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Joe Rogan Diet and Workout

Joe Rogan is a popular comedian who’s known in part for his work as a mixed martial arts color commentator. He is also host of his own podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience. And, while he may be admired for his intellect and delivery, one thing about Rogan that tends to capture attention is his physique. He’s a buff guy with the muscle mass and tone to prove he knows the world of mixed martial arts and UFC fighting very well. Many find Rogan’s fitness level remarkable in light of the fact that he’s past 50. His affiliation with martial arts goes back at least as far as 1994, when he became interested in jiu-jitsu after seeing Royce Gracie fight. But it’s one thing to be a big fan and quite another to have the power to compete. What does Rogan do to keep himself in such excellent condition? Let’s start with the Joe Rogan Diet.

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Joe Rogan Diet

Rogan’s diet is very strict. He eats only whole, natural foods that have gone through minimal processing. For example, no sugar or bread for him. He eats mostly game meat and vegetables. His extremely low carb, high protein diet gets a boost of nutrition through the many supplements he takes. Some of his daily supplements include multivitamins, probiotics, and vitamins B12 and D. He claims to see his body as a machine that requires maintenance and equates his nutritional habits to tasks such as changing the oil or replacing the spark plugs.

The diet Rogan follows is called The Primal Blueprint. It calls for limited fat intake, egro his preference for game meat. The idea behind the diet is to get the body to live off fats instead of carbs for its energy, keeping the body’s BMI very low. This diet comes from a best selling book of the same name. It was founded by the book’s author, Mark Sisson, and is responsible for advancing the ancestral health movement into mainstream. Rogan reported that his energy levels took a sharp dive during his first 10 days on the diet. The slump was due to the sudden lack of carbs, but in sticking with the program, his energy returned to normal and now he’s enjoying a lean, ripped physique.

Is a primal diet safe? The paleo diet is another nutritional program based on ancestral health, and it’s quite popular. According to the University of California, Davis, the paleo diet has the potential to be healthy but puts dieters at risk for nutritional deficiencies. The top nutrients of concern are vitamin D and calcium, but this is one place The Primal Blueprint stands out from the paleo diet. While the paleo diet doesn’t allow the consumption of dairy, The Primal Blueprint does.

All dairy consumed on The Primal Blueprint diet must be full fat instead of reduced. In fact, when comparing the paleo diet vs The Primal Blueprint diet, the paleo diet is stricter. It only allows dieters to consume grass-fed beef, seafood and fish, fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds, and healthful oils such as olive, coconut, and flaxseed oils. On The Primal Blueprint, dieters are simply restricted from eating grains, sugar, beans and legumes, and industrial oils (6). Apparently Rogan finds the less strict diet to make more sense. One more way The Primal Blueprint stands part from the paleo diet is that it prescribes an approach to exercise.

Joe Rogan Workout

A lean, mean, hilarious machine, Joe Rogan is no stranger to a tough workout. Interestingly, he follows the Pavel Tsatsouline protocol for weightlifting, intentionally never doing reps to failure. Lifting heavy things is one of the mandates of The Primal Blueprint, along with sprinting and moving frequently at a slow pace (3). Rogan focuses on kettlebell workouts for his heavy lifting. His daily routine is composed of overhead squats, chin ups, and dips. He has a pre-workout routine that consists of two sets of kettlebell swings and two sets of kettlebell windmills. Each set consists of 20 reps. As for cardio, there are a lot of videos of Rogan going at a punching bag with his mixed martial arts moves. He works up a sweat while making viewers wonder why he chooses to be a color commentator instead of a fighter.

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