MSPI Mama: Quick Start

mspi diet

I am so excited to introduce you to “Quick Start with MSPI Mama”!

  • Every ingredient is completely free of dairy and soy. Yup, that even includes soy oil and lecithin. There are lots of fresh, whole ingredients, and you’ll occasionally see canned ingredients.
  • Noneof the ingredients are “specialty ingredients.” In other words, there’s no rice milk, because that’s not something you see in your average kitchen.
  • And you won’t see anything labeled “MSPI-friendly.” All the ingredients in these recipes are naturally MSPI-friendly and you shouldn’t have any worries about using them. For example, you won’t see Worcestershire sauce listed in one of these recipes, even though it’s pretty easy to find Worcestershire that’s MSPI-friendly.

Basically, I’m trying to make the MSPI diet as easy as possible. The idea is that once you’ve mastered the basics of the MSPI diet and label reading you can move on to my other recipes that have more “complicated” ingredients and start adapting your own recipes.

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