PET, TAO Holistic Pet Products

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We practice Eastern Food Therapy, one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

We can help you adopt food therapy and strive for energetic balance in your pet.

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Help Your Pet With Food Therapy

Who We Are

PET | TAO (pronounced “pet-DOW“) is a small, 100% veterinarian-owned and operated pet food company. Each product is made in the USA. We combine Western nutritional science with Eastern food therapy in food, treats, and supplements. PET | TAO allows you to conveniently pursue energetic harmony for your pets in the comfort of your own home.

What We Can Do For You

It’s pretty simple- we teach you how to feed and take care of your cat or dog for harmony and longevity. Our products are used for pets already in harmony AND pets pursuing a more harmonious (healthy) state. If unfortunately your pet suffers from a chronic disease and YOU need help and guidance, we’ve got you covered. Trusted veterinary experts formulated and developed PET | TAO and know the benefits of diet, treats, supplements, and herbs when your pet hurts.

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