Omni Drops Review (UPDATE: 2019), 11 Things You Need to Know

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Omni Drops Review – 11 Things You Need to Know

Tana Amen’s Omni Drops are paired with the Omni Diet to help users lose weight “quickly and safely.” The company promises you can lose up to 12 pounds in just two weeks, so we felt the need to look deeper into this bold claim. We immediately found reports saying that weight loss comes from the restrictive diet rather than the drops.

Even though you’re likely to shed pounds with just 500 calories per day, our researchers were concerned that this could be dangerous and short-lived. We looked at every aspect of Omni Drops to see if they have benefits even without this strict diet. In this review, we’ve summarized everything for you.

Omni Drops can be purchased through their Official Site.

What is Omni Drops?

Omni Drops is a health supplement claiming to promote weight-loss. When paired with the Omni Diet, these drops can aid in losing as much as 12 pounds in 2 weeks.

Tana Amen created the Omni Diet in response to her many physical ailments and digestive issues.

The Omni Diet consists of 70% plants and 30% lean proteins and all caloric intake should not exceed 500 calories in one day.

All food on this diet must be organic and hormone free to ensure the elimination of all toxins from the body. All foods must be anti-inflammatory as well.

Omni Diet Drops are made of natural, “homeopathic” ingredients that aid in healthy and natural weight loss by Jeff and Kim Johnson in response to Amen’s Omni Diet.

Omni Drop Ingredients

Though there are no ingredients listed by the manufacturer on the Omni Drops bottle, different websites claim that the following ingredients are included in the drops:

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is known for boosting energy. The assumption is that the boost of energy that comes with Vitamin B-12 will boost your metabolism according to claims by Omni Drops and other weight-loss supplements, but doctors refute this claim.

According to MayoClinic, the only time B-12 will boost energy or metabolism if the individual taking it is vitamin B-12 deficient (in which a major side-effect is lower energy levels than the average individual).

Magnesium is another supplement that is often considered helpful in weight loss. This is both true and untrue.

It is true in the fact that magnesium helps to lose water weight or stool weight, but it does not burn fat, which is the ultimate goal of weight loss.

Magnesium is a way to lose a quick pound or two for a couple hours, but the weight is put back on when water or food is consumed.

Not a lot studies have been done on the correlation between this mineral and weight-loss, but of the recent studies that have been conducted, it seems that individual participants who took phosphate supplements had a lower weight by the end of the study than the participants who were not taking phosphate supplements.

This is the only information on the correlation between phosphate and weight-loss currently, claims Alive By Nature.

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Does Omni Drop Work?

Omni Diet Drops do seem to have results most of the time, but it seems to be largely due to the diet that is required while using the Omni Drops.

The drops are good for flushing out water and stool weight from the magnesium, and the ‘morning-sickness’ like symptoms that come from the HGC.

While these drops do seem to work for shrinking the number of the scale, none of the ingredients burn fat, which is the only way for true, long-term weight loss.

Omni Drop Benefits

The benefits of these drops are hard to measure, as there are no ingredients to see what supplements the user could be benefitting from.

It seems the only measurable benefit from these drops, based on the nutritional information available to the consumer, is the extreme weight loss that comes from the drops.

Although the biggest benefit of the Omni Drops is the extreme weight loss, most doctors and dietitians attribute the extreme weight loss to the strict 500 calorie diet, rather than the drops themselves.

While most people have extreme weight-loss results, most people are not cured of their cravings, like the drops claim to do.

Many users find themselves still hungry and battling cravings, long after the 12 days that the Johnsons claim that they should be over them.

Although users may get weight loss results, it does not seem to result in any long-term diet changes.

Details on Omni Drops and Weight Loss

Across the board, it seems that the weight loss is extreme, or not at all.

There are many “before and after” comparisons of people who are using the drops and sticking to the diet for as long as 90 days. Pictures from these “side by side” results, show people losing 100 pounds in 90 days.

Others who use the drops, without following the diet, seemed to have little to no results with the drops.

This further confirms that most results from the drops come more from the diet that is to be followed while on the drops, than the actual drops themselves.

The weight loss is almost always a temporary loss, as most users put the weight back on once they stop using the drops and following the diet.

This kind of rapid weight loss followed by rapid weight gain is concerning to many health professionals.

Though weight loss is a result, it is not necessarily a benefit, as it does not seem to have a long-term impact on a person’s health or weight.

Omni Drops Product Warnings

There seem to be no warnings from the company on potential hazards or reasons not to use their products. Though they do not provide warnings, there are some warnings that users should be aware of before using the drops and following the diet.

Because of the HCG in the drops, which is a hormone found in the early stages of pregnancy, these drops have been known to cause breast growth in men.

The more severe warnings come from the diet that is associated with the drops.

The low-calorie “starvation” diets put individuals at other health risks.

Other symptoms may include nausea, fever, and dehydration, similar to morning sickness (caused by the HCG hormone).

Are Omni Drops Safe?

These drops are not recommended for men to use safely, as they will offset their natural hormone balance by adding the feminine HCG hormone.

There are no major side effects from the drops for women, besides the possibility of morning-sickness like symptoms that could stem from the HCG hormone.

The diet that comes with it is the most unsafe part of the entire weightless plan. All dietitians agree that any diet that caps out at 500 calories a day is not sustainable for long-term weight loss and puts your body into starvation mode to survive.

Omni Drops Side Effects

The side effects of these drops include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive sweating

Omni Drops Lawsuits

Omnitrition had a lawsuit filed against them. The lawsuit stemmed from the allegations that their company seemed to work more like a pyramid scheme than a business.

The case was eventually dismissed.

What Users Are Saying

“I have been using Omni drops, and its the only diet supplements work for me. It is hard.”

“Tastes like water, works like it, too. Lost 10.6 lbs on it in 21 days. Don’t waste your money.”

The Bottom Line on Omni Drops

So, Omni Drops contain natural ingredients, but what about the eating plan for weight-loss? Well, we like that Omnitrition has been around for nearly 30 years and that we found some positive comments. The lack of research proving you’ll lose weight is a problem. We’re also concerned about the extremely low-calorie diet and advisories from the FDA.

If you’re geared up to lose some weight, we suggest going with a product that doesn’t require you to cut out an unrealistic number of calories; one that’s formulated with clinically proven ingredients, but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

One of the products we like the most is Burn TS. The formula contains four clinically-tested ingredients, that have been shown to promote weight-loss by accelerating metabolism and igniting fat loss. Dieters are seeing excellent results based on the customer reviews we’ve seen, and there’s been no talk about any harmful side effects.

The company behind the formula is so certain you’ll see results with Burn TS that they’re offering a 2-Week Sample.

Choosing the right weight-loss system can be confusing and often times frustrating. Let us help. Let us know a little more about you and your goals.

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