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About Diet Doctor

Our mission is to find the most trustworthy science and practical knowledge about health, make it inspiring and simple to use, and accessible and free for everyone. We’re focusing on making low carb simple for people who could benefit, and who want to try it. 1

Our long-term purpose is empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

There’s a great need for this. While there is plenty of free information available online, most of it is hard to trust. Websites are often trying to sell a specific product, a pill, or push an agenda for the people funding it. But real long-term health can’t easily be found in a pill. And nobody can outrun a bad diet.

We aim to prov >2 We have no investors with an agenda, instead we’re owned by the people who work here. We show no ads, sell no products and take no industry money.

Welcome to Diet Doctor, the largest low-carb site in the world. We make low carb simple.

Quick facts

  • Purpose: Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.
  • Mission: Making low carb and keto simple.
  • Values: Trustworthiness, simplicity, inspiration, and goodness.
  • The largest low-carb site in the world: Around 500,000 visits per day. Available in English, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Trustworthiness: Our gu >3 To stay unbiased we show no ads, we sell no products and we take no money from industry. Our website does not host any form of advertisements. 4
  • Founded by:Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, in 2011, after Swedish beginnings in 2007. Read our story here.
  • Fast-growing: Today our team includes over 30 full-time co-workers and over 20 freelancers, moderators and partners. Do you want to join us? Visit our careers page.
  • Contact info: Find our e-mails and other info on our contact page.
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden (on Vasagatan 40).
  • Policy documents:Comments / Grading scientific ev >
  • Free:Membership is optional.

A broken world

Something is wrong. While technological evolution and innovation speeds up exponentially, the world is plagued by human suffering. More and more people – the majority in the Western world – are obese or overweight, and a high percentage of them are on prescription drugs every day for the rest of their lives.

Every year more and more people are added to the sad statistics. As we get increasingly richer as a society, our health appears to be declining. Why is this?

Many people feel guilt and shame, as if the excess weight, hunger and tiredness were their own fault, a moral failing. People count their calories and attempt to eat less food and exercise more, but for many people it’s not working. If only everyone had more willpower – or is there some other reason?

Diabetes type 2 – a new epidemic in the history of humankind – will soon impact 500 million people. The death toll will be enormous, as will the number of people suffering the other consequences: blindness, dementia, heart disease, cancer. This new disease is considered progressive and chronic, and the current treatment consists of daily drugs to reduce the symptoms. There is no cure, experts say.

Obesity – another new epidemic affecting a large part of the population – is considered almost as incurable. The only effective treatment is said to be bariatric surgery, i.e. surgically removing parts of healthy organs. This operation carries a significant risk of life-long misery and sometimes even death. And a year after surgery, the excess weight usually starts returning.

And even worse, epidemics of obesity and diabetes are just the tip of the iceberg. As these problems spread across the world, other diseases follow closely behind: heart disease, cancer, eating disorders and food addiction, high blood pressure, ADHD, depression… and the list could go on.

Experts still trumpet eating less and exercising more to slow down the epidemics, and they have been advising this for 30 years as the problems have exploded. These recommendations are clearly not working.

It may be even worse. The problem really started to get bad in the early 80s, just when we were told to eat “healthily”, just when the first Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released, and then copied around the world. That’s when the epidemic started.

Overweight people in the US*

* Overweight and obese over BMI 25+, aged 15-74. Source: OECD

What’s holding us back?

Our bodies are made to stay healthy throughout our lives and supply us with the energy to reach our goals and our full potential. We can absolutely return to this natural state with the resources the world has today.

Imagine a world where everyone can feel good in their bodies again. Where children can run and play without having to stop and catch their breath every few steps. Where there’s no need for mass pill popping, a nation no longer on drugs, where nobody is obsessively counting calories to starve themselves. Where health is normal again. Where we can reach our potential and care for each other. Where we use our willpower for higher purposes, together shaping a better world for our children.

Much of what we need to get there is already known. But it’s not that simple. The food industry profits from selling cheap, low-fat, highly processed, nutritionally depleted and addictive food. And we’re advised to eat at least every three hours. The pharmaceutical industry profits by selling daily medications to temporarily reduce the symptoms of all the diseases caused by food.

These are trillion dollar industries. There’s a lot of money to be made keeping you sick.

The truth is obscured by corporate propaganda. Companies selling junk food and pills while using lies and misinformation for the benefit of their shareholders but to the detriment of humanity. It’s obscured by government ineptitude, allowing corporations to rule via armies of highly-paid lobbyists, while relying on old experts who are often stuck in failed preconceptions, unable to update their thinking. That is, if the experts are not simply funded by corporations too.

Just as an example, last year it was reported that Coca-Cola is “pulling the strings” when it comes to information on the obesity epidemic. The corporation strategically funded studies which diverted blame for obesity away from sugar. Recently, some of the biggest names in orthodox medicine went even further, showing how the food and pharmaceutical industries may be actively causing harm and ill health in order to make money. They joined forces on a panel discussion at the European Parliament entitled “Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for profit“.

It may seem impossible to change this. What can one person do? Not much. But together, using modern tools… if we have the will, we can change anything.

Towards the solution

What would you do if there was a clear way to make the world a better place?

Most of the truth we need is already out there, it is already known, many are already using it with fantastic results. What’s needed is to find this truth and make it as simple as possible to use. To empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

This can’t be achieved by using old thinking. We’ll have to question everything. And it can’t be achieved by selling a magic product, a pill or a packaged food product or by financing from the corporations that are profiting from the status quo. That’s the thinking that got us into this mess.

Here at Diet Doctor we want to be a part of the solution. That’s why we’ve decided to take no money from industry. We sell no food, no supplements, no other products and we have no ads.

Instead, we’re fully funded by the people, via an optional membership (free trial available).

We give away for free to the world everything that is necessary, even if someone does not sign up for a membership. We’re focusing on free simple guides, recipes and step-by-step plans, providing everything you need to lose weight without hunger or to cure diabetes type 2.

Let us tell you more about reality and some of the misconceptions that stop people from achieving health and happiness.

The solution

The solution to the obesity and diabetes epidemics already exists. It’s very simple:

  • Eat real food when you’re hungry.
  • Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.

That’s basically it. Although there are additional details, if you want to lose weight effortlessly or to reduce your diabetes you should probably make a special effort to drastically reduce the carbohydrates, especially sugar and processed starch (like flour) that you consume.

Natural fat, like butter? Eating that is fine. Red meat? That’s fine too. Calories? That’s just another – bizarre – name for food. Eating real food is perfectly fine, as long as you are hungry. Counting calories and ignoring your hunger is an eating disorder.

Exercise? That’s great for your health and well-being, but it’s unlikely to make you thin on its own. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

There’s only one long-term solution that is truly effective. Eat real food when you are hungry.

Why change is so slow

So if the problem is so huge, and the solution already exists – why is the problem not solved already?

Because of inertia, old dogma and vested interests. Primarily it’s just hard for us humans to change our minds. It takes time.

The mistaken fear of natural fat is still alive, like some half-dead zombie – even though modern science has thoroughly disproven it. TIME magazine even put this fact on its cover in 2014. Fearing natural fat leads to even more high-carb, high-sugar junk food – so it’s been a really bad idea.

There is also massive money to be made from the status quo. The entire food and pharmaceutical industry depends on it, and they employ armies of lobbyists and even researchers.

The food industry wants to divert the blame from their bad food (the real problem) to their consumers. That is why they keep the focus on calorie counting, “personal responsibility” and exercise.

The pharmaceutical industry does not want people to get well. It’s easy to understand why. That would put them out of business.

The government would love to improve the health of the people, but official agencies move slowly and are easy prey for professional lobbyists and influencers. Just look at Michelle Obama’s sadly failed “Let’s Move” campaign. As soon as the junk-food industry got involved, everything turned into empty pep talk, with no real change that anybody truly believes in.

Bringing the solution to the people

As no solution is coming from the top, it can only come from the bottom, from people like you and me. And it will, because nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The Diet Doctor organization wants to speed this process up, and we have a plan to do exactly that. We want to make it very simple for you to understand and get inspired to revolutionize your health. After that, we want you to help other people – your friends, family, etc. – to revolutionize their health.

Then this good cycle can repeat and multiply.


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