Pet Food Reviews (Australia)

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Dog & Cat food reviews in Australia

What’s really in your pet food?

Find out by reading our reviews….

What do I feed my pet?

To help you get started here’s a shortlist of our best-rated dry dog foods and best-rated dry cat foods. If you have a puppy then read up on choosing a decent puppy diet.

If you’re wondering if raw feeding or supplemental feeding is better (which in most cases it is), then the website How to Feed a Dog is an excellent and insightful read (like, literally, 10 mins reading).

About the reviews (scroll down for a full list)

Pet food labels are cunning. Premium is just a buzz word. “Chicken flavour” doesn’t meant the food has any more than a trace of chicken in it. Even “with chicken” could mean a mere 5% chicken in a bag of mostly wheat. Take a look at the pet foods in your supermarket and you’ll start to realise the truth – we feed our pets junk food.

Remember Advance Dermocare? That was mostly corn… for a very “premium” price. Many “premium” products are no different.

The reviews are designed to give you an inkling of the real truth. They tell you what the ingredients and guaranteed analysis really say, not what the manufacturers dupe you into believing (succulent chicken breast

What the reviews can’t do is tell you how good specific ingredients are. For example the quality of “chicken meal” can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even something like “sweet potato” could be anything from the whole thing to just the skins. It’s always worth reading the comments section to see what other people have said about each product.

We are completely independent and the reviews are unbiased .

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