How shark survives

thresher shark diet

How shark survives?

How does a mako shark survives?

A mako shark survives by eating a lot . Read More

What does shark needs to survives?

How do shark survive from the cold?

it survives because of its skin. Read More

Do sharks eat there babies?

No shark mothers do not eat their young. Surprisingly shark babies eat each other in the womb and usually only one survives. Read More

How do goblin sharks survive?

Not much is known about the rare goblin shark. It is a deep sea hunter and survives on a diet of fish, squid, and other animals. Read More

Can a mako shark live in captivity?

So far it has fared the poorest in captivity and haven’t survives long in captivity. So no, they cannot be kept in captivity for long. Read More

What can a shark attack do?

The shark can crush bones in it’s jaws, lacerate skin with it’s multiple rows of sharp teeth, and tear a body apart. If a person survives, blood loss, bone and organ damage, and infection are urgent risks that must be addressed. Read More

How does the great white shark survive on other living things?

The great white shark survives on other living things by eating them. This large, powerful fish often swims up out of the depths and surprises its victim, thus claiming the meal that it needs to live. Read More

How many shark attacks are there in the film Jaws?

I suppose the answer would be seven. There were six shark attacks that resulted in death: the girl at the very beginning, the dog, the little boy (Alex Kintner), the guy in the lagoon who gets his leg bitten off, Ben Gardner, and Quint the shark hunter. The shark attacked Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss’ character) while he was in the cage, but in the movie version he escapes and survives, while in the novel he… Read More

What is a camel’s habitat and how it survives?

in a desert, survives on water Read More

Is survives a verb?

yes, it is because a person who survives is doing something Read More

Who survives Mortal Kombat Armageddon?

Shoa kahn is the only one how survives Read More

How dove survives in the city?

she survives in the city for you care of food and house and water . Read More

A whale vs shark -which usually survives?

This one time when I was swimming of the Southern Coast of Britain I saw this one big shark bite this little whale yea. BUT the whale turned round and hit it in the face and knocked like 3 teeth out and gave it a black eye. As the shark like dropped (obviously you cant drop a shark cuz there like floating but you know) the whale started giving it the whale version of a… Read More

How many syllables are in the word survives?

The word survives has two syllables. (Sur-vives) Read More

When was Love Survives – song – created?

Love Survives – song – was created in 1989. Read More

How does a great white shark survives in its habitat?

Great white sharks don’t like salty water like warm water that’s why you find them in hotter countries such as America and the reason for this is because sharks are cold blooded which means they need to be in a hot habitat. Read More

What age was he when John Adams sa >

Thomas Jefferson survives. Thomas Jefferson survives. Read More

How an alligator survives?

it survives with its brown green color because it some times gets confused with a log. Read More

Is the worker bee the only one who survives the winter?

No. The only bee that survives the winter is the new queen. Read More

What creature that survives by killing and eating other creatures?

A Predator survives by killing and eating other creatures. Read More

Who survives Okonkwo?

If speaking about after his death, his 3 wives survive him. He has as at least 7 sons and 4 daughters who also survive him. The Cat survives wrestling with Okonkwo, but is thrown. Ekwefi survives getting shot at by Okonkwo. Ojiugo survives getting beat up by Okonkwo during the week of peace. Nwoye survives getting choked by Okonkwo, and coverts, changing his name to Isaac. Read More

Who survives at the end of the lord of the flies book?

Mostly everybody survives except piggy and Simon. Read More

How a dragonfly survives in its habitat?

it survives by hiding under leaves when it rains. Also they cover themselves by their huge but beautiful wings! Read More

What species of sharks are there?

Great White Shark, Hammer Head Shark, dusk shark, bull shark, blue shark, dog shark, mako shark, whitetip reef shark, reef shark, blacktip reef shark, bull shark, tiger shark ETC Read More

What rhymes with survives?

Who survives in Pose >

Names of sharks?

Bull Shark, Nurse Shark, Gray Shark, Tiger Shark, Mako Shark, Great White Shark and more. hammer shark, whale shark and the tresher shark Read More

How a anaconda survives?

it survives because it has alot of muscle to squeeze its prey to death and it has alot of body fat to keep itself warm Read More

How best does an owl survives than a bat?

a bat survives best at night an owl can see but a bat has good haering too. Read More

Different types of sharks?

Bull Shark, Tiger Shark, Great White Shark, HammerHead Shark, Basking Shark, Black-Tip Shark, White-Tip Shark, Whale Shark, Zebra Shark, Lemon Shark, Sand Shark, Megalodon Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark, MegaMouth Shark, Angel Shark, Reef Shark, Cow Shark Read More

What are 20 different sharks?

1. Angel Shark 2. Basking Shark 3. Blacktip Reef Shark 4. Blue Shark 5. Bull Shark 6. Dusky Shark 7. Great white Shark 8. Greenland Shark 9. Hammerhead Shark 10. Leopard Shark 11. Lemon Shark 12. Mako Shark 13. Megamouth Shark 14. Nurse Shark 15. Oceanic WhiteTip Shark 16. Porbeagle Shark 17. Sand Tiger 18. Spiny Dogfish Shark 19. Thresher Shark 20. Whale Shark 21. Whitetip Reef Shark 22. wobbegong Shark 23. Zebra Shark Read More

How many different types of sharks are there in the world?

The different types of sharks in the world are the Great White Shark ,Tiger Shark, Whale Shark , Bull Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Goblin Shark, Mako Shark ,Blue Shark, Lemon Shark , Basking Shark Megamouth Shark and the .Prehistoric Sharks Read More

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