Best 7 Minutes and Longer Songs – Top Ten List

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Best 7 Minutes and Longer Songs

The Top Ten

Easily together with Battery, Disposable Heroes and Damage Inc. their four best songs ever! (For fifth I have a problem, since in RtL I like Bells the most, but still riffs to me sound too sabbatish (very simple, almost amateurish). MoP wins on all courts in their entire catalogue – it stands head and shoulders above anything recorded in all metal genres with best Death albums, Time Does Not Heal, first two Testament classic albums with the others who have at least three instant classic studio releases that already stood or will stand the test of time for sure : Iron Maiden (Powerslave, BNW, AMOLAD), Fates Warning (A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Disconnected, Darkness In A Different Light), Dream Theater (SFAM, Train of Thought, because&SL), Judas Priest (Sad Wings of Destiny, Screaming for Vengeance, Painkiller). Will see how Rust-Countdown-Endgame; Still Life-Blackwater Park-Ghost Reveries will survive an uncompromising test of time. I wish that they would age with grace as phenomenal . more

For a long time this was my favourite song of all time. It’s still up there. – IronSabbathPriest

This is an epic masterpiece. – Metal_Treasure

Child In Time is amazing. A true masterpiece! Way better than Stairway To Heaven which is one of the most overrated songs on list, except for maybe November Rain

Beautiful song that slowly increases in intensity as it reaches a guitar solo climax then falls again and increases in intensity a second time to finish with an epic outro. One of the most beautiful songs ever written. – fidelcanojr

Best song ever. Meaningful lyrics, great band. This is probably Green Day’s best song they ever wrote.

Definitely up there with stairway to heaven and free bird – MojoSpaederman

“perfection” by michael fassbender

The Contenders

Ridiculously awsome in every way pausible. I love the lyrics too.

Happy to see this on here at 22 at least. Should be number 1 but once again, just happy to see it on here. – HollywoodRose

BEATIFUL song! A true masterpiece of Pink Floyd

The greatest Zeppelin tune. – BrianScott01

You bet that scream ROCKS! No denying it, The Who happen to Rock as well!

If rock and roll had a theme song, then this would be it.

Greatest scream in rock and roll ever. period.

Greatest Solos ever. 17 minutes of amazingness.

70? It’s easily Top 10. This song touches on one of the most tragic moments in music history, and how it impacted everyone. No song here could ever touch on tragic subject like this.

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