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He yelled from the bridge down at the deck, “Aren’t we going to have any chow this evening at all?”

“Forget it for now, Wade, and get that chow on,” suggested Fuller.

“Any time and place you like, if you’ve got the chow with you,” replied the trainman.

“I’m going to watch my chow (food) after this,” insisted Green.

Soldiers would not be soldiers if they did not complain of their “chow.”

So he did not notice that he had omitted the final letter in Ah Chow’s name.

“The honourable judge said that Ah Chow was to have his head cut off,” he began.

The first sight that she had of the chow had been because of James.

Only, as she phrased it to herself, she could stand it a lot better than the chow.

But until she had seen the chow she had never bothered with the beasts.


“food,” 1856, American English (originally in California), from Chinese p >chow-chow (1795) “food,” reduplication of Chinese cha or tsa “mixed.” The dog breed of the same name is from 1886, of unknown origin, but some suggest a link to the Chinese tendency to see dogs as edible.

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