PSMF Full Day Of Eating (With PSMF Recipes)

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PSMF Full Day Of Eating (With PSMF Recipes)

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Hi fellas, here you will find my latest PSMF menu.
The PSMF diet is a diet I do on the weekends for my lean bulking protocol as you can read in my free ebook “Eat Like A Human, Look Like A God” (go here to download it for free ).
On this diet I eat at a very severe caloric deficit. More than 1000 calorie deficit! This is the best way to get ripped quickly and to create a caloric deficit while sparing muscles thanks to the protein sparing effect of having proteins at each meal.
As you can see, my PSMF menu improving to be less hungry, have more deliciousness and be healthier. This video contains also some protein sparing modified fast recipes!

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