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Dr. Marty Pets Dog Food

I am hopelessly new to this type of feeding. I do Old English Sheepdog breed rescue and own several OES. I decided to try Dr. Marty’s freeze dried raw food and received a ONE POUND bag. The instructions based on my dog’s weight require a little over two cups a day. Given the cost (about $50/bag) there is absolutely no way we can afford to feed all of our dogs and foster dogs this diet without going bankrupt. The dog I am testing with this food absolutely loves it and she is the pickiest eater on earth. Can you suggest a freeze dried raw dog food that is excellent quality yet affordable for feeding large breed dogs? Thanks in advance (I am trying to learn as fast as I can)

You will be incredibly hard pressed to find a cost effective freeze dry food tbh. It’s the most expensive way to feed. Under that is commercial frozen raw then under that homemade raw. If you want any type to be cost effective buying in bulk and making it yourself will be the cheapest. But still very expensive with many large dogs.

There are no affordable freeze dried raw foods for large breed dogs. The freeze drying process is just too expensive.

I had no success with my two small dogs eating Dr. Marty’s freeze dried raw dog food. They simply sniff and walk away from it. Both are diabetic, so they MUST eat. I make their food myself — a real chore — and was hoping the Dr. Marty food would be good for the dogs and a time-saver for me. Dr. Marty supposedly has a money-back guarantee, but I have been waiting two days after each of two attempts to get a return authorization number from Dr. Marty to send the food back and get my refund. Anyone else have this problem? I’ll update if this situation changes.

I also bought Dr Marty’s food that is supposed to help with allergies and health problems. Even as expensive as it is, for my pet I am willing to try. Unfortunately after my dog walking away from the food and not even trying, I was very disappointed Thinking that my dog is spoiled I tossed the food after a few hours and tried again the next morning, again mixing with her old food. She picked out the old food and possibly ate a small amount of the new, She finally ate some of it and promptly got sick at her stomach. I purchased 3 bags and am waiting on a return authorization to return the remaining 2 bags.

Hi, Ron. Good luck on getting your return authorization. I waited the “48 hours” twice with no results. I finally called on a Saturday morning and spoke with a lady named Starr. She looked at my history and nothing had been noted regarding my requests for a return authorization. She told me to just write a note telling why I was returning the food, my name, order number, address, and to use my order number, hyphen, and the dollar amount I paid as my return authorization, like this: 123456789-125.85 Put the note inside the box with all the remaining food. Send it to: Dr. Marty Pet Foods, c/o Golden Bolt Fulfillment, 9371 Canoga Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311. GET A TRACKING NUMBER. As I write this, it’s been only a week since I sent the dog food back, so I don’t yet have my refund showing up on my credit card. If I don’t receive it in a month, I’m going to go through my credit card to obtain the refund, and report Dr. Marty to the Better Business Bureau, both the local and national. I’ll also report it on this forum. Good luck to both of us. I’m signed up to be notified of follow-up replies via email, and I hope you are, too.

I agree Zen – Dr. Marty’s Premium Freeze Dried Raw dog food is WAY too expensive for a tiny 16 oz. bag, ridiculous price. If you want to try a less expensive (still not cheap) but very high quality raw dog food – I pay $64.99 for a large 30 oz. bag of Bixbi Freeze Dried “RAWBBLE”. You mix with a little water to rehydrate and serve, although it can be fed dry as well. Bixbi “Rawbble” is highly rated on this site’s food “Reviews”. Has high quality raw meat ingredients including organ meat. My 20 lb Maltese mix does very well on it. I notice she never has bad breath and it doesn’t give her gas. She’s calm, healthy, a happy, well-behaved soon-to-turn 7 year old. Another great find is Earth Animal “No Hide Chicken Stix” chew sticks (they also have beef & other flavors). They’re totally digestible, contain no rawhide, no bleach or chemicals, are coated with a savory olive oil/organic egg mixture my dog goes crazy for – amazing quality, so much healthier than rawhide.

There is a thread on “No Hide Stix”. Go take a look. There are some findings on where they are really contain no rawhide.

To Ron and others who may be interested:
In my prior postings, I expressed concern regarding whether or not the Dr. Marty Dogfood Company would honor their 90-day refund policy. Although it was difficult to obtain a return authorization number, once that was accomplished, the refund came quickly. I sent my food back on March 6th; the tracking confirmed they received the food on March 9th, and the refund occurred on March 12th.
Meanwhile, I found another dog food my pups seem to really enjoy: Wellness Core Tender Bites Gently Air-Dried Meal or Mixer (from Chewy.com). It has 70% raw protein ingredients and is grain free (no grain, corn, soy, wheat gluten, animal meals , artificial preservatives, colors or flavors). The other ingredients consist of many vegetables and fruits, along with vitamins and minerals. It comes in 2 flavors: Original Turkey and Chicken (which I bought), and an Ocean Flavor. My older dogs (age 11+) are enjoying the softer, rubbery morsels and I appreciate that it doesn’t require mixing with water or any other ambitious preparation. I have only found it in 2lb bags, and the cost is just under $29/bag. Even though my dogs are small, I realize I’m going to probably use about a bag a week, unless I start mixing it with other food. So far, after four days, my pups seem to be digesting it nicely with no changes in their stool. It is made in the USA. My only concern is the rather high fat content: not less than 21%. My other dry foods are in the 13% to 15% fat range. It remains to be seen if there will be weight increases feeding the amount the instructions indicate. Will report any long-term problems.

I am also new and I opened a new bag and followed the instructions for rehydrating the dog food and all I go was a watery mess. Even waiting 30 minutes and it like saw dust on water. Am I doing something wrong. I put the watery mess bowl and my dog turn away from it. I called the 800 number and they said Dr Marty is a new client and had very little information other than return policy.

Edward O — Sawdust in water is a good description of the Dr. Marty product, even after a long soaking time. Read my post above yours on how to return the product (even the uneaten portion of the bag you opened), as the customer service at Dr. Marty’s was not at all helpful. I recommend you try the Wellness Core Tender Bites Gently Air Dried Meal or Mixer (Chewy.com). There’s no re-hydrating, it’s half the price of the Dr. Marty product, and my pups love it! I have been feeding it for nearly 3 weeks, now, and my 11-year-old pups have not had any digestive or elimination problems. Possibility of weight gain, though, so still playing with amounts to feed.

This dog food is much too expensive even for a small dog. My Lilly was still hungry after giving her the recommended amount. I called Customer Service today to return and they did seem agreeable to accept a return. I was told they would offer a 40% credit if I were to keep the product. They also mentioned they wouldn’t give me a return authorization but that I would need to pay for returned shipping. I’m considering the 40% discount which would actually bring the price in line with other raw dog foods.

Karen — Please see my March 12th posting above for instructions on how to return your Dr. Marty dog food. Their 40% off must be a new policy, as I was never offered that even after three phone calls to them requesting a return authorization. I did get all my money back, except for my return postage. Even at 40% off, it’s still more cost effective to return the food — I hope you didn’t accept their offer. I’m actually surprised your dog ate the stuff…. There are better foods out there.

I am completing my 5th bag of the freeze dried raw food and my 2 year labradoodle seems to love this food. I feed 1 cup twice daily and I use 1/2 cup of warm water to rehydrate for 3 minutes, then I mash the kernels to a consistency that he seems to enjoy. It has never appeared to be “sawdust” like but it is different in appearance from kibble and wet foods. I am not sure I will be able to afford to keep y pet friend on this food, but the cost is the only reason I have now to change. Does anyone found a raw freeze dried quality food that is priced more modestly than Dr Marty’s?

Yes, John. Please see my March 13th post above for an alternative recommendation.

Hi everyone! My name is Kat and I work at Dr. Marty Pets. I would like to thank you all for leaving such valuable feedback about your experiences with our product, “Nature’s Blend”. I would like to touch on some of the points you all made to clear up any confusion and assist you with any outstanding issues.

First, I would like to thank you all for giving “Nature’s Blend” a try! We truly appreciate you all trusting us with nourishing your furry friends! As you can see from our ingredients list, “Nature’s Blend” is made up of nothing but the highest quality of ingredients like ranch-raised beef, wild game, and carefully sourced fruits and vegetables. There are never any cereals, grains, or fillers. The cost of “Nature’s Blend” reflects the impeccable ingredients that make up the food. Secondly, we do wholeheartedly stand by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you or your pup is even slightly unsatisfied with our product, we can issue you a refund right away. If any of you have not received your refund yet, or are experiencing any issues at all, just e-mail me at my direct e-mail, [email protected] , and I can look into it right away. In addition, if you find that the food comes out too watery, I would suggest putting in just a little less water the next time around. This will help the texture if it was too watery at first!

I would also like to note that Dr. Gundry is not voicing the informational presentation. Dr. Gundry is in no way affiliated with Dr. Marty Pets. I hope this clears up any confusion.

If any of you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] . Again, thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. I look forward to assisting you all with anything you might need! Take care!

Hello, I am a new member and found all your comments about Dr. Marty freeze dried dog food very helpful so Thank You! I have 2 Rottweiler’s that are rescues that I love very much, one has skin problems and see’s a dermatologist without any real positive results and the other one has been diagnosed with B-type lymphoma and is currently going through chemo with little side effects. After watching Dr. Marty’s video I was tempted to try the food for both my dogs, but at 130 lbs each the food would have cost me approx. $1600/mo or more, which is not doable :-(. I may try the Wellness Core Tender Bites and will write again to let you know how it goes. Again, many Thank you’s for taking the time to write and help others!

Hello, Joanne! I appreciate your kindness. I’m sorry you and your pooch are having to endure chemo, but am happy it’s available, aren’t you? Your pup has a wonderful Mommy for going to the time and expense of extending his (her?) life and/or making him more comfortable. Regarding your other pooch with the skin problems, up until a couple years ago, one of my pups had almost no hair in the summertime due to itchiness and rubbing due to allergies. He would get a few months relief in the winter, but the rest of the time he was on heavy antihistamines to get by. Then our vet put him on what was a new drug then: Apoquel. His hair grew back and he has absolutely NO itching year-round. He only has to take the med from April through about Thanksgiving here in Texas. You might want to ask your vet about this drug and if it might be appropriate for your pup. Our female had similar hair loss problems after she was put on estrogen to help her with slight incontinence. No itching, but terrible hair loss. After taking her off the estrogen, her hair came back. Is your dog taking estrogen? Hope Apoquel is the answer to your problem, and best of luck with the lymphoma. The Wellness Core Tender Bites are small bags and may still not be your answer for two 130 pound pups, as it is about $28/2lb bag. Perhaps you won’t need the Tender Bites if Apoquel helps with the skin problem. WOOF!

I’m new to raw diet and decided to go with the easier to manage freeze dried version of raw dog food. I’ve been feeding Dr. Marty’s Nature’s Blend now for close to two months. Yes, it’s expensive. I have two miniature schnuazers and made the change to this dog food cautiously. I don’t like changing thier diet but both are 13 years old, one with skin issues and the other with lots of lumps. I hope this new food will be healthier for them and not too high in fat content since that can be an issue for Schnauzers. So far, so good. They both really like the food and I’ve had no problem with hydrating so that it’s not watery. I do feed my one dog a bit more than what the guidelines suggest but the other dog is ok with the generic recommended quantity. The one dog with skin issues has been issue free now for about a month. First time in about 4 years. I’ve just taken her off of her daily medicine to see if she does ok or not. If not, I will put her back on it. So far, I have positive things to say.

I have two 11 years old miniature schnauzers. I tried Stella and Chewy’s raw patties and Primal freeze and dries raw last year. One of my schnauzers end up having pancreatitis. As you probably already know that Schnauzers are prone for pancreatitis. I then realized raw diet usually have high fat content. Do Dr Marty’s have lower fat content?

One of them also have a few “schnauzer bumps”. I switched them to low fat kibbles as base and add fresh vegetables, cooked or wet food, and salmon oil. I noticed her hair is becoming more silky like. Her hair used to be thicker and wiry.

Hi. Thank you for your response. The high fat content is a concern that I have but then, I’ve been told that if the fat content is from Omega 3, that is the healthy fat. My first Schnauzer had Pancreatitis and I hope to never have that happen again. I’m going to check with my vets tomorrow and see what they say. The skin issues that one has been having, I thought were Schnauzer bumps, but it ended up being more like an allergy. Anyway, that has greatly improved and she has more hair now.

I looked earlier today at Stella and Chewy’s raw diet as well as Primal freeze and both are higher in fat than some of the other raw diets. Dr. Marty’s Natural Blend has 39% protein 23% fat, 2.5% fiber, 4% moisture. So, that adds up to 68.5%. No idea why it doesn’t add up to 100%. I don’t really understand how that is all figured out.

This whole thing does make me nervous. I’ve had them on Natural Balance kibble forever and I was ok with it but I got to thinking that maybe the food was causing some of the skin issues.

I know that Schnauzers have their digestive health issues so I will do some more follow up on this. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Yes, I understand about pancreatitis — my female has it, and we know all about watching the fat intake. The Wellness Core Tender Bites that I have been feeding my pups for about 5 weeks has 21% crude fat, versus the 6% or so in the canned foods (also Wellness Core) I was feeding. But — I’m happy to report — absolutely no problems so far. And I have not had to throw any of the Tender Bites away, whereas I tossed TONS of the canned foods away, uneaten. I was making a lot of my own dog food from chicken breasts (baked), carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. The pups ate this, but not with gusto. I also give them two Nutri-Vet senior vitamin tabs a day. But, so far, they’ve been doing really well on the Tender Bites (but I still offer the canned), which are 70% raw, gently dried.

I should mention that my male pup is sensitive to wheat — it was a long process to determine this, as it was by trial and error. When I avoid wheat in both food and treats, he does really well. I took him to a dermatologist several years ago (he’s 11), but they didn’t test for food allergies. Why. So I had to do my own food testing. Many dog food products are “grain free” in the last many years, so it’s relatively easy to avoid wheat. Treats are the worse offenders. You might want to try staying away from wheat for awhile to see if this is a problem for your Schnauzers. My male is the one on Apoquel for various other allergies — Apoquel was a LIFE CHANGER!

My pups are mixed breed, but predominately Jack Russell terriers. They are litter-mates, but soooooooo different health-wise. The female has pancreatitis, but no other health issues. The male has diabetes, cataracts (he had surgery for this), and lots of allergies. We have only ever fed them premium foods recommended by DogFoodAdvisor, with the exception of Dr. Marty’s, which I bought from the infomercial.

Stay in touch, Nancy. Best of luck with your food search.

My senior schnauzers are on Annemaet grain free lean low fat kibbles for about 8 months now. I am thinking about rotate them with Wellness Core reduced fat. Annemaet is good, but it has a very strong smell of green tea/herbs? I have to use wet food to cover up some of the smell. I also use Freshpet, can sardines in water, can from Costco, and other fresh meat on our menu as topper for them, and add some warm water to the mix to create a grave like meal.

Do you give yours digestive enzyme or probiotics?

There are so much information out there. I got overwhelmed sometimes. Let me know what you find out.

My bride has been researching freeze-dried, specifically Dr. Marty. I was concerned about the hype, which lead me to this forum. It seems to me, all the manufacturers/suppliers are more concerned with Marketing than Customer support. If they’re so sure their product will be the “answer” to doggie health and satisfaction, Why not offer a reasonably priced Sample Size (rather than a “great deal” on quantity purchase). That Sample would offer the opportunity to see if pooch “likes” the product, eliminating the whole “100% Satisfaction” return hassle… Jus Saying

Hi Stan, That’s a good question and I think, a good suggestion. Tell me, with the research being done on Dr. Marty’s freeze dried food, other than the price, have you come up with any concerns about the food itself?

Thank you or your information. I will check on the food that you mention. I think the can albacore tuna and canned sardines is a good idea. In answer to your question, I have not added in any digestive enzymes or probiotics at this time but I am likely to do so in the near future. I’ve been reading about them and I have an idea of the ones that I want to use but I’m not quite ready to make that move just yet.

My dogs seem to be doing well so far with Dr. Marty’s food in that they have lots of energy, shiny hair, and look forward to their meal time. But, then they always have had lots of energy, well, because they are schnauzers. They have also always liked their food, even when I was feeding them kibble. Never a crumb left in site. The one thing that is different is that Kimmie Schnauzer does not have any skin issues going on at this time which is the first time in years for this. Time will tell if this continues or not. That’s what makes me nervous about all of this. We have no real way of knowing if there is a problem brewing until it shows up, but that’s the way it always is.

I keep reading and learning what I can. Some things seem to make a lot of sense but then I see some other things that I would not try, just because it involves adding in things like processed people food (cheese). If I do anything other than freeze dried raw diet, it will probably be either totally raw or raw cooked. Freeze dried is most convenient and would be easier for the few occasions when I have to kennel my dogs.

I do think Dr. Marty’s website could be better. I made a couple of suggestions but have not gone there recently to see if there have been any changes made.
Thanks again.

I agree with the comment sawdust on water. I think the instructions are VERY wrong. I have small pugs, and I was going to have to get giant bowl just so I could put all that water PER kibble in there! I googled it and found the exact same instructions for a different freeze dried food, and their chunks were HUGE, so the amount of water it says to include is bogus. And, you definitely have to go with warm or hot water. I microwave about 1/2 cup of water in each bowl for 20 seconds, pour in about 1/2 cup of kibble with it…then spend 5-10 minutes breaking up the kibble into a nice porridge consistency. By then the water is cool. My two pugs LOVE it. They are 12, and the one I have a hard time getting to eat. He doesn’t have much of a sense of smell. The price is just too much. I’ll look at Chewy’s website like someone else recommended. Right now, I’ve been putting in some of their regular kibble w the porridge mixture just to extend the bag. They have no digestive issues, the jury is still out as to whether I’ll see the proclaimed benefits in their health.

Hi, Everyone. I have been participating in this forum about Dr. Marty’s pet food for a couple months. Today, I took my pup in for his annual physical and was surprised to learn that my dog’s liver numbers (ALP and ALT) were very high. These same numbers were normal when he had his blood chemistry done in December for a suspected urinary tract infection, which was successfully treated. I need to mention that my pup is diabetic.

I had tried the Dr. Marty’s and had returned it, as neither of my dogs would eat it. I did find a dehydrated raw product that my dogs LOVED, called Wellness Core Tender Bites and had recommended it in this forum. I fed this to my diabetic pup for a little more than two months. Come to find out, diabetic dogs apparently don’t do well on a raw diet. They are already “immuno-compromised,” being diabetic. A raw diet can encourage infections in compromised dogs, which is what we think we’re dealing with, now. This is not anything against the Wellness Core Tender Bites or raw diets, but I just wanted to make sure that folks check with their vet before they get adventurous with diet changes. I have learned my lesson…..

I was doing an internet search for an alternative to Dr. Marty’s Dog Food for my 15 pound Yorkie Vinny. Boy, am I glad I found you!
I bought 12 bags of this stuff a few months ago and you are right—mostly sawdust! And to make matters worse—Vinny won’t eat it wet!—only dry! He does like the bits in the bag! He was on a human food only diet so I was very happy that he ate this dog food! But he won’t eat the sawdust, so I am stuck with about 8 bags of inedible dry food dust!
I am concerned about this food, not only because it is outrageously expensive but Vinny has recently broken out with seborrheic dermatitis. Since this food has so many different ingredients, I don’t know if he is allergic to the beef or another food ingredient in it since he has never had this skin problem before! So it’s more money for a vet visit to figure out why he suddenly has this rash and if it is because of this food !
Also, since purchasing the product, Vinny’s vet was very interested in the nutritional/vitamin information, so I brought a bag to her office. This info. is not listed anywhere on the package…feel free to check! So since February 12, 2018… I chatted online numerous times to reps who have no idea what they are talking about and with the excuses of: we have forwarded your questions to our research dept. and it will take 2-4 weeks for an answer; I don’t have that information available…I just take customer orders for the food….end chat on their end …is always what happens. I have called many times… oh, my computer just went down…let me put you on hold…disconnect…constant ringing when I call back; oh, we have been experiencing power outages, hold on…disconnect…constant ringing when I call back; you can call this 1-800 number (which was the number I called and got this rep.!) ..disconnect…constant ringing when I call back…; you can go to Dr. Marty’s website at http://www.drmarty.com…go to contact us…and his vet practice will personally answer your question….I did this and got a “undeliverable address message in my email! Now when I try to chat online during their CA business hours…I get a pop up message that they were not available…I think they blocked me! So I can not get in touch with Dr. Marty Pets Food at all to try to return the bags and get a refund!
I will definitely try to find other dog foods that you have recommended but I hope that they have smaller bags for a 15 pound Yorkie, especially if I try it and he doesn’t like it! I will continue to read everyone’s comments and advice! Thanks!

Terry —
Please see my March 12th forum entry for instructions on how I finally managed to return my Dr. Marty food and get a refund. It worked for me!
Franky M.

Mention to my vet what Dr Marty’s raw food was about and her question was how do they guard against salmonella poisoning if they are using raw meat? I ordered several bags but there is a backlog and I haven’t received yet. I’m concerned whether if it’s a possible threat to get salmonella poisoning.

Lee, falling back on 8th grade science class, and remembering that for centuries drying meat was how it was preserved, I’m guessing the “freeze-dry” process accomplishes the ridding of any bacteria. However, my vet had me stop feeding another brand of freeze-dried raw kibble (Wellness Core Tender Bites) to my diabetic dog, saying that immuno-compromised pets shouldn’t take the chance with raw products.
If you read the prior entries in this forum, you will learn that returning the Dr. Marty product and dealing with their customer service is really tough. Buyer beware…. My pups wouldn’t eat Dr. Marty’s, which is difficult to prepare properly and doesn’t hydrate easily. The Wellness Core Tender Bites are less expensive, don’t need hydration, and available in about 2 days (free shipping) from Chewy.com. My dogs loved it, but I had to give it up because of the diabetes issue.

Dr. Marty sounds like a good product, though expensive. I have been feeding my standards poodles raw for some years now with great results–great coats, good teeth, very little poop. It is WAY cheaper & very easy.

Hi everyone, my name is Kat and I work over at Dr. Marty Pets! I just wanted to quickly touch base on some of the reviews that have been left regarding your experiences with our product, Nature’s Blend.

First… Nature’s Blend, Dr. Marty’s Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Food, is priced this way to reflect the incredibly high quality ingredients that make up the product. It is a nutrition-packed formula designed to give your dog a healthier, happier life. While a majority of our customers have seen huge improvement in their dog’s happiness and health, we do understand that not all dogs may react this way… Which is why we wholeheartedly standby our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you find that your dog is not enjoying Nature’s Blend as much as you had expected, then you can just e-mail me directly at, [email protected] , and I can assist you with the refund process! We are very accommodating and just want to make sure that you and your pet are having the best experience possible while trying Nature’s Blend! In addition to e-mailing my direct e-mail, you can also call our amazing Customer Service team at (800)-670-1839. We are able to assist with answering any questions you might have about Nature’s Blend! Our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we will do everything we can to make sure that we achieve that.

I’m so glad to hear that some of your pups are really enjoying the taste of Nature’s Blend! If you find that the mixture becomes a little too watery, just use a little less water next time and you should be good to go! All of our ingredients are tested for quality and purity so you can rest assured that your dog is getting the absolute very best food possible.

As always, we encourage our customers to consult their veterinarian first prior to feeding their pup Nature’s Blend to ensure that it is right for them. As I mentioned earlier, while a majority of our customers have let us know that their dogs are loving Nature’s Blend, we do understand that every dog is different and it may not work the same way for all of them.

I hope this cleared up the questions you all had! Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions at all! Thank you!

Can someone provide the feeding instructions? Essentially how much is fed per day for a dog’s weight? For example how many cups a day for a 40 lb dog? And how many cups is in a 1 lb bag. I find it very disconcerting that there is no information like this on their web site so I can even consider whether I can afford to feed this food.

Thanks in advance.

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You’re far better off just making your own raw food then buying this stuff. If you follow nature’s varietys freeze dried raw foods guidelines for feeding you feed a 40 lbs dog 2.5 cups a day. A 1 lbs bag (60$) would last you less than a week. Most freeze dried foods are not affordable. If you’re looking to stay away from kibble consider researching a properly balanced cooked or raw diet for your dog.

Despite Dr Marty’s guarantee & promise to refund, I have been waiting months for a refund on 2 bags of dog food that I returned. Buyer beware. Despite numerous emails and phone calls I have not even received a acknowledgement.

Today I watched the info-mercial…and some of the things I don’t like are the suggestion that those of us who will not feed this to our pups must not love them as much as those who can afford to buy it. KatJ-your post was ok the first time, but posting the same thing over is akin to trolling. I think it would actually be cheaper if you bought the raw ingredients, chopped them, then fed to your pups. We LOVE our Exeptional Eight, all rescues, but unless we both go back to work to supplement our income, there is NO way we can afford to feed this to our pack. For those of you whose sweeties’ health conditions improved, it is probably cheaper to feed this food than all the vet bills and cost of meds. Not to mention the side effects of the meds and the pain and suffering your fur babies had to endure on other foods.

I looked on Chewy for Wellness Core Tender Bites as you have suggested. If you order on autoship, you get another 5% off. It has good reviews as well. If it is your first time ordering autoship, you can get a whopping 40% off on the first one. I would order 1 bag to see if my pet likes it, then order enough for 16 weeks. You can cancel anytime.

I just ordered Stella& Chuy’s meal mixers on amazon through subscribe and save and received 15% off. The 18 oz bags are $36.99 if you place a one-time order-still expensive, but a lot less than Dr. Marty’s. This has a 4.5 star rating on Dog Food Advisor. No controversial ingredients. I really bought these as treats, not as foods. You can also purchase 8oz bag for $19.99.

This is what I found for those of you who are looking for a more cost-effective alternative, after searching for air-dried grain-free dog food: MeatMax or MaxMeat air dried and grain free. the chicken variety tested on Dogfood Advisor rated it 5 stars. No controversial ingredients. It comes in 2-lbs=23.99, 7.5 lbs=79.99 & 2×7.5lbs=151.99. On your first one-time order you will get 15%off. If you decide you want autoship, you will receive 15% off for as long as you want to keep getting this dog food. You can cancel anytime, or if you find your dog(s) are not eating as much as before, you can pause and resume later. Shipping over $60 is free. Flavors are: Beef, Chicken, Lamb&Cod (out of stock at the moment). You can get the 2×7.5 lbs as a variety pack with any two of the 3 flavors. I will try a one time shipment of the beef and chicken variety pack for 129.99. That is around $8.50/lb. Customers have given it a 4.5 star rating.

Not advertising for anyone, just trying to feed our sweeties as well as possible. We have been feeding them 4Health from TSC, a cost-effective, well rated dog-food. We usually stock up when we get the 10% coupons for being in the Neighbors Club and purchasing discounted gift cards.

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