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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I really like the “idea” of this product. The shame is that it has unnecessary sweeteners and food coloring. There should at least be a “MIO FREE” line of this product. If I wanted artificial sweeteners and food coloring, I’d drink a soda.

Everything else-concept, packaging, and functionality are PERFECT.

Just another fad to keep the user’s sweeth tooth active. You think Kraft cares that after drinking this crap the user craves a donut, or a cookie, or ice cream? No wonder we keep getting fatter and fatter.

Artificial sweetners are crap sucralose included
Natural sweetners are the way to go

Unfortunately natural sweeteners could not be used in this product due to the bottle being only 48ml, it would take the whole container to sweeten a bottle of water.
The artificial sweeteners used in Mio are in fact 600 times sweeter than sugar, hence the small bottle and 24 servings.

Apparently you know nothing about the bodys carbohydrate-glycogen-fat energy system. Since 1975 north americans have increased their carbohydrate consumption almost exponentially, and SURPRISE, we have an ever increasing number of people with obesity problems and associated health issues. Is it coincidence that we are seeing an increase in diabetes as well? I think not. So called natural sweetness are NOT healthy

people are obese because they choose not to control what they put into their mouth. sweetners are not the issue. seriously. people can BLAME anything they want on obesity but in reality its people not taking responsibity for their actions. yes its hard extremly hard once you get to that point its even hard..but eat healthy..heck even healthyish and exercise and it comes off and proper proportions! not sweetners. im proper weight and i admit I drink way to much diet soda but it doesnt make me crave anything. not even more soda.. i drink lots of water too

and exercise. Nutrition nazis NEVER mention exercise.

I would agree with all of you that natural sweeteners are, on the whole, better than artificials. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are, in my opinion, the two best sweeteners to date and no artificial alternative that I’ve had so far has come close in taste.

However, I have always believed that it is the responsibility of the customer to moderate their consumption of such products. No, I don’t think that Kraft really cares about what sorts of cravings you have after using their product, nor do I believe that it is their job to care. It is, however, their perogative to deliver quality, user-friendly products such as MiO. I, for one, have never had cravings for sweets after drinking a glass of MiO-enhanced water, and I think that were you to give it a try, you would probably enjoy it.

As my mother always said (and still does, for that matter), “Everything in moderation.” Artificial sweeteners are fine as long as you regulate your usage of them. Overconsumption of any sweetener is detrimental to your health, regardless of whether it is natural or artificial. I think that it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to avoid abusing sweeteners, and I feel that we as a society have fallen into the habit of scapegoating major corporations for our own dietary laziness.

I completely agree with this review, and as for someone mentioning this product making the drinker crave a cookie or other sweets afterward. that wouldn’t make sense to me even if I hadn’t drunk this product. I find MiO satiates a sweet foods craving, making it easier to not reach for a donut, rather than as that person suggested.

One nice thing about this stuff is that no matter how much water I’m starting with, if I know the color intensity of the level of flavor I like, I can just squeeze the stuff in until it’s the right shade of the color. I don’t have to keep taste testing.

I have to say, I heard about MiO on the WW boards and I decided to pick it up (I missed out on the free sample, oh well). I absolutely love it! It’s definitely making it easier for me to stomach my water checks.

I do not crave donuts or anything afterwards, I honestly feel like that is an ignorant comment. Because how is something like that true? There is no proof.

Mio is all artificial. Artificial coloring is a cancer causing agent. FD & C colors are made from coal tar. They are on the market because the FDA allows a small amount of cancer in a lot of products. Did they ever think of accumulative. I was toxic from FD&C yellow food coloring. I was in the emergency room 14 times in one month. It took years for me to become toxic. The doctors had no clue. The only reason way it is on the market is because it’s not an allergin. Look it up for yourself.
symptoms: nasal stuffiness, anxiety, hives, welts, itching, and more! Three weeks after I stopped all artificial coloring in my diet all of the symptoms went away. Kids eat tons of this stuff everyday. I wish Kraft would remove artificial coloring from all of their foods. Why do we have so much cancer? Because we eat, drink and inhale toxic chemicals daily.

Because everybody has cancer cells in their bodies. There are hundreds of things in the world other than food products that will cause the cancer cells to grow and become a problem.

Artifical sweeteners are the cause of most cancers these days especially in young women who drink these beverages by the gallon.

Do we need fluorescent colored drinks and snacks? Do we need to eat food that leaves our hands and cups stained? Try picking up a carrot, apple, banana or some nuts.

or you could simply stop telling people what to do. Either/or?

It would Be nice if it did not have the artificial sweetner, for those of us who that type of sweetner triggers migraines, & i mean severe ones too, even when i dont know it is in the product. That is why i was infoing this new product, I am a water only drinker, due to health problems, but would love flavor without the artificial, maybe soon.

I’m sorry to hear that artificials tend to cause you problems, tdavis. Non-natural sweeteners have been known to cause migranes in some consumers, particularly aspartame. I respect and understand your aversion to them, but, unfortunaetly, natural sweeteners do not yet match the sweetness per unit volume of artificials. So, for now, things such as MiO and Crystal Light and other such water enhancers that pack considerable flavor into a small package are likely to continue using artificials. It’s not really fair to those who suffer adverse effects from the artificials, and I really do hope that a more efficient natural sweetening solution is discovered soon. Stevia is the only real solution currently, but, frankly, Stevia is disgusting and I would not expect anyone to be okay with it as the only option.

Even so, I still only occasionally drink beverages containing artificials, and when I do I drink them in relatively small doses. Have you checked a local health foods store for natural drinks that don’t contain any of the artificial stuff? Many of them offer a wide variety of beverages, both sweetened and non-sweetened. If you like mint, I personally recommend Metromint, if you can find it. The ingredients in, say, the lemonmint flavor are the epitome of simplicity: reverse osmosis water, spearmint, and lemon essence.

If you would ever like some other recommendations of natural beverages that I’ve had, feel free to email me at the link listed in the sidebar. Or simply click the “organic” tag in the tag cloud.

Thanks for your input and interest in the blog. I hope that Drinkable Review can help you find a beverage or two to call your own.

Anonymous 3 and 4:

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to see that you are both enjoying MiO.

So it took you years to become toxic, but only three weeks to completely detoxify?That’s. curious. Did the doctors link your health problems back to the colorings, or was this just an observation you made through your personal dietary changes? I’m trying to gather as much data about this stuff as I can right now and it sounds like you may have an interesting contribution.

I don’t know that I would agree with you that sweeteners are the leading cause of most cancers. Research into the coorelation between sweeteners and cancer have been inconclusive at best, and suggest no significant connection between the two. As far as young women who drink the stuff by the gallon, I defer you to my comment above regarding overconsumption.

I think that, in general, my answer to your question would be no. I do prefer natural beverages, but I’m not necessarily opposed to artificiality as long as my intake of such things is monitored and kept to a minimum. I do agree with you, though. Artificial drinks and snacks have become too normalized in our society, and I always do what I can to encourage others (especially those of my seemingly “less concerned” generation) to seek balance in their diet.

research proving that ARTIFICIAL sweeteners cause cancerous tumors are concrete. even the FDA has published concern (and later revised their findings for diabolical reasons) over the toxicity of accumulative artificial sweeteners. you can find the original FDA statement in the cloud with very little effort. sucralose is reportedly 600 times sweeter than table sugar. even in minute doses, your palate is bombarded with sweetness and you develop a taste preference for sweetness over time. you do not have to be a scientist to figure this out. so the doughnut theory from above isn’t too far-fetched a concept to grasp. when last i went shopping with my 9 year old, we went down one food isle and randomly picked up 20 items and read the ingredients. 19 of them had high fructose corn syrup or some artificial sweetener. yes, it is no wonder we are getting fatter. does BREAD really need high fructose corn syrup? do we really need to carry around a bottle of sweetener to further corrupt our water supply? i would guess the makers of Mio are just helping us practice carrying around our bottles of insulin when we are all diabetics in the future. thanks, Kraft.

Arificial colors, sweetners, and wtf is propylene glycol. if you really like this product than you must really like your doctor.

I don’t have too much of a problem with the product, but what’s with the name?

We used to call this “diet cordial”.

Don’t like the fact that it has preservative in it. Not for me. no no no and I absolutely stay away from artificial sweeteners, I don’t need to feed my body those cancerous tumors. I alkalize my body back to it’s natural balance. The Only way to go.

Kangen Water or pH drops to change the pH in water is the safe and sensible way to drink water.

Coming out of what I though was a 10 day cold, I noticed my nasal discharge was very dark in color while I consumed 4 or 5- 16 oz. glasses of water using Mio flavorings and within 2 days of switching to plain water or lightly colored Zero water the discharge cleared up. I am not too worried about the cancer problems but as a diabetic, I must control the Glucose. The dry cough and the stuffy head maybe related but doubt it. Will see because I am on straight water for a while.

In reference to (above) “anonymous”, I, too, am dealing with after affects of Mio. I am an insulin dependent diabetic. I found Mio, tried it and LOVED the product. I can have as much sweetened, fruity drink, as I want, and it’s so easy. Flip, squirt, drink. I drank it for about 2-3 weeks with no real concerns. I did notice that I was having trouble going to sleep. I finally had one troubling night, not sleeping at all until about 5 hrs. after my regular bedtime. I also took a melatonin to enhance falling asleep. It did no good. Usually it’s about 1/2 hr. after using melatonin and I’m out for the night. I paid attention to my eating/drinking habits for the day (prior) and I remembered that I drank Mio almost up to bedtime. I guess I’m sensitive to the artificial additives and put it in the same catagory as caffeine.

Mio Energy has caffeine. tons of it!

I always have to pee about an hour after I drink a 16oz bottle of water with a squirt and a half of MiO in it. Like it goes right through me. This doesn’t happen to me with other beverages. It tastes great, so I don’t mind getting up from my desk at work to head to the restroom. Gets me away from my computer! Ha-ha. Just wondering if anyone else noticed that effect.

Caffeine is a diuretic.

I was drinking TONS of MiO every day for like 2 weeks. then I started having really bad stomach aches and my tongue felt weird, like numb but kind of tingly like when your leg falls asleep and you try to move it. So I laid off the MiO for a while and the strange symptoms went away. Did I just suffer from MiO overdose or what? lol. I still really like MiO though, so now I just don’t drink so much of it 😛

Propolene Glycol is registered as ‘safe’ by the FDA for human consumption. It is however, toxic to cats and dogs, as is Xorbitol (another artificial sweetener). Propolene Glycol is also used as the ‘smoking’ additive in electronic cigarettes, an anti-freeze additive in certain vehicile fluids (like antifreeze windshield washer fluid), and is also used as a food preservative. As someone mentioned before, there is a connection with Propolene Glycol and the inability to sleep, or restless sleep. Also dry cough and nasal discharge are common symptoms of over-use as well.

Sucralose, has been acknowledged as the safest artificial sweetener in existence (that is Splenda brand), however, some people still do have reactions to these things. A friend of mine can’t consume artificial sweeteners at all, or else she develops a type of narcolepsy. However, she is unsure of weather or not its the sweetener itself, or the Maltodextrin that is used for filler (which does have a caloric and glycemic factor, just. fyi to all of those people like my mother that drink gallons of the powdered fluff every day, thinking it’s diabetic ‘safe’.) The fact is, most artificial sweeteners out there, aspartame (equal) and saccharin (sweet-n-low) leading the line, are entirely chemical. They have had studies show that they can cause cancer in lab animals (the equivalent of a human drinking (6) 50 gallon barrels per day of undiluted sweetener, in time, will cause cancer), however, most people do not have reactions to these at all. . Nor do I believe anyone would be willing to drink one 50 gallon barrel, let alone six per day.

Stevia, an entirely natural sweetener with a ‘must get used to’ taste and texture, has just recently been approved by the FDA for human consumption, even though it’s been used all over the world in its natural state for hundreds of years. Sucralose (splenda), is the only fully artificial sweetener that has yet to been shown to cause cancer. Also, in its undiluted form, to sweeten a bottle of water, would be equivalent to a grain of sand in an Olympic sized swimming pool. If there is no maltodextrin to ‘bulk’ it up in this product, in all honesty, the amount of Sucralose in this product is very small. I would honestly be more worried about the propolyne glycol than the sucralose. I for one, as a diabetic am quite thankful for Sucralose, it has no aftertaste nor do I get the pleasure of growing a third arm because of my use of it.

Thank you or being the only “somewhat knowledgeable” person on here.

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