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Kayla Itsines PDF – the BBG Workout

Welcome to my bikini body gu />

About me, my name is Carnaby and I am a mother of three. Juggling my job, and the responsibility of raising kids has taken a toll on my ability to be able to hit the gym. I no longer have the same free time that I once did. Recently, I had a run-in with a girl I went to high school with and her body simply blew mine out of the water. The jealousy I felt seeing how she had been able to maintain her figure ignited a passion inside of me. I decided to see if I could get back into my ideal beach body shape by having a good combination of workout and diet to help.

And that’s why decided to look into the Kayla Itsines guide. The BBG is an advanced workout program that was specifically made with women in mind. There are two versions, a version 1.0 in a version 2.0. The guide has many advanced exercises and techniques that are designed to help women shed fat fat as fast as possible.

The PDF that the guide comes into is highly accessible, and can be utilized on the phone, tablet, or laptop. You get instant access to the workout once you purchase through Kayla’s official bikini body workout website. You’ll be able to get your own bikini body after matter of about 12 weeks, although actual times will vary a lot depending on your intensity, motivation, and discipline as far as the workouts go.

The program also comes with various bundles available for purchase. You can get the bikini body workout 1.0, the bikini guide 2.0, and the HELP nutrition guide. Again, all this can be easily purchased and comes in a PDF format.

The Kayla Itsines workout provides users with plenty of proven exercises, and even comes with a stretching guide for good warm-ups and off days. She also has kidded her guide to help you when you start to feel less motivation. It’s very easy to follow and very easy to stick with.

My experience in reviewing the bikini body guide has been nothing but pleasant. The workouts are not bulky workouts that might have you looking like “one of the guys”. Instead, you get effective ab workouts and let routines that will have you being the envy of every other girl around. And by the way, I first heard about this workout from the girl that I was jealous of. And now we have similar physiques.

And that’s about it. I, like many other people who have found themselves looking into the bikini body guide, and nothing but great things to say about the PDF. I highly suggest you go to the Kayla Itsines blog look into buying the guide for yourself. Thanks for your time.

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