Diet vernors

diet vernors

Diet vernors

Sunday May 26 Auction

SUNDAY MAY 26, 2019

Auction will be held in Kenwood Hall at the Saline Co. Expo 900 Greeley in Salina, Ks.


Signs inc: (Nichol Kola; King Kola; Wonder; Vernors; Dixi-Cola; Whistle; Drink Bireleys; Jac Jic; Cleo Cola; Twin-Orange; Whiz; Hires; Fresca; Tab; Teem; Pepsi; Coca Cola; Squirt; 7 UP; Coke button; Orange Crush; Royal Crown; Squirt; Dr Pepper; Squeeze;

Clocks inc: (Dr. Pepper long regulator; Krist; Coca Cola; Frostie; Nesbitts; Royal Crown; Dr. Pepper; Diet Rite Cola);

Thermometers inc: (Coca Cola; Dr. Pepper; Royal Crown; Team; Nesbitts; Pepsi; Barqs; NuGrape; Orange Crush; Mission Orange; Grapette; Bubble Up); Sunbeam Bread girl thermometer;

Menu Boards inc(Squirt; Pepsi; Coca Cola; Nesbitts; Orange Crush; Nehi; Bubble Up; Hires; Vess; Barq’s; Mason; Kayo; Sun-drop; Sun-crest);

Buttons (Pepsi; Coca Cola; Bireleys; Mason; Jac Jic; Orange Crush; Dr. Sweets Root Beer); Nesbitts mileage charts;

Coke Trays (1925, 1929, 1935, 1953-1960, 1950-52); 1920 Nu Grape tray;

Pop bottles 700 plus inc:(Blue Jay; Hornet; Old Faithful; Beehive; Col Albert Lea; Mountain Dew w/filled by signatures inc: Maw & Paw; Vess; Virginia Dare; K Orange; Whistle; White Rock; Nemo; Woosies; 30-30; Lift; Zip; Pilot; Polly’s Soda; Donald Duck; Players; Yankee; Long Tom; many other); Embossed bottles (wood case full Star Salina; Geuda Springs, Ks.; Blue Valley; Big Chief; Jumbo; Seg’s Big One; Uncle Joe; Mankato; Serenaders KC; many other Kansas towns); Coke convention bottles (1950, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959 plus 13 other in 1960’s & 70’s;

KU items (1 st Jayhawk basketball team picture 1899-1900; Big 8 basketball; 2004 Final Four basketball; 1990-91 Final Four basketball signed; several early pendant’s);

150 coffee tins inc: Universal Uncle Sam; Bureau of Coffee info w/tin & coffee samples; Victor; New Life; Royal Scarlet; Holland House; Equator; Orchard Park; Yellow Bonnet; Condor; Berma; New Life; T & T; Royal Scarlet; Campbell Holton; Golden Son; Deep-Rich; Kroger; McLaughlin’s; White House; 18-K; Pom Co;

Carruthers-Jones Shoe Co. lady picture calendar; Vienna Art plates; Orange Crush light; 50’s Buddy L Coke truck;


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