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Featured Experts Of The Month

Sarah Hiner

Sarah, President and CEO of Bottom Line Inc., is passionate about giving people the tools…

Suzanne Steinbaum

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum is a cardiologist who has devoted her career to the treatment of…

Geo Espinosa

Geo Espinosa, ND, LAc, IFMCP, CNS, is a naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist and certified functional…

Margie Abrams

Marjory Abrams is executive vice president and chief content officer of Bottom Line Inc. Margie…

Joel Harper

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts for the past 20 years. Clients…

Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg, Esq., is a captivating writer and speaker and a pioneer in the field…

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If you’re sick and tired of living with pain… if you’ve suffered from chronic pain for too long and nothing seems to work… if you’re worried about the side-effects of drugs and conventional treatments… if you’re not getting the answers you need from your current doctors… then Bottom Line’s Big Book of Pain-Relieving Secrets will open your eyes to the scientifically-proven alternative treatments that really work. Backed by research from America’s top scientists and universities. So why suffer in pain another minute?

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