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The weight charts for men and women illustrated below are for reference use only & should not be used as a medical guide. As a note, please keep the following in mind when using this chart as a weight loss tool:

I believe that too much emphasis is placed on ‘overall’ accepted weight rather than individual weight. Everyone has a unique and different body composition, so what might be a ‘perfect’ weight for one person may be too thin or too heavy for another.

Our Standard Weight Charts for Men & for Women are based on the individual being dressed in light clothing (3-5 pounds) without shoes.

Charts are based on individuals 21 years and older. Keep in mind, age plays a huge factor in our weight. One of my doctors once told me that it’s about impossible for a middle-aged person to expect to weigh what they weighed in their younger days. In his experience, middle-aged dieters were very hard on their self in trying to reach weights on standard weight charts, rather than focusing on being healthy. A few pounds up isn’t going to kill your image, and if you feel healthier at a higher weight, it might very well be the best weight for you.

Muscle weighs more than fat. This is one of the chief reasons, as well as bone mass, that we have a chart for men, and one for women. Men are equipped with more muscle than women, so naturally they are going to weigh more.

Current trends and celebrities should not influence your weight. An ultra-thin superstar might be a walking time bomb living on cotton balls soaked in liquid gelatin. Remember – just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they are fit! Admire what is around you, but take care of YOU first and foremost.

This chart is not for pregnant or nursing women. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should seek your doctor’s advice before attempting to go on a diet. Also, use common sense for these issues. For example, if a physician instructs you to go on a very stringent diet while nursing, a red warning light should go off in your head. Ask questions! You’re certainly paying for them. Vitamin recommendations should be made, a nutritionist should be recommended, or your could wind up being so worn down from improper nutrition that you end up in the hospital. So please, exercise your good sense. There are great doctors and there are also some really big stinkers out there. Your frame size should factor into the number on your scale. Are you small, medium, large, or extra large when it comes to that department? This usually refers to the bone size of an individual (your frame). In fact, you may even be ‘in between’ these set categories. So allow yourself some lead way here. Click here if you’d like to determine your frame size.

As time goes by, Nutritionists and Physicians are discovering new facts regarding body weight. Diet Bites will work to keep you apprised of any new developments. One good example is that recommendations by many in the health field say that older people are healthier when they have a little padding as indicated above.

Another thing that you must factor into your weight goal is your overall feeling of good health. At what weight do you feel best? Just because a number has been etched into a chart, does not mean that it should be your weight goal number. You may not feel healthy at this ‘suggested’ weight. And that is merely how this number should be conceived – as a suggested weight number, not as YOUR designated weight number. These numbers and charts are patterns that flow among averages that have been studied over time. So, if you feel better at a higher weight than the chart ‘mandates’, then shoot for the higher weight. On the flip side of the coin, if you feel better at a little lower weight, aim for that number. Use your good sense when determining this; too thin can be as dangerous as too heavy.

Weight is only one factor in achieving total fitness. Remember – body, mind & spirit!

Your weight should NEVER determine your level of happiness! Life should be a celebration of you!

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