Dr morse diet

dr morse diet

Dr. J.P. Fergusen

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Ratings for Dr. J.P. Fergusen

Dr. Ferguson is a fantastic doctor and very through, great bedside manner and cares about his patients. He is also doing more to help me feel better than all of the doctors put together that I have seen the last 3 years, no other doctor did further tests. I would HIGHLY recommend him. Tamara G.

Had no answer when I told him I was drugged and my bottom was damaged and put me under but did not do the colonoscopy. Did not check for blood even after I told him I smelled like blood and excrement. He make’s a good living off victims of violence. His nurse had a smile on her face as she put me under.

I have been seen by Dr JO Fergusen over a period of 40 years, due to Chrohns Disease. I have found him to be articulate, direct & very skilled in his speciality. Gratefully pleased under his care, expertise and guidance.

What happens to the gastronomically challenged system of a a individual slowly hemorrhaging out due to renal failure? Do you suggest a specialized diet to aid nutritional absorption for a weak immune system ie anemic chronic 😩. No tell the renal disease drink water and eat veggies which eventually shred the delicate vulnerable tissue. Sepsis or a health laxative is this an oxymoron’s solution to ignoring complicated renal colon malady.

I have been seeing Dr Ferguson for many years and have always foundhim to be punctual, patient, very skilled and knowledgeable and extremely caring.

Professional and knowledgeable. Appointment was precisely on time and he toik extra time to explain procedures and results.

I have seen Doctor Ferguson back in 2010. I was admitted to the Royal Alex and seen a few specialist that were stumped with my symptoms. Out of the 5 specialist that seen me , He came to me and gave me a few instructions to follow and get back to him if that didn’t work. And i did! I was very ill to the point my liver was failing and fast! He is a very caring man who listens and explained absolutely everything to me. He saved my life. I have a very rare condition out of 1- 100,000 people i have this awful illness. My family doctor and 4 other specialist were stumped but this man kept trying and until he got to the bottom of it! He may be straight forward but i think he is one of the best. I always feel welcome in his office.

I wouldnt send my sick dog to see this Doctor!! Very Unsafe Doctor! Is not compassionate and he makes huge errors. his staff are cranky and do not know what they are doing.

Most helpful and caring in his feild. Treated me for years and helped keep my p[otential of Colon Cancer,(family hiostory) in check.

If it was not for the attention that was given by Dr. Fergusen following surgery by another doctor I know I would not be here today. He took over my case and care. I cannot express my full appreciation for what he has done for me.

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