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Workshops Near You

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Registration Fees

  • Standard – First workshop is $15 with a $20 registration fee, total due $35
  • Monthly Pass – Applicable registration fee plus monthly fee of $49.95
  • 12-Week Plan – No registration fee, total due $132.00
  1. Refunds can be requested and will be granted in full before you attend your first workshop by calling 207-828-4403 ex 405. There is a $10.00 service fee on all refunds.
  2. Once you have attended your first workshop there are no refunds except for the following reasons:
    • Member achieves Lifetime Membership.
    • Member submits a letter from physician that member cannot safely lose weight because of a medical condition. It must specifically state the reason for withdrawing from WW because it is medically inadvisable for (member’s name) to participate in a weight loss program at this time.
    • Member moves out of state.
    • Refund will be calculated on a pro-rated fee and may include a service fee.

►Promotional offers are only for traditional group service workshops in Maine►︎Does not include OnlinePlus (WW suite of online tools and mobile apps)►︎Not valid for payment in Workshops At Work.►︎It cannot be combined with other offers.►︎There are no refunds

We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DiscoverCard, and personal checks. Prices valid in Maine only. Last Update 01/09/2019.

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