EXOS Journey Health – Wellness App for Mobile – Desktop

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Human Performance Technology EXOS Journey

EXOS Journey is a multiplatform experience that goes beyond ordinary wellness programs. By following simple steps, users make their way toward feeling better, performing better, and getting more out of life.

Unhealthy habits can get people off track. Through web, mobile, and in-person experiences, EXOS Journey gu >

For many people, leading a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. That’s why EXOS Journey makes the road to a healthier mind and body as accessible as possible. EXOS Journey is a digital hub for people to navigate online and offline wellness programs, and it complements other wellness programs companies may have in place.

After an initial evaluation, EXOS Journey reveals areas for improvement and provides simple steps toward improving performance.

Online content includes videos, articles, and tools such as a meal builder. Live coaching is also available with on-site classes and webinars. Users track their progress and update their profile as they go. And program administrators can monitor the effectiveness of EXOS Journey using the admin dashboard.

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