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Renaissance Periodization Diet Review: All You Need to Know

A team of physicians, academics, dietitians, and world-class athletes has worked on the Renaissance Periodization diet and fitness program. It combines the expertise of those in these walks of life as the inspiration for this diet. In this Renaissance Periodization diet review, we explore this science-based approach to dieting, exercise, and body shaping.

As you read this Renaissance Periodization review and explore this program further, you will see the features that have attracted many athletes and others seeking to improve their health and body.

Renaissance Periodization Diet Overview

When you pursue the program highlighted in this Renaissance Periodization diet review, you will notice a constant theme of customization. Rather than one particular formula, the renaissance diet is tailored to your body type and goals, whether it be losing pounds or building muscles for sports or other performances. The program relies on the essential elements of nutrition. Other scientific principles employed in this program touch upon weight lifting and exercise techniques.

The Renaissance Periodization diet seeks to differentiate itself from other programs, which are said to rely on speculation and seemingly traditional approaches to dieting. This Renaissance Periodization diet review explains further this departure from the counting calories method. If you eat the right foods and follow the exercises, this diet may deliver the kind of weight gain resulting from stronger muscles, rather than fat.

Note: If you want to build muscles, you may also be interested to learn how to do so using protein.

Renaissance Periodization Diet Products

  • Ken Albala
  • University of California Press
  • Kindle Edition
  • Edition no. 1 (02/01/2002)
  • English
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Bob Seebohar MS RD CSCS
  • Publisher: Bull Publishing Company
  • Edition no. 2 (04/01/2011)
  • Paperback: 304 pages

The centerpiece of this diet plan comes from the personalized RP Diet Template. Your plan is created from information such as:

  • Your gender
  • Body weight at the time you order
  • Whether you seek to lose fat in order to drop pounds or gain muscle to gain weight

If you wish to keep the pounds on a steady plane, your template also comes with a weight maintenance-based diet with an enhancement for recovery or performance.

When you are ordering your template, be as complete and accurate as possible. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” may rear its unappealing self whenever you use a customized plan. Renaissance Periodization does not offer you a refund if the PDF template emailed to you doesn’t deliver the results you were expecting or seeking.
In addition to the foods, the Renaissance Periodization plan creates templates for strength training and hypertrophy training for powerlifting.

Other products with this program include The Renaissance Diet and the Renaissance Kitchen Cookbook. The former gives you a more in-depth description of the diet, while the cookbook allows you to create dishes using the template and the principles introduced in this Renaissance Periodization diet review.

How to Use the Renaissance Periodization Diet

As we explain more fully below in this renaissance diet review, follow the custom-made diet templates. Typical foods contain generally-low level carbohydrates, protein and other energy shakes, select oils, and vegetables. The permitted carbohydrates in this diet generally are limited to hold wheat pasta and other grains. However, the diet does include rice of any sort among the suggested foods.

As you’ll read below in this Renaissance Periodization diet review, you will have many meals. The level of eating, especially if you have heavy or constant workouts, may tax digestive systems. To that end, when you’re ordering this diet, you’ll notice a medical or legal waiver that you must sign. Take this as a cautionary note, as you really should not use this diet if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid conditions
  • History of diagnosed eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia
  • History of metabolic or digestive tract disorders

Also, avoid this diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Tips for Using the Renaissance Periodization Diet

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If you don’t have any such history or conditions, then let the templates guide you. It schedules the meals at certain times after workouts or activities such as walking, running or weight-lifting. The templates, especially those oriented toward fitness and sports training, identify suggested foods and ingredients from the major groups, based on your training regimen and time of day. For carbohydrates, your workouts, if any, determine the amount of intake.

With this diet, a key consists of understanding what you want from it. If your interests or occupation requires the stamina and other hallmarks of fitness, you’ll need more energy for workouts. For muscle building, you’ll likely need to lift multiple times per week, such as three to four. Let your calorie intake run slightly above 2,500 per day to aid in that endeavor.

Speaking of calories, you’ll need to eat plenty to achieve the needed amounts for, especially workouts. Food with low fat content or that is otherwise considered “healthy” typically carry low levels of calories. This may explain that a template may have as many as six meals. If you’re trying to maintain a tight schedule in this diet or your daily routine, this may involve hurried consumption and further put your digestive system hard at work.

Renaissance Periodization also has “Healthy Diet” templates that emphasize low carbs, lean meats such as chicken breasts and other options designed for those not within the realm of performance athletics, who would more likely need a high-carb diet to sustain constant workouts. These “Healthy Diet” templates also differ from the “fitness” options in that the healthy:

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