Balanced Diet

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Balanced Diet

These activities will help children to learn about food groups and how to maintain a balanced diet. As well as games for children, there are also links to useful and informative sites for parents and carers.

Follow the links below to the free healthy eating games and activities – click on the picture or the name of the resource to start.

In this KS1 activity you have to sort the foods into their correct food group, using your mouse to drag them to the right section of the plate. When you have finished, you can print out the plate. (

This activity is similar to Make a Balanced Plate (above). This time you have to sort foods which are muddled together, e.g. cornflakes with milk – the cornflakes go in one section and the milk in another. (

Choose whether to play as Alisha or Ronnie. For each meal, add the food that you want to eat to your tray. At the end of the day, compare the balance of your choices with the Eatwell plate. (

Other Resources

Make a food group mobile using this template (full instructions included). You will need a paper plate, some thread or ribbon, white card, glue or sticky tape, scissors and felt pens or crayons.

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