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Danette May Diet Review

Word on the Street About the Danette May Diet

So interestingly, a Danette May Facebook reviewer actually verified what the Mayo Clinic advises. Under a July 28 2017 Facebook post by Danette which read “Stop Eating CRAP: Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial foods and Processed foods” and liked by almost 800 people, “Charlotte Ann” wrote, Never thought I could, but I’ve cut all that out for the better part of a year and I feel like a different person. So much more energy and motivation! Lost a lot of weight, too. So while committing to the Danette May Diet likely got Charlotte to cut out “crap,” it was over the course of a year that she did it; in other words, she changed her lifestyle. Just what Mayo suggests; a long-term – or even better, a lifelong – nutritional correction, not a quick-fix detox. Danette’s book, Eat, Drink, Shrink on Amazon doesn’t have a ton of reviews – just a couple dozen, with many being a couple of years old – but of the 5-star ones, most agree that the recipes are good. [11] But a very recent review by ‘KIM’ was critical of the book and the diet. I was disappointed that I did her 30 day challenge and I already have these recipes. Thought I was buying this book to get more ideas.

Danette May Claims

Starting here at Step 1, you sign up for her newsletter. Enter your email and you’re subscribed; you can always unsubscribe. [3] I didn’t want to do this so I wouldn’t be inundated, but did anyway, for you guys. (I’ll check to see what I received via email after I finished writing this review and let you know, so read on.) Step 2: “connect with Danette” through social media including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. This I did not do, but it’s simply liking or following her pages. You can always un-follow or unlike. But it’s Step 3 where you start to commit, by signing up for the 3-Day Detox. (When I was on the site and scrolled to the bottom of the page for the price, I found that the usual $27.99 was now 75% off with a ticker telling me how many minutes left I had for this deal of a lifetime; I’ll let it run out and see if I lose the sale price of $7.99.)

Known as the Bikini Body Detox, Danette May’s 3-Day Detox will Flush away years of built up waste and toxins … skyrocket energy … melt away stubborn fat …in 3 days. …get rid of the dangerous toxins and substances out of your body …boost your energy levels fast so you don’t feel wiped out and utterly exhausted all the time…transform your body and hormones so that you no longer struggle to lose that stubborn excess weight…and ultimately, so that you avoid following the masses of ladies who are suffering daily from fatigue, skin breakouts and out-of-control cravings.

All of this in 3 days. “That’s all it takes,” she claims. You get to eat, take no supplements or meal replacements and after just 3 days you’ll have balanced hormones, a stronger-working metabolism, all of your organs will be free of toxins, your skin will look better – and everything you need to know comes in a handy downloadable ebook (the original $27.99, now $7.99). Folks, I actually found the entire 27-page book as a .PDF file online for free. Probably not fair to provide the link here, but an easy search turned it up for me. This detox is very specific with a shopping list, instructions on what to eat and drink and when and how to prepare what you’ll be consuming (most quick and easy), starting with a warm-water wake-up concoction with lemon, cayenne and apple cider vinegar (ACV). You’ll learn more about these and other ingredients shortly. Breakfasts and lunches consist of green-ish shakes packed with her list of ingredients including kaffir, coconut oil, ginger, ACV, chia, kale, mint and more. We’ll get there in a sec. Also, a near-gallon of tap-warm water must be consumed every day. Danette May’s 30-Day Challenge, which she runs every five or six weeks, is popular. She says,

“many women fail to lose weight because they get stuck, overwhelmed, or confused” and that her diet is not only different, but she says she won’t let you fail. In this challenge, participants are called contestants”

After paying $47, you’ll get access to her “step-by-step action guide” – meal plans with shopping lists and recipes and access to Danette’s “private” Facebook group where she says, you can interact with everyone else going through this challenge for a full 30 days, have constant support and reassurance from those struggling with the same challenges you are, get your questions answered in minutes so you’re never stuck wondering what to do next, be inspired by others which is a great way to motivate yourself and “even get direct access to myself and my team to coach you through any rough patches“. [6] And then she shares “success stories.” Finally, the Danette May trilogy includes her workouts, which she says people “rave” about. She is popular for her fitness videos, for sure. Scores of her videos are available online for free. Her “Sexy Abs in 3 Minutes” video workout has almost 200,000 views. She says her workouts are easy on the joints, are fast and effective, and can be done anywhere at any time. So there you go.

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