A. Harriman began his association with Fritz Thyssen in 1925. He and various members of Harriman & Co. and its successor, Brown Brothers Harriman, were directors of Thyssen’s Union Banking Corporation, which maintained accounts with the Guaranty Trust, the Chase National Bank, and the National City Bank. (Thyssen Has $3,000,000 Cash in NewYork Vaults. New York Herald Tribune, Jul. 31, 1941.)

George Herbert Walker Jr.

George H. Walker Jr. was an usher at James J. Wadsworth’s wedding. (Harty Tilton Bride of J.J. Wadsworth. New York Times, Jun. 17, 1927.) He was chairman of the Yale Alumni Fund until 1952, when Arthur E. Palmer Jr. 1930, of the law firm of Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam and Roberts, was elected. Hoyt Ammidon (Elihu 1932) was elected vice chairman. New directors were Archie E. Albright Jr., Harvey A. Basham Jr., Charles A. Breck, Herman H. Chapman, John O. Green, John E. Holland, H. Everton Hosley Jr., Charles Reed, and Edmund W. Sinnott, dean of the Yale Graduate School. Charles Watson 3d was managing director of the fund. Yale Alumni Fund Board Elects a New Chairman. New York Times, Jul. 18, 1952.) G.H. Walker of G.H. Walker & Co. was a member of an investor group to develop commercial peacetime uses for atomic energy. Hoyt Ammidon was also a member. (Business Men Seek Nuclear Investments. New York Times, Oct. 6, 1954.)

William Block Dean, a bond salesman with G.H. Walker & Co. 1901-1915 and a partner from 1915 to 1940, married a daughter of Robert B. Dula, who was a vice president of the American Tobacco Company and Liggett & Myers Tobacco, the latter of which his brother, Caleb C. Dula, was president.

James Smith Bush, S&B 1922

James S. Bush was the son of the late Samuel Prescott Bush and the late Flora Sheldon Bush of Columbus, Ohio, and brother of Prescott S. Bush. (Samuel P. Bush, 83, A Steel Executive. New York Times, Feb. 9, 1948.) He was an usher at the wedding of Ward Cheney, S&B 1922. Bush married Janet Newbold, the ex-wife of Alan A. Ryan Jr., the grandson of tobacco financier Thomas F. Ryan. She divorced Ryan in 1936 and married William Rhinelander Stewart, who died. She then married Bush. (Mrs. Stewart’s Wedding to Jim Bush of St. Louis. By Mary Van Rensselaer Thayer. Washington Post, Aug. 4, 1948.) Bush was divorced from Caroline Patterson earlier that year. Janet Newbold’s father, Fleming Newbold, was President of The Evening Star Company in Washington, DC. (Mrs. Stewart Wed To James S. Bush. New York Times, Aug. 15, 1948.) James Smith Bush was born in 1901 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and died in 1974 in Quezon, The Philippines. He married Caroline Lowe Patterson about 1928 in Dayton, Ohio.

Janet Newbold Ryan Stewart Bush was the mother of Allan A. Ryan III, Skull & Bones 1953, who was with the investment banking firm of Smith, Barney & Co. (Miss B.A. Redmond Becomes Fiance. New York Times, Jun. 7, 1957.) Ushers at his wedding included Russell W. Meyer, Thruston Ballard Morton Jr., and Tilghman B. Evans [T. Boyd Evans], all Skull & Bones 1954, and Jonathan J. Bush, Skull & Bones 1953. (Barbara Ann Redmond Is Bride of Allen Ryan 3d, Yale Alumnus. New York Times, Nov. 3, 1957.) Morton was Executive in Residence at the College of Business & Public Administration of the University of Louisville, and a director of the Kroger Company from 1968 to 2001. He was the son of the US Representative (1947-53) and Senator (1957-68) from Kentucky, Thruston Ballard Morton, Yale 1929. Jonathan James Bush is the brother of former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

“Prescott Bush’s brother James Smith Bush, an alcoholic, died blind and bankrupt in a Veterans Administration hospital in the Philippines in May 1978. Formerly a respected banker, Jim Bush had come to the Philippines after having embezzled money and abandoned his fourth wife. In better days, as a prominent citizen in St. Louis in 1958, Jim had been considered by the Eisenhower administration for a position on the Federal Reserve Board. Bush did not get that appointment, but the following year Eisenhower appointed him a director of the U.S. Export-Import Bank; John F. Kennedy re-appointed him in 1961. Neither administration was put off by the results of the pre-appointment investigation done by the F.B.I., which revealed that in 1946 Bush had lost a job due to his binge drinking, and that his second wife, who divorced him in 1952, had complained of his drinking.” (The Family documents, by Kitty Kelley. Random House, 2004.)

Joseph Walker Wear, Scroll & Key 1899

Joseph Walker Wear (1876-1941) was a brother-in-law of George Herbert Walker, who married his sister, Lucretia. He was a vice president in charge of the Philadelphia branch of W.A. Harriman & Co., 1921-1930. He was a trustee of the Chestnut Hill Academy 1921-1935 and Jefferson Medical College and Hospital 1931-1941. William Potter Wear, Yale 1925, was the son by his first wife. His brothers were James H. Wear, Yale 1901, and Arthur Y. Wear, Yale 1902. (Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University Deceased during the Year 1940-1941, pp. 90-91.) Arthur Yancey Wear was associated with him until 1914. (Obituary Record of the Graduates, Yale University 1915-20, p. 988.)

James Wear Walker

James Wear Walker (1907-1977): His stepdaughter, Sheila Mitchell O’Keefe, married Webster B. Todd Jr., the brother of EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman. Hilary Walker was the maid of honor, and Christie Todd was an attendant. (Sheila Mitchell O’Keefe Is Married. New York Times, Oct. 25, 1964.)

Dr. John M. Walker, Skull & Bones 1931

Dr. John Mercer Walker Sr. (1909?–1990), Prescott S. Bush’s brother-in-law, was chairman of the executive committee and CEO of Memorial Hospital in New York City since 1962, president of the board of managers from 1965 to 1974, and then an overseer.

Louis Walker, Skull & Bones 1936

Louis Walker (1912-2001), another brother-in-law of Prescott Bush, was an usher at the wedding of John E. Cookman, who became an assistant to Joseph Cullman Jr. in 1951, a vice president of Benson & Hedges, and Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Philip Morris.

His son, James Wear Walker 2d, graduated from the University of Hartford. “He served as a civilian in Army Intelligence in Japan and South Vietnam and is a reporter with the news division of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in Washington. His father is managing partner of G.H. Walker & Co., Hartford brokers.” He married Anne Van Duzer Hannan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hannan. John H. Gooch was best man, and ushers were John H. Brooks Jr., Lucius A. Andrew 3d, Thomas F. Joyce 3d, Robert D. Gray, Field Davis Robinson, Arthur A. Houghton 3d, Kenneth H. Hannan Jr. and Theodore Hannan. (8 Are Attendants Of Anne Hannan At Her Nuptials. New York Times, Dec. 10, 1967.)

George H.W. Bush, Skull & Bones 1948, father of President Bush

Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts (KKR) and the Bush family: “[W]hen Prescott Bush was arranging a job for young George Herbert Walker Bush in 1948, he contacted Ray Kravis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, whose business included helping Brown Brothers, Harriman to evaluate the oil reserves of companies. Ray Kravis had quickly offered George a job, but George declined it, preferring to go to work for Dresser Industries, a much larger company. That was how George had ended up in Odessa and Midland, in the Permian basin of Texas. Ray Kravis over the years had kept in close touch with Senator Prescott Bush and George Bush, and young Henry Kravis had been introduced to George and had hob-knobbed with him at various Republican Party and other fund-raising events. Henry Kravis by the early 1980’s was a member of the Republican Party’s elite Inner Circle.” Kravis was a huge contributor to both G.H.W. Bush’s presidential campaign and the Republican Party. (Chapter -XIX- The Leveraged Buy-out Gang. In: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography. by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin.) KKR later took over R.J. Reynolds Tobacco to make the company throw the state lawsuits against the industry to help the anti-smokers loot and plunder smokers.

Former President George Bush was a friend of Benno C. Schmidt of J.H. Whitney & Co., and part of the Lasker network: “Schmidt gave a copy of the ‘summary and recommendations’ to George Bush, then U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, just before Thanksgiving. Bush was asked to pass this portion of the report on to the president so he would have it prior to the panel’s presentation. The ambassador did convey the ‘summary and recommendations’ to John Ehrlichman, President Nixon’s principal advisor on domestic policy, with the request that Ehrlichman transmit it to the president.”

After George Herbert Walker Bush left his CIA director post in 1977 and before becoming vice president under Ronald Reagan in 1980, he was on the board of directors of Eli Lilly & Co. Mitch Daniels, an old crony from the Reagan Administration, became an executive at Eli Lilly; after serving as George W. Bush’s budget director from 2001 to 2003, he was elected Governor of Indiana – and raped the people with health fascist “Workplace Wellness” funded by a cigarette tax increase.

William H. Donaldson (S&B 1953), a director of Philip Morris from 1979-1999, was an old friend of Herbert Walker, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush himself. “He is an old friend of Mr. Bush’s father and of his uncle, whom he met when they were undergraduates at Yale. His first job on Wall Street was at the brokerage firm G.H. Walker & Company, which was run by Herbert Walker, the uncle of the first president Bush.” (Former Chairman of Stock Exchange Is Bush’s S.E.C. Pick. New York Times, Dec. 11, 2002.)

Bush Quayle 88 Alumni Directory, 1989 and 1990

Twenty-Fourth Annual Awards Dinner, Center for the Study of the Presidency, 1989. President George H.W. Bush was Honorary Chairman. Co-Chairmen of the Dinner Committee included Norman R. Augustine, Chairman of Martin Marietta Corporation; Armand Hammer, Chairman & CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corporation; Vernon E. Jordan, Partner, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld; J. Willard Marriott Jr., Chairman of the Marriott Corporation; J. Richard Munro, Chairman of Time Inc.; James D. Robinson III, Chairman & CEO of American Express Company; and Kenneth Taylor, Senior Vice President of RJR Nabisco. (Page 8.)

Between 1988 and 1993, official estimates of federal spending against tobacco increased from $47,431,000 to $119,800,000 (proposed). (Federal Tobacco Control Effort. By Dr. Sam Simmons, Director of Smoking and Health at R.J. Reynolds, July 8, 1992, page 21.)

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1993. 5. Focusing on Prevention and the Next Generation. Executive Office of the President of the United States. President Bush raised the budget for smoking cessation programs by 5%. Overall, from 1989 to 1993, this funding increased by 42%. It falsely claimed that “According to a report of the Surgeon General, continued investment in smoking cessation, particularly if targeted towards pregnant women, is likely to yield beneficial returns. Smoking during pregnancy retards fetal growth, reduces birthweight, and doubles the risk of having a low-birthweight baby. Studies have shown a 25-50 percent higher rate of fetal and infant deaths among women who smoke during pregnancy compared with those who do not. One study even suggests that each dollar invested in smoking cessation for pregnant women may yield about $6 in averted costs for neonatal intensive care and extended care for low-birthweight infants. Beyond the damage tobacco use during pregnancy may cause, smoking is also a factor in the deaths of over 400,000 Americans every single year. The budget increases support of smoking cessation by 5 percent over 1992 levels (see Table 5-10). Included in this increase is an additional $3 million for the CDC Office on Smoking and Health, enabling CDC to expand its smoking cessation education activities for specific at-risk populations, including minority and low-come, pregnant women.” These lies about smoking and pregnancy are based on deliberately concealing an enormous, gold standard study by the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, proving that chorioamnionitis is the real cause of poor pregnancy outcomes blamed on smoking.

The EPA Report on Passive Smoking

The anti-smokers’ precious “EPA” ETS report, which was released in the last months of George H.W. Bush’s administration, was written by anti-smoking activists, not by EPA scientists (who were against calling ETS a human carcinogen), who used illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role. Furthermore, on the board of directors of the pass-through company, ICF Inc., sat Fred Malek , GHW Bush’s 1992 campaign director and a business partner of George W. Bush in the Texas Rangers ; and a big shot of the Democratic Party as well – thus ensuring a bipartisan political coverup!

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Constance J. Horner, Assistant to President George H. W. Bush and Director of Presidential Personnel from August 1991 to January 1993, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 1989 to 1991, and Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management from 1985 to 1989, has been a director of Pfizer Inc. since 1993. Pfizer funded the smoking ban efforts in Ohio and Michigan, and contributed extensively to politicians in Illinois and Indiana, as well as to Fred Malek’s longtime business crony Sen. Frank Lautenberg.

Former U.S. Surgeon General May Be Charged

Dr. Antonia C. Novello was appointed Surgeon General by President George H.W. Bush, following C. Everett Koop. She was appointed New York State Health Commissioner in 1999. “But the New York State inspector general’s office says that she turned her staff at the Health Department into her personal chauffeurs, porters and shopping assistants during her seven-year tenure, and has referred a criminal case, including potential felony charges, to the Albany County district attorney. A report from the office of Inspector General Joseph Fisch to be released Tuesday depicts Dr. Novello as preoccupied with shopping and routinely abusive of her authority over employees, ordering them to buy her groceries, pick up her dry cleaning and even water her houseplants.” (Report Assails Ex-Health Chief in New York. By Danny Hakin. New York Times, Jan. 26, 2009.)

Jonathan J. Bush, Skull & Bones 1953

Jonathan James Bush (b. 1931), GHW Bush’s brother, was a close friend of Allan A. Ryan 3d (S&B 1953), the great-grandson of tobacco financier Thomas F. Ryan. His uncle, James S. Bush, was Ryan’s stepfather.

William Henry Trotter ” Bucky” Bush, Wolf’s Head 1960

The youngest son of Prescott Sheldon Bush and Dorothy Walker Bush (b. 1938), brother of former President George H.W. Bush, and the uncle of current President George W. Bush, he has been a director of WellPoint Inc., the largest United States health insurer (formerly WellPoint Health Networks Inc.), and the company that operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, since 2004. He was on the board of directors of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri from 1989 to 1994, and RightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc. from 1994 ton 2002. WellPoint created the Missouri Foundation for Health in January 2000 to receive assets accumulated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri (BCBSMo) prior to its conversion from nonprofit to for-profit status. Today, MFH is the largest health care foundation in the state and is among the largest of its kind in the country. In 2004, MFH launched a $40 million, nine-year Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Initiative.

Marvin P. Bush

Mrs. Marvin P. Bush, President George W. Bush’s sister-in-law, is a director of the health fascist Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation, along with the wife of his Carlyle buddy, Frank C. Carlucci, elements associated with Richard Viguerie, and an old friend of the Shah of Iran.

The Bush Administration

The administtration of George W. Bush, Skull & Bones 1968, has been a dungheap of lies from beginning to end. He lied about the health risks of smoking to rationalize a war of cultural genocide against smokers, just as he lies about “weapons of mass destruction” to rationalize wars of aggression in the Middle East.

Bush’s classmate, former Associate Attorney General Robert Davis McCallum Jr., Skull & Bones 1968, was in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

Carmona nominated for Surgeon General

Bush’s BS about health: On his nomination of Arizona trauma surgeon/administrator Richard H. Carmona for Surgeon General, Bush blathered, “The research is overwhelming [sic] that simple improvements in diet and exercise would result in dramatic improvements in America’s health.” That “research” is a fairy tale for simpletons, based on extrapolating from studies that are confounded by infection. When the health fascists’ empty promises fail to materialize (e.g., asthma and preterm births), their media flunkies keep right on repeating their lies instead of calling them on it. Pima County, Arizona, has long been the focus of intense health fascist attention because of the high rates of diabetes there, with a research agenda of lifestyle and genes, as usual. The Surgeon General only needs to be a photogenic performer to peddle the Lasker agenda to the stupid masses, not someone who can deal with scientific issues in depth. (President Nominates NIH Director and Surgeon General. White Housse Press Release, Mar. 26, 2002.)

“The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Report of the Surgeon General, 2004”: Bush Regime’s Report is RELIGION CORRUPTING SCIENCE

It’s not just the same old scientific fraud of deliberately using defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection; it’s also FROM the same old fraud, namely Jonathan M. Samet, who was the ringleader of the EPA’s fraudulent ETS report, the anti-smokers’ star perjuror in the Minnesota tobacco trial, and also the ringleader of the 2003 IARC Monograph on Smoking and Involuntary Smoking, the 2005 ASHRAE Position Document on ETS, and of other Surgeon General Reports since the 1980s. This garbage is really a religious dogma of health fascism, being shoved down the American peoples’ throats at taxpayer expense, because they don’t allow scientific dissent!

Carmona also praised anti-smoker D.H.H.S. Secretary Tommy Thompson, the former governor of Wisconsin, who withheld his approval of the Wisconsin lawsuit against the tobacco industry until the law firm that included his big campaign contributors got a piece of the action, calling him “one of the greatest advocates for health that our nation has ever known.” In fact, the fundraising machine that has controlled the governors of both parties for at least the last twenty years is literally interlocked with Philip Morris and the Cancer Society! Nick Hurtgen, Phil Prange, and Democrat Gov. James Doyle’s wife, Jessica, are all related. Nick Hurtgen is notorious for corrupting “both sides of the aisle” – that’s why anti-smoker slime like Democrat Sen. Fred Risser smugly boast that their support is “bipartisan.” Phil Prange is one of Doyle’s biggest fundraisers, and he’s employed by Philip Morris to lobby for FDA regulation, while Phil’s wife, Alison Prange, is the chief lobbyist for the American Cancer Society. Hurtgen and Prange are also big fundraisers for former Gov. Tommy Thompson, and Hurtgen is on the board of Sue Ann Thompson’s Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation. And Philip Morris is Jim Doyle’s pal! Doyle received contributions of $500, $500, $2000 and $1000 from Altria/Philip Morris in 2006 – the $2k came from Altria CEO Michael Szymanczyk! He also received $100, $500, and $150 from Altria in 2004. As for the Philip Morris – Cancer Society ties: The stepson of the head of the ACS, who started the anti-smoking persecution, was on the PM board of directors from 1961 to 1981. His stepmother, Mary Woodard Lasker, the most powerful health lobbyist in history, was a Wisconsin native. PM’s so-called fight has never been anything but a sham; they’ve been controlled by the anti-smokers all along and that’s why they have always let the anti-smokers get away with scientific fraud.

Carmona lied that “Now we know that smoking causes the vast majority of lung cancers, along with cancers of the mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, k > there are no studies of HPV in relation to any cancer other than cervical cancer cited in the Surgeon General Report. We also know that both Helicobacter pylori and Epstein-Barr virus cause stomach cancer, but the SG Report considers only H. pylori, and gives equal weight to old studies that didn’t even include H. pylori (and all studies date from before 2000) to reach its fraudulent conclusion that “The evidence is sufficient to infer a causal relationship between smoking and gastric cancers.” Helicobacter pylori is also implicated in pancreatic cancer, but the report ignores this evidence. As for acute myeloid leukemia, considering the massive and indisputable evidence that the anti-smokers’ health lies are founded on the deliberate fraud of ignoring the role of infection in the diseases they blame on smoking, the jury should throw the prosecution’s case out on that as well.

Carmona lied that “In fact, the Reports concluded that smoking is one of the major independent causes of coronary disease. This new Report adds even more evidence. Smoking causes atherosclerosis, strokes, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. It accelerates the progressive hardening and narrowing of the arteries. Cigarette smoke damages the cells lining the blood vessels and heart. Perhaps most importantly, smoking can increase the body’s tendency to form blood clots, both through the process of inflammation and by stimulating platelets to clump together.”

There is no mention at all of either cytomegalovirus or Chlamydia pneumoniae as causes of heart disease, stroke, or abdominal aortic aneurysm in the Surgeon General Report. That means they falsely blame smoking for the damage caused by these infections. And it ignores the evidence that the declines in heart disease since the 1960s have been equal between smokers and non-smokers, an enormous decline with which the anti-smokers’ specious and contrived little theories about platelets etc. (or even their shibboleths about diet and exercise) are completely incapable of accounting for. The death rates from stroke have declined steadily since about 1950. And until they can account for the true major causes of cardiovascular disease, they are not entitled to blame smoking because their studies are confounded.

Carmona lies that “More than 90% of emphysema deaths are caused by smoking. Smokers have more upper and lower respiratory tract infections and other respiratory diseases than nonsmokers.” In fact, the Centers for Disease Control’s own figures state that 22.3% of the persons with emphysema are never smokers, versus 49.1% smokers, while the percentages of never smokers and smokers with chronic bronchitis are nearly >One thing we do know is that the death rates from asthma have more than doubled since the anti-smoking movement began, despite all their smoking bans and intimidating credulous smokers out of smoking in their own homes, and this is the hallmark of these charlatans’ incompetence.

Carmona gibbers that “The damage that cigarette smoking causes to mothers and their unborn children is heartbreaking. As this Report documents, smoking harms every phase of reproduction. Women who smoke have more difficulty becoming pregnant and have a higher risk of never becoming pregnant. Smoking increases the risk of complications during pregnancy, it raises the risk of premature birth, low birthweight infants, stillbirth, and infant mortality. Infants exposed to secondhand smoke after birth have double the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Infants whose mothers smoke before and after birth are three to four times more likely to die from SIDS.” In fact, a higher rate of exposure to STDs are the real reason for difficulty in conceiving. And all of the anti-smokers’ studies, every single one withoput exception, is a deliberate fraud, cynically designed from the very beginning to falsely blame maternal smoking for perinatal illnesses caused by chorioamnionitis, including premature birth, low birthweight infants, stillbirth, and infant mortality, because they nuse studies withn no pathological examinations of the placenta, which enables them to miss 90% of the cases. They falsely blame smoking for spontaneous abortions caused by parvovirus B19, which is not even mention in this worthless and fraudulent Report, nor is coxsackievirus mentioned as a cause of mental impairment, nor is adeno-associated virus as a cause of miscarriage and trophoblastic disease, nor is cytomegalovirus, the most commonly-transmitted infection during pregnancy, mentioned. In fact, there is nothing of an authentic medical or scientific nature whatsoever in this chapter, only lifestyle questionnaire studies, whose total lack of value is demonstrated by the steady rise in the rates of preterm birth for more than two decades.

The lying baboon of a Surgeon General Carmona thinks that all he has to do is prattle bullcrap about “the rigorous scientific standards of the Office of the Surgeon General” to impress us. THOSE PIECES OF SUBHUMAN GARBAGE ARE STILL TRYING TO BLAME EVEN LIVER CANCER (95% caused by hepatitis viruses) and CERVICAL CANCER (99.7% caused by HPV) ON SMOKING! The only “rigor” among that nest of vermin is the dogmatic zeal with which they exclude the evidence that contradicts their foredrawn conclusions.

The Bush Health Plan

The Bush plan announced in his 2007 State of the Union Address included the same major elements as the Obama plan, including promotion of private health insurance and faith in charlatanism. (Promoting Prevention, Wellness, and Fitness. In: Reforming Health Care for the 21st Century. President George W. Bush, Feb. 15, 2006.) The architect of the Bush plan, Katherine Baicker, Yale 1993, Harvard PhD in Economics 1998, became an activist in the Obama plan as well.

“Five chronic diseases – heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (such as bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma), and diabetes – account for more than two-thirds of all deaths in the United States. In addition to claiming more than 1.7 million American lives annually, these diseases hinder daily living for approximately one of every 10 Americans.

“Although these chronic diseases are among the most prevalent and deadly health problems facing our Nation, some of them are preventable. Effective measures exist today to prevent or delay much of the chronic disease burden and curtail its devastating consequences. Families can take simple, affordable steps to incorporate physical activity, good nutrition, and behavior changes into their daily routine. President Bush has worked to make sure the Federal government does its part to help and encourage such prevention through fitness and wellness.

Action: The President’s HealthierUS Initiative Promotes Healthy Choices and Prevention. In 2002, President Bush launched the HealthierUS initiative to promote four key objectives for a healthier America: increased physical activity, responsible dietary habits, increased use of preventive screenings, and making healthy choices.

  • Steps to a HealthierUS. Through the Steps to a HealthierUS program, local communities receive funds to implement chronic-disease-prevention efforts focused on reducing the burdens of diabetes, obesity, and asthma and addressing three related risk factors—physical inactivity, poor nutrition, and tobacco use. Forty cities and tribal entities around the country now implement community action plans supported by the program.
  • Getting Physically Active. The President has sought to promote physical activity and fitness by spreading the message of fitness and encouraging Federal agencies to do the same.
  • Eating Responsibly. The President has worked to promote healthy diets as critical to health and fitness. The Administration released the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans – a science-based blueprint for promoting good nutrition and health that focuses special attention on developing healthy diets for children. The Web site promoting the guidelines,, has received more than 1 billion hits in the year since its launch. In addition, the National School Lunch Program provides meals to nearly 30 million children each school day in nearly 100,000 schools nationwide, and the President’s HealthierUS School Challenge encourages these schools to take a leadership role in promoting healthy eating and active lifestyle choices.
  • Preventing Disease through Screening and Testing. Screening for just a few key health indicators can help prevent serious chronic disease and identify areas for improvement in diet and behavior. The Administration has been committed to supporting testing and screening activities, including screening programs run by the Centers for Disease Control for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer. The President’s 2007 budget devotes more than $1 billion to these efforts. The Medicare program now also works to promote screening and prevention, including a one-time “Welcome to Medicare Physical Examination.”
  • Making Healthy Choices. President Bush believes the key to healthy living is making healthy life decisions like avoiding tobacco, drugs, and the abuse of alcohol. The Administration has worked to help states develop policies to limit the use of tobacco by the young, vigorously promoted efforts to discourage and prevent the use of illegal drugs, and helped families and communities encourage children to make simple but critical healthy choices every day – like wearing a bike helmet, washing their hands, or standing up to peer pressure to behave irresponsibly.

Reforming Health Care for the 21st Century /

Roland W. Betts, Yale 1968, Bush crony at MSKCC

Roland Whitney Betts was one of George W. Bush’s closest friends at college and afterwards. Betts was the single largest investor in the group that bought the Texas Rangers with Bush. “The bond reaches back to Mr. Betts’s father, Allan W. Betts, whom Mr. Betts has described as a substitute father to Mr. Bush when his own father was preoccupied with his political career. As Mr. Betts has told it, after Allan Betts died in 1986, Mr. Betts and his wife and two daughters went out to a restaurant with Mr. Bush. It was there, Mr. Betts told New York magazine in 1999, that ”George told a story about how after he graduated from Yale, he wrote my father a letter, thanking him for being his father-in-absentia. Nobody’s closer to their father than George, but his father was down in Texas. Busy. And he just started bawling. Of course, then I’m bawling, and my wife is bawling, and soon all five of us are bawling.” (White House Letter; The President Goes Off Duty, With a Vengeance. By Elisabeth Bumiller. New York Times, May 12, 2003.) Betts and Bush were both members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, or Deke, “the jock house, where Mr. Bush was the fraternity’s president and Mr. Betts was his rush chairman.” (For President and Close Friend, Forget the Politics. By Elizabeth Bumiller. New York Times, Jan. 14, 2005.) Betts was a member of the Investment Committee of the Yale Endowment Fund in 2004. (The Yale Endowment 2004, p. 19.) He was a member of the Board of Managers of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 2005 and 2006.

Allan Whitney Betts was a member of Elihu 1932. (Yale Tap Day Critic Accepts Election. New York Times, May 15, 1931.) He married Evelyn G. Ohman, daughter of Birger E. Ohman. Charles S. Snead was best man, and his ushers included his Elihu classmate, Hoyt Ammidon. She was attached to the Office of Strategic Services in Washington, where he was stationed [ARC Identifier 2167435]. (Evelyn Ohman Wed at St. Bartholomew’s To Major Allan Whitney Betts, Air Forces. New York Times, Apr. 21, 1945.) Betts became a member of G.H. Walker & Company in 1953. (5 Securities Firms Dissolving Dec. 31. New York Times, Dec. 15, 1953.) Betts was a stockholder of Vincent Astor’s Astor Plaza: “Associated with Mr. Astor as stockholders in the structure are William S. Paley and Frank Stanton, chairman and president, respectively, of the Columbia Broadcasting System, and Hoyt Ammidon, Robert L. Kerby and Allan W. Betts, executive employees of Mr. Astor.” Astor’s Manhattan land holdings alone were said to be worth more than $40 million. (Vincent Astor Plans Skyscraper In Park Ave. to Cost 75 Millions. New York Times, Sep. 19, 1956.) Betts was president of Astor Plaza Inc. and was appointed chief executive officer of the Vincent Astor Office when Ammidon left to head the United States Trust Company. (A.W. Betts Promoted. New York Times, Nov. 12, 1957.) Luke B. Lockwood and Allan W. Betts were the executors of Vincent Astor’s will. (Astor Will Leaves Widow 2 Millions; First Wife Is Cited. New York Times, Feb. 6, 1959.) Lockwood and Betts were granted unrestricted letters of temporary administration, as well as the power to vote the Astor estate’s controlling interest in Newsweek magazine. (Astor Aides Keep Newsweek Control. New York Times, Apr. 7, 1959.) They sold Newsweek to the Washington Post Company. He died of leukemia in 1986. (Allan W. Betts. New York Times, Apr. 18, 1986.) His father was Roland Whitney Betts, Yale 1900. (Roland Whitney Betts. New York Times, Sep. 16, 1954.) His grandfather was Edward Richmond Betts, Yale 1866, a broker in New York City. He was a member of Spade and Grave. (Obituary Record of Yale Graduates 1926-1927, p. 26.)

Vice President Richard B. Cheney

Rep. Dick Cheney (R-WY) on smoking: “I think the evidence is overwhelming linking smoking and disease. I believe one can make a strong case for increasing the cost of medicare to people who smoke. It’s almost like a user concept. I think Congress increasingly will assign some of the cost of our health care programs to the factors responsible. And smoking is clearly one of those factors.” (Health Risks of Smoking Drawing Attention from Several Quarters. By John K. Iglehart. National Journal 1984 June 9, pp 1139-1142.) EXCEPT THAT IT IS NON-SMOKERS WHO ARE THE ECONOMIC BURDEN, NOT SMOKERS!

After serving as Secretary of Defense from 1989 to 1993, Cheney joined the boards of directors of Procter & Gamble, IGI Inc., Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc. Union Pacific Corporation (since 1993) and U S WEST, Inc. Fellow directors of P&G included Joshua Lederberg (until 1995), and Ralph Snyderman, Chancellor for Health Affairs, Dean, School of Medicine at Duke University, and CEO of Duke University Health System, who replaced Lederberg; David M. Abshire, president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); Norman R. Augustine (who has been a member of the Lasker Foundation’s Funding First Leadership Team); John G. Smale, Chairman of the Board of General Motors Corp.; Jerry R. Junkins, Chairman, anti-smoker, President and CEO of Texas Instruments Inc.; and Donald R. Beall, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell International Corp. Cheney was also Senior Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

In 1996, he was Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Halliburton Company, and a director of Halliburton, Electronic Data Systems Corporation, and Union Pacific Corporation.

Fellow directors of EDS included former Bush White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker III, a senior counselor of The Carlyle Group and a director of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and former Yale provost Judith Rodin.

Lynne V. Cheney was a director of the Interpublic Group from 1994-95. Former CBS Chairman and anti-smoking activist Frank Stanton was a director from 1976 until retiring in 1995.


“HHS Announces National Smoking Cessation Quitline Network,” US DHHS Press Release, Feb. 3, 2004. The Bush Regime plans to shovel out billions of dollars for worthless parasites to staff anti-smoking quitlines, which have a long past history of indifference from smokers. WE DON’T WANT THIS GARBAGE! ONLY THE BLOODSUCKING LASKER SYNDICATE WANTS IT – AND THEIR CORRUPT LOBBY OWNS THESE WHORE POLITICIANS. Drivels moron Surgeon General Richard Carmona: “This year more than 440,000 Americans will die because of their decision to smoke; and this is 100 percent preventable.” You lying piece of garbage, we know how you purposely use defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by INFECTION – AND WE’RE SICK AND TIRED OF HOW YOU LICE HAVE TURNED OUR COUNTRY INTO A GIANT TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT!

Bush’s position, as stated to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network: “My 2005 budget includes $125 million in funding for programs to encourage healthy behaviors among target populations – including quitting smoking and other detrimental behaviors. The CDC also provides national leadership for a comprehensive, broad-based approach to reducing tobacco use, and received $100 million for the Office on Smoking and Health in 2004” (Research). “I want all Americans to engage in healthy behaviors so that we can avoid costly medical expenses and save lives. I am committed to working with Congress on future tobacco legislation that will help decrease the number of Americans who smoke while ensuring that our tobacco-growing communities are economically stable” (Tobacco).

The Lasker Syndicate in the Department of Defense

The Lasker Syndicate is in the driver’s seat in the Bush administration, with their stooge, Donald H. Rumsfeld, as Secretary of Defense – and a network of other cronies to help push their foreign policy goals.

No Surprise: Bush nominates health fascists

CDC Director Julie L. Gerberding

CDC Director Celebrates 40 Years of Mass Murder

Gerberding celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Surgeon General report on smoking, by displaying the mindless acceptance of scientific fraud that qualified her for her job. She parrots the lie that “smoking is the leading preventable cause of death,” and all the rest of their spiel of deceit, which are based on deliberately using defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection. (January 11, 2004 Marks the 40th Anniversary of the Inaugural Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health. Centers for Disease Control, Dec. 9, 2004.)

“‘Unfortunately, poor diet and a lack of exercise have almost caught up with tobacco as being the leading cause of death in the United States,’ Gerberding told a meeting of the National Health Council, which groups companies and non-profit health advocacy organizations.” (Obesity Top Health Problem in U.S., Agency Head Says. By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent. Reuters, Oct. 28, 2003.) This is a pile of lies. The health fascists purposely use the same kind of defective studies to falsely blame lifestyle for diseases that are really caused by INFECTION, as they do with smoking.

Gerberding addresses alumni at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, whose Advisory Board, thanks to gifts of $10,000+ by the Frances and Sidney Brody Charitable Fund, Inc., to the Fund for Public Health Leadership and the Dean’s Discretionary Fund, includes Susan Lasker Brody ’97. Mary Lasker’s old crony, Mathilde Krim, is still on the board as well.

Gerberding is a co-author of a flagrantly fraudulent study: Actual causes of death in the United States, 2000. AH Mokdad, JS Marks, DF Stroup, JL Gerberding. JAMA 2004 Mar 10;291(10):1238-1245. “As in previous reports, we used RRs for each cause of death from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study II and included deaths due to secondhand smoking.” This is inherently fraudulent, because the CPS II includes no data whatsoever on the role of infection in the diseases these charlatans blame on smoking and lifestyle. “We estimate that approximately 435000 deaths were attributable to smoking in 2000, which is an increase of 35000 deaths from 1990 (TABLE 2). This increase is due to the inclusion of 35000 deaths due to secondhand smoking and 1000 infant deaths due to maternal smoking, which were not included in the article by McGinnis and Foege.”

They are guilty of flagrant fraud for ignoring more than 50 studies which implicate human papillomaviruses as the cause at least 24.5%% of non-small cell lung cancers. This equals over 30,000 cases, which is over ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. Passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus, so the anti-smokers’ studies, because they are all based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, are cynically DESIGNED to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV. A significant proportion of lung cancers blamed on active smoking are actually caused by HPV as well. Obviously, there is a corrupt, politically-motivated coverup of a far larger cause of lung cancer than radon or secondhand smoke!

Infections cause a multitude of other cancers which they falsely blame on smoking and lifestyle, and fail to blame on infection, as well.

And they’re guilty of fraud for ignoring the evidence that the death rates from heart disease among smokers have declined just as much as among non-smokers since the 1970s.

Zerhouni nominated for NIH Director

President Bush has nominated Elias Zerhouni to be the director of the National Institutes of Health. His expertise and sole apparent interest is in medical imaging. So what qualifies him to be NIH Director? No doubt his Lasker connections: Lasker-connected Johns Hopkins University President William R. Brody was his predecessor as Chairman of the Department of Radiology. Zerhouni’s bio also notes that “he spearheaded an effort to raise private support” for stem-cell therapies, “including an anonymous gift of $58 million, to start the Institute for Cell Engineering at Hopkins.” Those who have that kind of money can buy a lot of politicians. Zerhouni’s CV lists enormous amounts of funding from the NIH and NCI.

William L. Roper is a key advisor to Bush #2

“In a story in the Albion Monitor, Jeremy Breningstal describes the other members [of George Bush’s “five member dream team”): ‘The team is composed of John Goodman, from the National Center for Policy Analysis, a conservative think tank; R. Glenn Hubbard, a market-leaning economics professor at Columbia University; Donald Moran, president of a health care consulting group; Timothy Muris, a law professor and recently a consultant for Aetna in an anti-trust case; and William Roper, senior vice president at Prudential HealthCare before becoming dean of the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.” More than that, he is a director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and longtime member of the Lasker Syndicate.

Kenneth Cooper, Health Fascist Missionary to the Christian Right

The health fascists campaigned for the nomination of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Pres. Bush’s personal physician, for the post of Surgeon General.

Former NCI Director Richard Klausner

Richard Klausner, the director of the National Cancer Institute since 1995, resigned in September 2001 to become head of the new Case Institute of Health Science and Technology, founded by AOL Time Warner magnate Steve Case. According to the Washington Post, Klausner expects to get around $100 million in the first few years. The institute is expected to fund “theoretical studies, pilot projects, and eventually full-scale initiatives designed to bolster public health and disease control.” Sic. This is generally a euphemism for more of the same health fascist dreck. (Klausner says he will resign as Cancer Institute head. R Weiss, Washington Post 2001 Sep 12:A28; and: NCI Director Richard Klausner Will Leave NIH to Head the Case Institute. News from the NCI 2001 Sep 11.)

HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson appoints NIH Acting Director Ruth Kirschstein’s husband Alan S. Rabson Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute. HHS News 2001 Oct 1.

Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Klausner is accused of benefiting financially from a subcontract awarded to Infinity Pharmaceuticals, a company he co-founded, from a $40 million grant to Harvard University funneled through Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a longtime NCI contractor. “Information available to the Committee can be reasonably interpreted to show that Dr. Klausner was personally and directly involved in launching the MTL initiative for which Harvard would be a prime candidate.” (House Subcommittee on Health letter to NIH Director Zerhouni, Nov. 10, 2003.) Former American Health Foundation Trustee D. Ronald Daniel is on the Board of Directors of Infinity, and is also Treasurer of Harvard University, a Member of the Harvard Corporation and Board of Overseers, and Chairman of the Board of Fellows of the Harvard Medical School. Eric S. Lander of the Whitehead Institute, the number one NIH funding fatcat in 2001, was on its Scientific Advisory Board.

American Cancer Society Planning Attack Via FDA

Andrew C. von Eschenbach, former president of the American Cancer Society and a founder of the “National Dialog on Cancer” (now called C-Change), the ACS’s monologue on health fascism, is nominated to head the Food & Drug Administration. We can guess what this means: a scheme to outlaw tobacco via regulation.

Von Eschenbach’s nefarious views on cancer diagnosis and treatment:

“Just as we’re shifting the paradigm from seek and destroy to target and control, we’re shifting our goals and expectations. Cancer in many ways will no longer be treated like infectious disease, as an acute disease, where you find an antibiotic and you eliminate it—you’re cured. Cancer will in many ways for many patients be much more like diabetes or hypertension—a chronic disease. If you can control the hypertension and live your entire life and never have a stroke or a heart attack, it’s success. With cancer, if we can control and modulate the behavior of the cancer such that patients die with their cancer but healthy and not suffering any of the consequences, that’s a success. That is to have controlled cancer, not to have cured it. That is not to have won the war in the old paradigm, but to have achieved the goal of control.” This is the Cancer Society’s same old agenda of avo >lots more money for Big Pharma AND QUACK PHARMA AS WELL . And these are the slimy hypocrites who accuse smokers of raising health care costs! (Collaboration to Play Key Role in NCI’s Future, Director Says. Interview by Katherine Arnold. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2002 Jun 5;94(11):790-792.)

After Regime Change at the National Cancer Institute. By Jocelyn Kaiser. Science 2006 April 21;312(5772):357-359. Not surprisingly, he von Eschenbach had connections to George W. Bush’s family. “According to one scientist, at a private meeting, von Eschenbach said he was ‘on a mission from God.’ The scientist adds: ‘That was a strange and worrying thing to hear from the director of NCI.’ Politics, some suspected, was involved in one early incident. A few months into his tenure, several congressional Republicans complained about a fact sheet on NCI’s Web site stating that abortion does not raise a woman’s risk of breast cancer. Von Eschenbach ordered it removed. He then held a scientific workshop to investigate; it came to the same conclusion–the evidence did not support a link–and the fact sheet went back up. [J]ust before von Eschenbach arrived, NCI had agreed to fund a now-$350 million screening trial to see if spiral computed tomography (CT) scans could detect lung tumors missed by x-ray imaging in former smokers. The hope is that by detecting tumors earlier, CT screening could save many lives. The study is controversial: Critics suggest it will lead to a huge increase in biopsies of benign tumors in healthy people, with a relatively minor decline in overall mortality, Curran notes. And the technology is expensive.” NCI’s budget rose 81% during the 5-year NIH doubling that ended in 2003. The title of the piece is all hype – there’s been no regime change, just another administrator change.

The 2002 HHS Budget: Business As Usual for the Lasker Syndicate

Contrary to their public pretenses, morons like Tommy Thompson and George W Bush didn’t sit down and work out the HHS budget. This budget and the agenda it serves was dictated by the cronies of Roz Lasker, who are the secret government that really runs these things. They decide how much they want and what for. For decades, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party alike have been nothing but the corrupt puppets of this syndicate. They pose in front of the TV cameras pretending that THEY’RE in charge, and spouting rubbish about the supposed “leadership” of their intellectually and morally bankrupt parties, but they’re really nothing but organ-grinders’ monkeys.

Babbled Tommy at the FY 2002 Budget press conference: “We are breaking a bit from tradition by holding this budget news conference outside the Department of Health and Human Services building for a very simple reason. This administration, as demonstrated by this budget, is not beholden to the status quo and the old way of doing doing things.”

What a total crock. No, Tommy, you’re holding the press conference at the Boys and Girls Club because you want to copy the Democrats and treat the people like drooling imbeciles who simply adore your phony little photo op with “The Children.” Bush’s so-called “ambitious agenda” is nothing but servile acceptance of the Lasker Syndicate’s worthless line of crap that diet and exercise and non-smoking are the keys to health. And the so-called “investment in children” really means “expand big government programs, the better to meddle in peoples’ lives,” and manufacture the next generation of docile, brainwashed sheep.

The bottom line is that this budget is nothing but “Business As Usual” for the Lasker Syndicate. Infection is the number one cause of preventable death, and as usual it’s the stepchild among health priorities, with a measly $16 million increase. Most of this will undoubtably be directed to acute infection, as the Lasker dogma denies that infections cause chronic disease. This is in comparison to $100 million more to expand their parasitical “substance abuse treatment” industry; and $2.5 BILLION more for the perpetually spoiled and overprivileged AIDS lobby. This AIDS spending represents 91 percent of the proposed $2.75 billion increase for NIH as a whole!

Meanwhile, research that should have been begun long ago is identified only as “Future Initiatives” in the NIH plan — such as “Role of infectious agents in vascular diseases” at the NHLBI; “Infectious etiology of chronic diseases: novel approaches to pathogen detection,” and “Pathogen functional genomics resource center” at the NIAID; and “Reducing preterm births” (“Much of the difference in infant mortality rates between African American and non-African American infants appears to be related to infection-associated preterm birth”) at the NICHD (thus the big shots’ rhetoric about “reducing health disparities” appears to be more concerned with funding dispersal than with actual health).

Who has clout in budget bouts? Advocacy groups learn how to waltz with NIH. R McManus. NIH Record 1998 Apr 21. The powerful disease lobbyists for AIDS and breast cancer pretend that their talents and skills are paramount to their success, instead of their social connections and favor with the Lasker crowd and their media toadies, such as Sam Donaldson, who expounds his philosophy that he’d rather be rich than principled.

Infections are the leading preventable cause of premature death in the United States and throughout the world — particularly including what have been falsely called “noninfectious” chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Like acute infectious diseases, these are disproportionately common in the Third World, in US minorities, and among the lower socioeconomic classes, including smokers. The anti-smokers’ corrupt science purposely exploits confounding to falsely blame smoking for diseases caused by infection, and harms public health by ignoring the true causes.

Therefore, it is essential that smokers advocate funding for research on the role of infection in these diseases, and to oppose the worthless “lifestyle questionnaire” employed by the anti-smokers to deceive the public through “guilt by association.” Those who applaud supposed advocates of freedom like Jacob Sullum, who endorse their health lies, are accepting the anti-smokers’ corrupt science. And those who embrace Levy and Marimont’s establishment “lifestyle” schtick are expressing their contentment with the status quo.

Remember, Mary Lasker clearly understood that “Without money, nothing gets done.” That’s why she and her Syndicate made sure that money poured into their coffers to be used for their social engineering purposes, while nobody advocated for the real public health interest. But too many smokers seem to think that it’s good enough to simply say, “Just go away and leave us alone.” It’s not good enough. They’re not going to go away, and it’s time to take them on at last and hit them where it really hurts.

George W. Bush’s Parting Gift to Smokers

“A regulation published last week in the Federal Register by the General Services Administration prohibits smoking in the courtyards of federal buildings, or within 25 feet of doorways and air intake ducts. It also bans designated smoking rooms in federal buildings. The policy is to be implemented within six months. The regulation replaces an executive order signed by President Bill Clinton in 1997 that prohibited smoking in federal buildings, but allowed smoking in designated rooms or outdoor areas. The new policy does not apply to federal buildings in which ^ where people are ‘voluntarily or involuntarily residing,’ such as prisons, according to the language in the Federal Register. The policy also allows for ‘instances where an agency head establishes limited and narrow exceptions that are necessary to accomplish agency missions.'” (Stricter Smoking Ban Set for Federal Offices. By Steve Vogel and Joe Davidson. Washington Post, Dec. 31, 2008.)

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