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Nick Clarke pictured with some Bruce Lee connections. Robert Lee and Ahna Capri

Nick Clarke pictured with some Bruce Lee connections. Robert Lee and Ahna Capri

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Tell us about this? 🙂

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Sounds like the trip of a life time! It is very high on my wishlist to have a trip over to Seattle!

Was the unseen footage really good? Was there ever any talk of using it for anything?

Just goes to show there is still plenty of unseen stuff out there, I just hope the right projects come along to make it financially viable for those who have to release.

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As Chris says, can you maybe tell us about the unseen footage you seen in LA with TD?

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From what I remember:

1. Ahna Capri Full Footages

2. Home movies taken by Bruce inside his house at Cumberland Road

3. GAME stuff – Inosanto & Wu Ngan practicing in Lee’s Garden at Cumberland. Bruce was filming it shouting instructions and doing sound effects which was quite funny

4. Long Beach 1964 footages.

There was probably more but I can’t recall at the moment. Bruce Lee clothing, script notes, newspaper clippings – To me it was BL heaven and I was furiously writing down notes at super BL like speed

Jul 25, 2015 #6 2015-07-25T13:27

The following is an excerpt of Robert Lee’s past interview posted by on January 17, 2011. Please ignore it if you have come across it before, just treat it as a recap for those who are interested.

Q1: What do you think of the current crop of Hong Kong/Hollywood action stars such as Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Jet Li? What rare unseen footage do you know exists?

RL: First I like to say that Bruce opened all sorts of avenues for Asian actors. I am happy that finally, people like Chan or Hung are getting their respect that they deserve. They are great performers. All these people have been influenced by Bruce and in fact, most had worked with Bruce. There are still many obstacles for the Asian actors to overcome. As far as missing footage, all I can say is, yes, there is much. Hopefully in time we all will be able to see what Bruce wanted to share with us.

Q2: In regards to Game of Death, does the film have an actual ending? Was the plot subject to change, or was it to be improvised along the way?

RL: I will tell you this about the Game. Bruce did have some sixty pages more or less. It had dialogue, ideas, fights etc. Bruce was the type to always be changing and discovering new ideas. Bruce might have, or not have changed what he had written. As far as I know there was no ending filmed yet, or beginning. There was a story line though. Bruce worked very hard on the Game and it shows. I have to say that there was much going on with The Game Of Death. I am sure there is extra footage here or there. We must not loose sight in what we have already in front of us, it can drive one crazy imagining what else is out there.

Q3: Some Game of Death footage was released in the early 70’s, then disappeared to never been seen again. How did this footage make it to a theatre in Toronto, and why would it never be shown again? Did Bruce shoot any God footage in the 2-3 weeks before his death, and if he did, could his appearance (weight loss) have anything to do with the footage being hidden from the public? Also, did you ever find it difficult to carve your own niche in the world, and did there ever come a time where you just wished people would leave you alone about Bruce and let you get on with your life?

RL: Well, I must say you have been misinformed on the Game footage. I wish I had the time to tell you what I know. Let me just say: 1. No footage was released in Toronto, that has been any different from what has been released anywhere. 2. Bruce’s weight had nothing to do with being covered up. 3. It was hard for me after Bruce died because he was a loved one. I always had my own identity but like all older brothers I looked up to Bruce and followed some of his beliefs.

Q4: Are there any plans to release the Game of Death footage? Also, is there any other behind the scenes footage of Bruce Lee movies as yet unseen?

RL: I do not have the rights to the studio Game Of Death footage. I do have some of my own footage that I will be doing projects with in the future. There is a lot of footage out there yet to be seen.

Q5: Could you possibly tell us your feelings on people that continue to make money on your brother’s name?

RL: It is unfortunate that certain people will go to any length to profit on Bruce’s name. The Lee family (refer to BL’s siblings) has watched this from a far, but we know what is going on. This is why we, we plan on doing our own projects so we can get the real truth out there. There was more to Bruce than what he ate in his diet or how many push-ups he did. To truly know Bruce, you must understand where he came from. There are still many great stories to tell and the Lee family (refer to BL’s siblings) will tell them.

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