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General Fee Information

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile and our goal is to make orthodontic treatment more accessible.

This is why we use techniques that allow us to keep our costs as low as possible. We are therefore able to offer orthodontic treatment to our patients at a more affordable rate.

Fees throughout your treatment (1 April)

Pre-treatment cost

Includes first consultation, X-rays, diagnostic photographs, a short video, and treatment planning.

+/- R2 566.10 (orthodontist to quote on records).

Active treatment cost

Active treatment ranges according to the severity of the case.

Labial (normal braces) cases range between R14,355 up to R29,200.

Lingual (inside braces) range from R28,124 up to R47,590.

This account will be rendered as a 20% initial fee followed by monthly payments, for the estimated treatment time, charged on the 20th of each month. These monthly fees are charged irrespective of the frequency of visits or the duration of the treatment.

White (tooth-coloured) brackets will be an additional cost of R3,119 (upper jaw) and R2,083 (lower jaw) payable on the day of fitment.

Additional costs

Any X-rays and diagnostic photographs deemed necessary during treatment.

All breakages are charged at R276.60 (Code 8848).

Missed appointments at R268.40 per 20 minutes (Code 8805).

Infection control x 2 at R22.90 (Code 8109) will be charged at each appointment.

Sterilisation of instruments at R51.20 (Code 8110) will be charged at each appointment.

Post-treatment costs

Charged on date of service.

Includes post-treatment photographs and X-rays, as well as retention appliances (charged per jaw). (Code 8849 and 8847) +/- R3 327.90

For patients requiring replacement of braces due to relapse in retention, a fee will be charged. (Usually code 8861).

For patients whose braces have to be replaced prior to corrective jaw surgery at the end of growth, an additional pre-surgical orthodontic fee will be charged. (Code 8861).

Please note:

Quotes are valid for the current calendar year.

The patient is personally responsible for the account. If the account is not kept up to date, treatment will be suspended.

We recommend that you visit your dentist/hygienist for a scale and polish about 2 days before your braces are placed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the patient’s teeth are checked at six -monthly intervals by the family dentist. This is of utmost importance.

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