Skinny Meg: Advocare Food Ideas, Diet Bet Weigh In, and a Cute Baby

skinny bee diet

Skinny bee diet

My Diet Bet starts today! You still have a few days to join and weigh in, click here to play along.

193.2 I need to lose 7.8 pounds in the next 4 weeks!
Breastfeeding is not my weight loss friend so I’m really really REALLY hoping to keep my food in check and win this thing. I haven’t lost a single pound this last week despite eating cleaner. We shall see!

On to the foods. I’ve come up with 5 dinners I plan to make twice each . I’ve also found some great breakfast and lunch ideas.

I’m logging my foods into My Fitness Pal to be sure I’m getting enough calories. Right now I am trying to eat 2300, but I think I may lower that to 2100 for a while and see how that affects me. I’m not all that concerned about my booby milk, if I notice a decline in my supply I will take it back up, I’m not losing weight at the expense of nursing, I’ll have a hard enough time when I go back to work.

Here is a good calculator for figuring out a good calorie range to start in, remember to subtract 500 for weight loss.

**Remember No sugar, No dairy, limited (good:rice hummus, oatmeal, stoneground wheat) carbs.**


Eggs, Eggs, Eggs. Protein is your friend!
Egg Scrabbles: any and all veggies mixed with eggs.
Grab and Go Egg White Bites

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