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What are the pros/cons of using a synonym vs. a view?

This is a generic database design question – What are the benefits of using a synonym in database development, over a simple view? What are the main considerations to keep in mind when choosing between the two?

An example view:

And the equivalent synonym:

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They are different things. A synonym is an alias for the object directly, a view is a construct over one or more tables.

Some reasons to use a view:

May need to filter, join or otherwise frig with the structure and semantics of the result set

May need to provide legacy support for an underlying structure that has changed but has dependencies that you do not want to re-work.

May provide security where some of the contents of the table should be visible to a class of users but not all. This could involve removing columns with sensitive information or filtering out a subset of the records.

May wish to encapsulate some business logic in a form that is accessible to users for reporting purposes.

You may wish to unify data from more than one source.

Reasons to use a synonym:

You may wish to alias an object in another database, where you can’t (or don’t want to) hard code the reference to the specific database.

You may wish to redirect to a source that changes over time, such as an archive table.

You want to alias something in a way that does not affect the query optimiser.

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