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My plan was to reduce each man’s ration of flower from 7lbs.

“While you’re reducing the size of it you might also reduce the pain in it,” said Dick.

The action of the soul is to reduce fear to simple prudence.

Skim the stock and reduce it to a glaze to cover the sweetbreads.

Let this simmer for half an hour, so as to reduce it to a thick sauce.

When they are cooked pour off the sauce, skim off the grease and reduce it.

Then add three tablespoonsful of vinegar and reduce the sauce.

And the losses will almost hourly reduce Gilmore’s small force.

Worse than that, he could not reduce it to the normal, try as he might.

It was necessary to reduce the rent in some way in order to permit the villains to live.


late 14c., “bring back,” from Old French reducer (14c.), from Latin reducere “lead back, bring back,” figuratively “restore, replace,” from re- “back” (see re-) + ducere “bring, lead” (see duke (n.)). Meaning “bring to an inferior condition” is 1570s; that of “bring to a lower rank” is 1640s (military reduce to ranks is from 1802); that of “subdue by force of arms” is 1610s. Sense of “to lower, diminish, lessen” is from 1787. Related: Reduced ; reducing .

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