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Practitioner Directory

If you’re looking for a practitioner to work with, below you will find lists of people who have successfully completed the level I or both level I & II (trained by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.) International School of Detoxification courses for the detoxification specialist certification.

Even though practitioners are listed by location, the majority work via Skype so it is not vital that you find one local to you or even in your country.

Level 1 certification signifies that the practitioner has met and understands the minimum requirements for completion of training certification by Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club (DMHHC).

They are comfortable with the basics of the methodology used by DMHHC and are furthermore equipped with a foundational knowledge of health to readily serve people with mild to moderate health issues.

Level 2 certification signifies that the practitioner has more in-depth knowledge of applying the tools used by DMHHC, and are better equipped to structure advanced protocols and health programs for people with severe health issues.

NOTE: Not all practitioners on this page offer the same services and may have adapted and/or combined their training with other services to best serve their own customer base. You must inquire with each practitioner to ensure they are a good match for you and can meet your personal needs.

For more information regarding the certification courses, click here.

If you’re an active I.S.O.D. trained practitioner or health consultant and would like to be added to this list:

See below for examples of how your information will be presented.

Geographical locations will be added as needed.

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