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verb (used with object), ne·ces·si·tat·ed, ne·ces·si·tat·ing.


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You could lose control and crash into another car, or another vehicle could crash into you, necessitating expensive repairs.

Above those, however, are the Superfund sites—places that have sustained major, long-term damage, necessitating years of cleanup.

This muster revealed the fact that Emins followers numbered 600 people, necessitating the enlistment of 350 new carriers.

It frequently, however, leaves the stomach in a delicate condition, necessitating the utmost care as regards diet.

The law which drives them to the act is as necessitating as the law which causes the smoke to rise upwards.

The function of these primitive mills is to grind, necessitating a rough contact between the surface of the mano and the metate.

At Winchester, for example, in 1107 the central tower fell, necessitating the building of a new one.

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1620s, from Medieval Latin necessitatus , past participle of necessitare “to render necessary,” from Latin necessitas (see necessity). Earlier verb in English was necessen (late 14c.). Related: Necessitated ; necessitates ; necessitating .

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