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For decades, the Chinese government has had a foothold on the African continent.

[Laughs] But, yes, I suppose Scientology has more of a foothold there than it does here.

It would allow the old way of doing things to regain a foothold in this young century.

And today, unlike in the 1950s, the hard-right has gained much more of a foothold in corporate America.

But while the Paleo diet has rap >foothold in the public consciousness, it has also been criticized in the media.

I had read many radical books of late, in my groping for a foothold , and I had found most of them dry affairs.

But French political science had already gained a foothold in the country.

I saw the remains of the work which was the only foothold they really possessed.

He seemed clever rather than forcible, and presented a pathetic figure as of one who had gained no foothold on success.

This fact once grasped in its bearings and we get a foothold for estimating Pittsburgh.

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