12 Week IdealShape Up Challenge

fighter diet challenge

The 12-Week >Turn your body into a fat burning machine!
Lose the fat and build toned muscle super fast. in only 30 minutes a day!

BURN AWAY that fat and get the body you’ve always wanted.

Now’s the time to change your life with a proven weight loss program designed for all fitness levels.

With the challenge you’ll get:

FREE Fat burning workouts
FREE Nutrition plans
FREE Support from qualified trainers

Lindsey Mathews

NPC National Figure Athlete
CISSN Nutritionist
NSCA Trainer

Daniel Carson

BS Exercise Science
Medical Student at Des Moines
Men’s Physique Division Champion

Kaytlin Neil

MMA Fighter
CSCS Trainer
BS Community Health

  • Finally feel better about your body!
  • Feeling more confident
  • An enhanced & improved sex life!
  • Have more energy to do more in life!
  • Improved concentration
  • Lower anxiety!
  • Deeper, more restful sleep!
  • And a whole lot more!

Real People, Real Results*

“I am so glad I started this Challenge and I am so lucky to have found IdealShape to help me through my weight loss journey. I would 100% recommend IdealShape to anyone looking for help in losing weight, toning up your muscles, or simply getting on track with a healthy, happy diet!” *Weight lost over 2 rounds Lost 40 lbs!

“It’s easy. The short workouts combined with IdealShakes and IdealBars were a convenient plan that fit into my life. I now have the confidence to go out there and just be who I am.”
*Weight lost over 2 rounds Lost 47 pounds!

“I found the support on the Facebook group to be very helpful, from answering my questions about being so sore in the beginning to cheering me on through all the daily challenges and improvements. I have enjoyed every single solitary point in this entire journey! I have had so much fun with it!”

*Weight lost over 2 rounds Lost 65 lbs

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