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It was a regime which delighted to honour men of Don Carlos’s stamp.

In the history of India the regime of the Slave Dynasty was not a happy one.

Gorham had implied that he was the power behind the whole present regime.

For the government of the Island under the Spanish regime, vide Chap.

If this present regime assents to that, they can stay in power.

Jesuitism and corporalism, this is the sum total of the regime.

During his regime, he did much to raise the standard of taste among his subjects.

Under his regime the military estimates were cut down to the bone.

Instead, a regime of porridge and prayers and unending lessons.

One week of this regime and I will have you converted to my ideas.


“system of government or rule,” 1792, from French régime , from Old French regimen (14c.), from Latin regimen “rule, gu >regere (see regal). Earlier “course of diet, exercise,” late 15c. In French, l’ancien régime refers to the system of government before the revolution of 1789.

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