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5-Ingredient Ginger Beer Margaritas

Friends, I have been eagerly awaiting the day that I could share this recipe with you.

It is hands down the recipe I am most excited about this month! No, really! Even more than all the desserts (even the cheesecakes) I’ve shared, I am absolutely smitten with this drink! You simply must make it. Promise me this.

This drink is simple – as always – with flavors that were seemingly meant for each other: Ginger beer, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, tequila, and salt for your rim (a must).

When it comes to your tequila, go for something quality. As in, not Jose Cuervo Gold, which I was recently informed is not really tequila (I’ve been lied to all these years and it hurts.) We went with a brand called Altos (no affiliation or partnership, just pure adoration) and we love it.

Just remember, the key to picking a good tequila is: Make sure it’s made with 100% agave. Then you’ll know it’s higher quality and made with the good stuff. This will ultimately affect the quality of your drinks.

This recipe is so easy to make. Just lime your rim with lime juice and salt and then add all of your ingredients with ice to a large glass or cocktail shaker and stir (as to not erupt your ginger beer – lesson learned). Then pour over more ice, garnish with lime, and stir.

What does it taste like? Seriously the best margarita I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of margaritas! (Don’t worry mom, I’m not a drunk – I swear. I just like ritas.)

Perfectly sweet
Tangy from the lime
Crisp from the ginger
&…Really just perfect.

John and I both loved that they showcase the tequila well and don’t overpower it. And they go perfect with any and all Mexican dishes, which is great because we eat some form of tacos at least twice a week. Hello fajitaville and nacho soup.

Simply put: Make these margaritas.

You will love them – I have no doubt. Unless, that is, you don’t like ginger beer. And if that’s the case, GET OFF MY INTERNETZ. (Kidding but not kidding, ok kidding, but really? Who are you?) Cheers!

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