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Sadkhin’s Complex Diet Plan

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Dr. Gregory Sadkhin, a Russian weight loss expert trained in acupressure, the physical manipulation of bodily pressure points believed to alter biological responses throughout the body, developed the Sadkhin Complex Diet Plan. Sadkhin claims that his diet helps you rapidly lose weight without experiencing food deprivation. When followed as directed, you can lose between 5 and 10 percent of your body weight during the first 10 days of the program, according to the diet’s website.

Sadkhin claims to have isolated 16 biologically active points behind your ears that, when rubbed, encourage your hypothalamus gland to release hormones that cause you to feel full. These locations, called the Sadkhin points, provide a revolutionary approach to help you shed unwanted pounds without the use of special foods or drugs, according to the diet’s website. Sadkhin also purports that when you follow the program as directed, you will immediately lose inches around your waist because this method provokes your body to rapidly seek equilibrium.


To follow the program, you visit an authorized Sadkhin Complex Diet Plan practitioner. The practitioner will tape an acupressure bead on a predetermined pressure point behind your ear. Then, you eat a diet composed of 1 1/2 pounds of raw fruits and vegetables per day for two consecutive days. For the next two days, you consume only 2 1/2 glasses of whole milk. You can substitute the milk with yogurt, if desired. If you are lactose intolerant, you can drink oat, rice or soy milk, or take over-the-counter pills containing lactase enzymes to help your body better digest yogurt or milk. You drink milk or eat yogurt to nourish your body without adding additional stress on your digestive system, according to Weightloss Boston, a Sadkhin Complex Diet Program-approved provider.

You continue on the rotating dietary regimen for up to one month straight, eating or drinking between the hours of 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day. You also rub the acupressure ball at specified periods throughout the day to curb hunger. Finally, you visit your Sadkhin Complex Diet Plan practitioner periodically, about every two weeks, to have her move the acupressure beads to different hunger points behind your ears.

You can drink decaffeinated coffee, water and fresh juices in addition to the diet’s recommended daily menu. You can also follow the dietary regimen without the use of the acupressure beads. However, you might find it impossible to overcome your hunger if you do not use the beads, according to Weightloss Boston.

Expert Insight

Dawn Peoples, a registered dietitian with Barker Bariatric Center in Dallas, has several Sadkhin Complex Diet criticisms. While this plan does help you control your hunger, it is not safe for everyone. Therefore, you should see a doctor before you begin this program, Peoples told WFAA-TV in 2010. She added that 80 percent of people who use fad diets to shed unwanted pounds ultimately regain the weight. Dr. George Blackburn of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston agrees with Peoples. No evidence of this diet plan, or any diet plan that excludes a food group, exists to prove that these programs can help you keep weight off for prolonged periods of time, Blackburn told 7 News in Boston in a 2004 interview.

Ask your doctor if the Sadkhin Complex Diet is right for you before you use the system. Your doctor might recommend that you abstain from the diet because of individual nutritional concerns you have resulting from medical conditions you experience. Your doctor might also recommend that you follow a clinically proven diet that incorporates foods from all food groups, exercise and a support system to achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

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