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Personal Training

A Tighter U offers award-winning personal training developed by Steve Zim that not only transforms celebrities to that red carpet readiness state; now people in Culver City and all over Los Angeles can train with Steve and his staff to get that Hollywood body that turns heads. Voted the best gym in Los Angeles by multiple publications and featured on ‘The Today Show’, A Tighter U is a place for people of all fitness levels to come train with the best and meet their goals.

Why is Personal Training Better than Just a Gym Membership?

Everyday people all over Los Angeles are discovering the benefits of personal training over a gym membership. A personal trainer focuses on your primary fitness goals, health needs, and functions as your wingman from start to finish. Some of the main benefits that people of all ages, genders, and physical abilities gain from having a personal trainer include:

  • A certified expert to help you avoid injury while working out
  • Doing the exercises correctly to get maximum results
  • An education; you learn new exercises you can do
  • Someone who can give you workout and nutrition advice based on your unique needs
  • Someone to support you and cheer you on when it gets hard
  • A professional to hold you accountable for completing the steps to meet your goals
  • Having a routine schedule to help you stay committed and on track

The human body is a complex machine, and in order for one’s unique body composition to take their ideal form and offer them a healthy fitness level, it takes highly trained professionals who understand your body’s language, and who can help you learn the right techniques to the right exercises.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Today!

It is never too late to get fit, and now is the right time for people of all ages and fitness levels to reach their goals. Where you workout matters. Our gym was designed specifically for personal training. In fact, it is where Steve Zim has trained some of Hollywood’s A-List names, as well as people just like you. Our laid-back atmosphere of friendly, easy-going clients creates an environment where there is no judgment and just friendly mutual respect–an ideal place to workout and set your goals for losing weight or adding muscle. Our equipment is expansive. Ask our personal trainers about this Jacob’s Ladder and how we incorporate it into a wide range of training exercises. Come discover the method of training that made Steve Zim Hollywood’s trainer, and how our program can help you get better, faster results.

Find Your Personal Trainer

Simply put, we have the best personal trainers in Culver City. Our diverse staff of male and female trainers bring years of knowledge, education, and a genuine passion to help people look and feel better. Our trainers are motivated by your drive and dedication, and, honestly, our clients blow us away with their commitment to themselves. When you work with one of our attentive fitness experts you will learn proper form to make the most of your workout, as well as how to custom-tweak some pretty standard exercises that engage more muscles for better and faster results. Our trainers also offer nutrition counseling, and we can coordinate an amazing diet along with your fitness routine to maximize a fitter you while teaching new, healthier eating habits. Improve your overall health and fitness by utilizing our Tighter U trainers, and watch your amazing transformation unfold!

Build Your Body with Personal Training

We Train Weight Lifting, All Levels

Personal Training for Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a great way to build muscle and lose fat. Both men and women do it to look and feel better, and it is even a competitive sport. Weightlifting is a term that gets tossed around a lot and often people get the definition wrong. Basically, weightlifting involves lifting dumbbells or barbells with the goal to build their muscle mass, while adjusting reps and weight limits over time in order to achieve progress. A personal trainer is a great addition to any weightlifting routine because they are trained to help you progress, and lift safely. Weightlifting is generally looked at in these three modes:

  • Bodybuilding – Someone who lifts weight with the goal to increase their muscle mass, define each muscle group, and void their body of fat to better develop muscle definition.
  • The Sport of Weightlifting – As part of the Olympic Games, the sport of weightlifting consists of two lifts: the Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch. Here, the goal is to lift more weight than your competitors who belong in the same weight class.
  • Strength Training – Lifting weights is a big part of strength training, a process that helps you build muscle, lose fat, increase flexibility, and build your core. Strength training on its own can involve non-weightlifting components like using your own bodyweight for resistance. However, many personal trainers like to incorporate various degrees of weightlifting into strength training programs.

Is Weightlifting Safe?

When done under the guidance of a personal trainer, weightlifting is very safe. According to the American Medical Association, 8% of spinal injuries come from competitive or intensified weightlifting, and considering the tremendous amounts of weight these people lift, this number is very low. Ever since it came into existence more than 20 years ago, A Tighter U gym has never had a client or staff injury from weightlifting. Our personal trainers are experts; they can show you how to lift safely to prevent injury, and how to lift correctly to maximize results.

Personal Training in Culver City

If you want to find personal training in Culver City near you, there are many options and we like to think A Tighter U is the best choice for most people. There are many reasons why our personal training program is better than any other offered in Culver City or the rest of Los Angeles. These reasons include:

  • Lower membership allowing personal trainers to dedicate more time on clients
  • Proven methods from Steve Zim’s nationally celebrated program
  • The option for single or group training to meet any budget
  • Caring, skilled trainers with a genuine passion to help you succeed

Our personal trainers are not like the ones at your big corporate box brand gym, you know, the guys who get paid commission for signing people up. Our trainers do not get paid any commission because their job is to train those who need and want it, and their passion is not motivated by dollar signs but instead client smiles and success stories. Our personal training in Culver City is known throughout LA, and we have people travel to us from as far away as Malibu and Burbank. Come experience A Tighter U personal training, and see your timeline for reaching that Hollywood body you have dreamed of.

Work With Personal Trainer Steve Zim

Want the best personal trainer in Los Angeles? Look no further because Steve Zim, famous Hollywood Trainer from ‘The Today Show’, can train you one-on-one at A Tighter U gym in Culver City, or he can come train you at your home. Steve is dedicated to working with all clients who are serious about getting results, and with his support and research-backed program, you will get the fastest results. Whether you are an A-list celebrity who needs to get a defined body for an upcoming movie role, or you are someone who just wants a Hollywood body, Steve Zim is the master body shaper you want holding the reigns to your fitness. When you work with Steve you will experience a program he perfected by taking science and body imagine technology to put together workouts that maximize all your muscle groups. His technique also helps clients of all ages and genders burn more calories, shred more fat, and define greater muscle tone at rates significantly higher than what others are doing in this dynamic industry. Call A Tighter U gym today, and ask about Steve Zim’s availability to be your personal trainer!

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