Sadkhin Diet Review (UPDATE: 2019), 12 Things You Need to Know

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Sadkhin Diet Review – 12 Things You Need to Know

We heard a lot of buzz surrounding the Sadkhin Diet, so we took a deep dive into the ingredients, side effects, and clinical research. Furthermore, we digested hundreds of dieter reviews and comments. Then, condensed and summarized the facts to give you the info you need.

UPDATE: The Sadkhin Diet is now called the Sadkhin Complex.

Sadkhin Diet can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is the Sadkhin Diet?

With obesity being such a significant epidemic in our society, there have been many fad diets cluttering the market that claim to be the answer to the world’s weight loss needs.

The Sadkhin Complex Diet has taken a different approach, where consumers can lose weight and burn fat healthily and conveniently.

Some of the things the Sadkhin diet contains:

  • No medications
  • No special foods
  • No surgeries
  • No heavy exercises
  • Non-invasive
  • Promotes hunger management

This diet is a natural and beneficial approach to safely losing weight.

Moreover, the Sadkhin Complex Diet provides essential nutrients to the human body that we need to be our best.

How Did the Sadkhin Diet Start?

The Sadkhin Methods has gained global acknowledgment for over 25 years because of its natural remedies and food plans.

At Sadkhin centers located across the world, patients will be given a meal plan and approach specific to their needs and lifestyle. This specialization is what has made the program so successful.

Dr. Gregory Sadkhin, the founder of the diet, designed the guide using modern technologies such as the Chono-simulation technique.

This method helps to reduce the appetite and cravings, breaks up fatty tissue and is proven to aid in weight loss.

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Sadkhin Diet Claims

Like most diet programs, this guide believes that it is the most effective way to quick weight loss. The Sadkhin diet plan claims that strict followers will see a 10-15% reduction in body weight in the first ten days.

The Sadkhin diet aims to improve a person’s appearance and quality of life.

When rubbed, the points support the hypothalamus gland to discharge hormones which cause a person to feel full.

The diet works to restrict calories and suggests that a person should consume less than 500 calories for the first ten days of this diet plan. Even without exercise, a person may see change within the first week of participating in the diet.

The cost of the Sadkhin diet plan is a steep $400 for the first month and $240 for every month following that.

The manufacturing company also claims that the Sadkhin diet plan has zero side effects.

Does the Sadkhin Diet Work?

The Sadkhin diet is a reasonable, innovative, rapid and healthy weight reduction plan. It is perfectly designed for those with hectic schedules and busy lifestyle.

The Sadkhin Complex offers consumers an initial free consultation, and after this free consultation, an authorized Sadkhin doctor will suggest two Sadkhin spheres.

These spheres are not negotiable and must be changed after every 10-12 days by your certified Sadkhin doctor. Only your authorized Sadkhin doctor knows how to place and remove your sphere.

As initial consultation is always free but users will have to pay for multivitamins, herbs, soups and tea blends that they choose to include in their diet.

The minimum possible program will last for one month with the average weight loss being approximately 20-25 lbs per month. Your specific Sadkhin diet will provide a long-term result in weight loss and maintaining that weight.

Sadkhin Complex Diet Benefits and Results

What is favorable for the Sadkhin Complex diet as a whole may not be desirable for you specifically. Because of this, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before making significant changes to your diet.

This program allows consumers the option of natural and healthy weight loss instead of looking towards surgery, intense workouts, and other time-consuming activities.

There’s a long list of benefits users will receive from participating in the Sadkhin diet including:

  • Weight loss
  • Good health
  • Drug-free
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Shrink stomach
  • Low-calorie diet
  • Fast metabolism

The Sadkhin diet provides long-lasting results. It’s not a short-term weight loss plan, as results and effects will sustain for about two years if done correctly.

It helps to shrink stomach with the complete elimination of sugar from our diet and filling this need with fruits.

Sadkhin Diet Details

We know that the Sadkhin diet is specially designed to reduce the weight and burn extra fat. It is a rapid approach to weight loss.

Dieters are given detailed Sadkhin Complex diet plan which includes healthy means and suggested light exercise such as walking.

The Sadkhin diet is a detoxification program that provides and shows fast results in weight reduction. A person can lose around 30 pounds by following the plan for one month.

This diet contains properties of natural elements such as fruit, vegetables and similar beneficial elements such as lean protein.

It is a high source of protein and contains low fat. Bean and soy are the perfect sources of lean protein which is helpful to reduce weight. Sugar and other sweets are not presented in this diet plan whatsoever.

While no scientific research proves this diet is a warrior against weight loss, the numerous consumer reviews back up to the company’s claim.

How to Follow the Sadkhin Complex Diet

Before beginning this program, a person should visit an authorized Sadkhin Complex. From here, there are two steps to using the program. These include:

The first step is to meet with a certified Sadkhin doctor who will conduct acupuncture therapy on you.

In this therapy, they will tie a particular acupressure bead on a specific point behind your ear. This point affects your hunger.

In the second step, a person is urged to follow their specialized diet plan strictly.

According to the Sadkhin diet plan, a person should commit to a diet that contains one and a half pounds of raw fruits and healthy vegetables daily for at least two consecutive days.

A person can make a salad or different recipes using vegetables and raw fruits.

After this, for the next two days, a person should consume only two and a half glasses of milk or a typical serving of yogurt. For a person who is lactose bigoted, they can use oats, rice, soy milk or a lactase enzyme supplement.

The diet plan does not allow eating after 6 pm and also suggests doing this plan for one week out of every month.

Users should consume less than 500 calories a day for the first ten days on the program.

Sadkhin Diet Side Effects

Sadkin diet contains a large number of benefits which are helpful to reduce extra weight, but it also has slightly side effects which can decrease its abilities. Side effects of the Sadkhin Complex diet mentioned here.

  • Dizziness and migraine
  • Body Weakness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of coordination
  • Vision problems
  • Nausea

There is nothing healthy in using just fruit, vegetables, and dairy products for a month, as important micro-nutrients will be lacking.

According to researchers, a healthy and balanced diet is effective for health, not a diet that encourages a person to consume an insufficient amount of food.

All these side effects are reported by the consumers over their experience based on following this specific skin diet plan. But keep one thing in mind that everybody has its features. So reaction and side effects can vary from person to person respectively.

Sadkhin Diet Warnings

Always consult your doctor or physician before beginning a major diet change.

In case of any reaction contact with your doctor immediately.

People ages 16-65 can follow this plan.

Sadkhin Diet Alternatives

The Sadkhin Complex diet is unique because of its efficiency in fast results and lack of intense workouts. However, this type of diet may not be a healthy choice for many consumers. It is suggested that those looking for a weight loss alternative should commit to a healthy diet that includes:


Carbohydrates provide energy to the human body to perform different activities and daily routine tasks. Healthy carbs can be found in grains, rice, fruit, vegetables, and similar elements.

Fat is the main dietary source that can be obtained from meat, fish, dairy products, oils, and fats.

A balanced diet should contain protein for the growth, restoration, and maintenance of cells.

It can be found in nuts, seeds, fish and other similar products

Vitamins are beneficial, especially vitamin D and vitamin K. Your diet should be rich in vitamins.

Minerals are obtained from natural plants. A small amount of minerals is required for a balanced diet. It helps with a fast metabolism.

80% of the human body contains water. So water is the main factor needed for a balanced diet. A person should take at least drink 10-12 glasses of water per day. It protects the human body from many diseases.

Those attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle should commit to avoid eating foods that are processed, high in sodium and unhealthy.

What Users Are Saying

“I didn’t want to have to take pills or get injections. When I saw the results that a friend achieved, I thought I would give it a try. I lost 8 pounds in the first 10 days and I feel amazing!”

“If you are really determined, it will work. My husband lost 32 pounds in 30 days.”

“I’ve lost weight, but I’m wondering if this is the right plan for me. I talk to the practitioner tomorrow.”

The Bottom Line on the Sadkhin Complex Diet

So, what’s the final take on this one ladies and gentlemen? We were quite interested in the Sadkhin Diet, and that leads us to our conclusion. We like that some dieters report weight-loss, but we can’t support a plan that potentially causes some pretty bad side effects, and extreme calorie restriction can be difficult to follow. We’re also concerned that we found no company behind the business.

If you’re looking for a way to shed those extra pounds, we suggest trying out a supplement that doesn’t cause side effects, offers clinically proven ingredients and costs an amount you can afford.

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Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us help. Let us know a little more about you and your goals.

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Sadkhin Diet Questions & Answers Q&A

Some potential side effects of Sadkhin Diet include dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue and lack of coordination.

The ingredients in Sadkhin Diet include common foods like fruits, vegetables and lean protein.

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There’s no scientific research linking Sadkhin Diet to weight-loss. We have found studies noting the benefits of adding fruits and vegetables, but none specific to this meal plan. Dieters may want to mix it up a little and change out Sadkhin Diet with a product like Dietspotlight Burn, which consists of ingredients clinically proven to help you lose weight.

The cost of Sadkhin Diet is $400 for the first month and approximately $240 for additional months on the program.

You can only eat between 11am and 6pm on Sadkhin Diet. The first two days, you consume 1.5 pounds of fruits and vegetables. The next few days, you can consume dairy products, excluding skim milk. You will also need to place acupuncture balls behind both ears.

Sadkhin Diet can be purchased using their Official Site.

Yes, you can drink decaffeinated coffee on Sadkhin Diet.

Yes, Sadkhin Diet restricts calories. You will consume less than 500 calories for the first 10 days of the weight-loss plan.

No, you can’t exercise for the first 10 days on Sadkhin Diet.

The only mentioned guarantee on Sadkhin Diet was the loss of 5 to 10% of your body weight in the first 10 days.

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23 Sadkhin Diet Reviews

Cancel reply

I found this diet in a newspaper years ago . I tried it to prove it would not work.It worked,10% weight loss in ten days. I am on it now and again it is so good! Love what it does,flat stomach finally.Thanks Dr.Sadkins.

Tried this diet and all I can say is that you can do this yourself. The balls behaind my ears did nothing for me but make my ears hurt. If you wanna loose weight fast, try this on your own. People please save your money. Anyone who eats apples, lettuce, tea and whole milk can loose weight without spending 100-200 dollars every ten days.

Don’t ever try this diet, my relative almost died while on this diet.Doctors said that the diet developed holes in the fat that protects intestines, than the intestine got stuck in one of the holes and stopped the blood supply to the intestines and other organs. She had most of her intestines removed and now we are just praying for her to get better. Please don’t try this diet.

I have been on the diet for exactly 7 days now and I am down 15 lbs. I can’t believe it, I started on 04/11/11 at 206. Today is 04/18/11 and I am at 191. I love this diet and most of all I can drink white wine. My goal is 140, so I have 51 more to take off. This diet is very easy and it’s all about will power.

i have personally WORKED for Dr. Sadkhin, and I only wanted to lose 25 lbs, which I did lose on his diet, within 1 month. Once I came off it, I gained 50 lbs back within the year, and am heavier than I have ever been in my life! My cravings became CRAZY after the diet and it is almost impossible to control your hunger or eat at a normal healthy pace after just eating veggies for a month. I urge you not to do it because the minute you come off it, you will be starving and eating everything in your path. and even if you won’t eat everything in your path, if you eat ANYTHING that is not fruits or vegetables, you will gain the weight so rapidly plus double. You know why? Because your body is not losing weight. You are just storing fat in your body while on this diet, and the minute you come off it, your gaining weight from other foods you start to eat other than vegatables as well as the stored fat you had in your body the whole time, because you never burned it off. This diet is great for quick rapid results, but def not for long term, and I wish I was where I was before I started this diet. I rather be chubby than be obese now.

Really where did you work ?? I also feel the same last year it worked so well for me. Now it seems I can’t lose weight with the balls on !!

I have a hard time believing that someone who went in weighing 250 lbs and walks out weighing 150 lbs has not lost fat, but stored it. My scale is already telling me different with a fat %. I have seen lots of reviews of people who have kept the weight off after. Who’s to say you wouldn’t have overeaten and gained this much weight if you had NOT been on the Sadkhin Complex? Don’t discourage people who really need the help. I know I would never have lost this weight with any other plan…because I wouldn’t have seen the weight come off fast enought to keep me going.

One’s body doesn’t hide fat; you either lost it or you didn’t. Fat cells do come back easily but 50lb gain after a 25lb loss should have come back much more rapidly than one year! It sounds like her body was trying to keep it off. Perhaps the OP should have remained on the plan for a longer period.

Is there anybody actually meet with dr sadhkin??
I have been looking at the google hours all i find it this is a one franchising company. And there is nobody such as dr sadkhin.. There isn’t even real doctors there..When u go there they are making you sing a paper to say ” they are not doctors, if something happens to you, they are not responsible”
I have tried to do it it is not possible. Don’t do it! It is ll money trap..i was starving i quit today! It doenst work! they they are dleting any negative comments:(

What kind of foods did you eat before you started the sadkhin diet?

I wish i listen to her.. Me and my husband spend 300$ for the first visit.. This diet doesn’t work .. we both get sick and felt the hunger painfully crall the time..i honestly dont understant how it did work for others.. Good luck feel free to do it..

When this first came out and the yexpanded into Beverly Hills I attended the center, paid the money, got the balls and went on program. The balls fell off within 3 days. I stayed on the food program and lost 15 pounds in the first 10 days. Went on to lose 13 more over the full 45 days including maintenance. You do not need the balls. They do help with acupressure and slight hunger control, but after using this program without them for 8 years now to maintain weight, I am a firm believer that they are completely unnecessary. If you are determined to stick it out and can make it past day 1 and 2 you’ll be fine. I know many people who have converted and use his as their sole maintenance diet aid. Good luck and fill us in on your results!

I am on the Sadhkin diet for 30 days. I lost 30 Lb, predominantly in the first 10 days (23LB), the next two cycles (each 10 days) I lost 2 inches of my waist, but did not loose weight as significant as it was in the first 10 days

I JUST STARTED ABOUT 3 WEEKS AGO AND I have already loss 25 pounds and feel great, I’m never hungry, diet very easy to have to try it

If you follow the diet it works. It’s two days fruits and vegetables and two days milk. You’re never hungry and you lose weight very quickly. I totally recommend it.

They have their own centers, like Weight Watchers, etc. Go to for locations/information

I lost 30 pound on the Sadkhin diet in just over a month. It was a drastic diet but you see results quickly which keeps you going. I LOVE the results! Now that I stopped following most of the diets rules I was worried about gaining the weight back but instead I have lost 3 more pounds in the past week and a half! The key is that I get full very fast thanks to the diet! If you have the money to do it and want FAST results, DO IT!

you eat fruits and veggies every other 2 days and milk the opposing days. Ex: monday and tuesday (fruits and veggies) wedn and thurs(milk) friday and sat(fruits and veggies) and so on. You eat 1.5lbs of the fruits and veggies and 2.5 cups of milk on your milk days.

On the milk days -is that all you have is milk?

I am on diet now. Lost 10 pounds but not using his diet to the
Letter. I am eating chicken lean on all fruit and veg days. Also have a lot of joining pain since the beads and concerned. I don’t think this diet is the healthiest as far as eating goes. Your body needs protein. But the beads help with app suppressant. So use them for suppression and eat healthy or when u get off this you will gain a ton of weight. I did this diet 8 years ago and lost 30 pounds. I put it back quickly as your body doesn’t handle adding food back well. I am concerned about side effects from the beads not the diet and am researching now. I have beard you can have hair lOss from it.but want to.know about inflammation and irritability and fatigue. Please let me know if you have experIenced these symptoms. Also tread lightly with the diet and modify it if you have Concerns as it is a shock to the body and you will gain weight after diet unless you really are careful.

this diet does work however if you have health issue please consider talking with your doc first before trying. the problem with this diet is the balls kept falling off and I got tired of folks in my business about my goal for me the balls are seen where everyone can see I don’t like that…if you are doing this for short term its cool but don’t mess around with it in regards to the time you are on it lose the weight and do follow program. the reason I said what I said is the folks are not doctors they are folks doing a diet program.

I was on the sadkhin diet,it’s real and it works exactly as advertised. I started at 213 lbs I was 186 in just 32 days..yes it works

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