6-Part Nutrition Course on Starting a Plant-Based Diet

fad diet lesson plan

Fad diet lesson plan

Jumpstart Your Success on a Plant-Based Vegan Diet!

It took us years to figure out the key elements of a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle. With this course, we give you the shortcuts and all the lessons we learned during this time to make things easy for you.

If you’re looking to become Healthy, Lean and Happy, you’re just at the right place.

There are countless reasons for a plant-based lifestyle and we are sure you’ll be amazed by the benefits. That’s why we offer you this email course 100% free of charge. Take a look at what’s inside:

Part 1: Reasons & Benefits

We lay out the benefits of this lifestyle and show you what you can expect to give you a nice boost of motivation.

Part 2: What to Eat & Avoid

A complete overview of the foods to eat on a consistent basis, those that should be used sparingly and those you should avoid.

Tip 3: Transition foods

We examine food swap ideas, which packaged foods are (accidentally) vegan and what to look out for when reading the labels.

Part 4: Meal Plan & Recipes

A meal plan for 3 days full of delicious and healthy recipes and a printable shopping list on top of that.

Part 5: Common Questions

We answer the most common concerns regarding nutrients, eating out, organic food and much more.

Part 6: Tips for Transitioning

More tips (regarding cravings, finding like minded people etc) to make sure that you’ll be able to stick to this lifestyle.

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